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CLEOPTARA inspired makeup look tutorial | rutuma

CLEOPTARA inspired makeup look tutorial | rutuma

hey i have a fun look for you guys today i wanted to do cleopatra since so long i just never got around to doing it but as october was about to end i just had this sudden burst of energy, after like two red bull and one giant cup of coffee , I couldn’t go to sleep, so i just sat down and created this.

it’s 3: 30 a.m. this is such an easy fun, sexy look. it’s not over the top and we’re keeping it classy. so, you can wear this at any halloween party and look the part. i have always enjoyed creating something that reflects powerful personality, like hers, cleopatra.

i hope you enjoyed it too i mean i was so stocked for this one, I had nothing planned, i literally got up like seven times to get the products that i wanted to use while i was doing my makeup, because i had nothing planned for this i just sat down and started.

do you guys ever feel like that? like you have so much creativity flowing through but you just can’t execute it for days.. and then one day, it just pours. before we start i wanted to remind you guys to hit that like button and if you’re new here consider subscribing i post regular makeup and skincare videos, plus if you want to see more videos like this i’ll just link my playlist over here somewhere or check out my playlist for that.

so it’s going to be full face of heavy makeup so i’m prepping my face with deyga rosehip face serum we’re gonna start with eyes because we’re gonna have a lot of fallout and a lot of glitter, so we don’t want that glitter on foundation.

first we’re starting with the eyes and we’re gonna prime with nyx eyeshadow base in white. this one is good but there are other cheaper options out there and if you don’t feel like nyx just look out for those.

but for this look it is very important to apply eyeshadow primer. you want it to last for a few hours, if you’re attending any halloween party or i mean i’m assuming that’s the reason you would do such makeup but it’s again very dramatic heavy look so primer is a must.

now the first step for the eyeshadow since we’re doing a cut crease, the easiest way would be to shape that by drawing where you want your crease and i’m using a very very defined and thin brush for this and you can use eyeshadow or any brown color or even black to make this line.

okay next we’re going to apply the glitter on the lid. eventually, i’d go in again with a loose glitter or mousse glitter to really give it a oomph factor but this is just to set the base. all you have to do is apply a small amount, one layer and make sure that you cover every part of your lower lid completely.

next we’re going to apply a cut crease color and we’re using this nikka k eyeshadow palette in birthday cake and the brush i’m using for this is pro arte PE 29 This is something i like to do for more definition after i apply the shadow, i would blend it in a bit and i use like a small very small eyebrow brush and just go over on the edges of your creasing just so that we can have that real cut.

next we’re going to use lighter blue shade and i’m using nyx ultimate eyeshadow palette in bright we’re just going to use this lighter shade here , mainly to blend out more of the blue that we just put this is such an easy hack.

if you don’t have like good hand on blending yet, just go in with a lighter shade of that same tone after a darker one and blend it with a very light strokes. your entire upper lid is going to look blended.

i’m using proarte PE 23 brush for this blending. this is slightly bigger blending brush, i’m blending it but i’m avoiding any sort of ombrÄ—, any sort of smoky look, which i would normally go for in this time but when you look at any historical documentaries or even movies, like every eye look is very defined and not blended into each other at all.

Now i’m gonna go over with light bone color matte shadow and for that i’m using pack cosmetic last wish palette. i’m sorry i’m all over the place today, i did not get time to find one palette that covered my entire look, i’m basically, constantly getting up and going all the way to where my vanity is and picking this different palette as i think of the next step and what i want next so i really should start planning my look before i sit down.

okay we cleaned our face of any fallout. now we’re using foundation this is a tv paint stick from krylon and this is in the shade f28. i love this as a full coverage base especially if you’re going to be in front of camera or going to get your pictures taken.

so, this is the best option for that, i have detailed review on this stick, i’ll link it below somewhere in description box. if you’re interested check that out and remember this is a halloween look. so, the eyes are already very dramatic so you’re gonna wanna also have to use a thicker foundation because then it looks weird if you don’t.

like if it’s so light and see through with your heavy eyes it’s going to look weird. i’m using round kabuki brush from provate it’s called ak-42 this is going to help me blend the thick foundation or any cream foundation this is the best brush for it.

we applied color correction and now the next step is concealer. this is the pac cosmetic derma one and i’m using the lightest shade and i think this is called ivory we are just going to use this one to highlight our entire, i mean center of our face not entire face but normally what we would do with the concealer is just highlight under eyes and certain part of the area or conceal and correct but for this one i particularly feel like for the halloween i really want my face to be chiseled and i’m not ONLY going to focus on the contouring, i’m also going to focus on highlighting of my face that’s why look how wide i have spread this concealer.

next i’m going to contour i’m picking this grayish dark brown shade here. and for face contour i’m using pac 237 brush. to buff that very straight thin lines i’m using pac concealer brush i guess this one is called 219.

now for the powder i’m using face canada pro hd translucent powder. i’m going to use that all over my face mostly focusing on my under eyes or wherever i applied that pac derma concealer. So that any cream product i normally go over with, uh i follow up with powder so it sets and it settles and doesn’t move for the longer period.

anyway, cream products are the best product if you really want your base to stay untethered for the longest hours. i’m using insight eyeliner. this is a very affordable eyeliner. i think this is under 100 bucks ,100 rupees.

so very affordable and i really prefer this eyeliner if i’m not going out and just doing this for the video because it really uh stays. it’s i think it’s waterproof and the only issue is with these insight eyeliners, they don’t come in matte they are a bit shiny.

so again it’s a preference. but it doesn’t irritate. the only problem is with the applicator, i wish if it would have been different- different like one comes with nykaa but anyway uh this is not a bad one really affordable choice guys.

i mean i always always have this in my vanity. So yeah something if you’re going to take anything from this video buy this eyeliner. this is just affordable and works just fine anyway next we’re going to use this gel liner this one is from inglot gel liner it’s called uh it’s the darkest one in the number 77.

after the eyeliner we apply the mascara and this is the nyx one it’s called worth the hype and after the mascara will apply the falsies on. next i’m gonna bronze with wet n wild contouring palette this one is called caramel toffee i think.

again very affordable choice. this mac eyeshadow is my favorite for my under eyes not on the undereyes. I mean on the corner of my eyes and arch bone highlight basically. this one is called phloof frost from mac so yeah i always go in with this one to highlight my arch.

next i’m picking this very cool tone highlighter uh pink and almost lavender color uh from this soph x revolution highlighter palette. this is the only highlighter palette i own you guys. i don’t own much in terms of highlighter i always just give them away if i receive in pr but yeah this one i kept with me because it has so many ranges so many colors so many tones and almost three different textures.

so i kind of like carrying this one. next for the lips i’m using this lip liner from pac cosmetic again. this one is called, it doesn’t have specific name it’s just called lip pencil and it’s in the shade mauve.

now for the last thing i’m going to be applying little bit of blush. i’m using milani baked powder blush in luminoso. i think everyone has this one at this point now. This is just very famous one, and an affordable one.

I hope you guys liked it this is it it makes me so happy that you made it till the end and please COMMENT with this EMOJI so i know you’ve watch the entire thing. i mean i’m grateful that you watched it, but i also have trust issues so yeah all right bye


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