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Clown Makeup Tutorial Easy

Clown Makeup Tutorial Easy

Do you want to learn to put on clown makeup like the pros? We are going to talk about that right now. The first step is to gather all of your materials in the convenient place so you’ll be ready to go.

You’re going to need grease pencils in various sizes and a sharpener. You will need your clown makeup in the colors you will use. You will need a powder sock to set your makeup and a brush to brush to the powder away once the makeup is set.

I use adhesive to keep my nose on. You will need a few other accessories and it is good to keep a picture of yourself in your makeup kit as a reference. Start by outlining where your eye makeup and your muzzle will be.

I start with the white makeup. I apply my makeup wet which means I put on all the colors before I powder. Some people put their makeup on dry which means you powder between each color. Outlining features and focusing on your eyes can really make your makeup *pop* After I finish the eyes and block in the muzzle then I start applying my pink makeup for my Auguste.

I applied directly to my face covering everywhere that my skin would show. After doing the pink I finished my smile. Then it is outside to powder my makeup. First, I powder my lips and then I spread powder all over my face.

The powder wicks away the oil from the makeup and it sets it so that all that is left is the pigment. After your powdered properly you could jump in a swimming pool and your makeup wouldn’t come off. After the powder has had a few moments to let the makeup set, I brush away the excess using a soft brush.

One of the big differences between a pro clown and the amateur clown is how well they powder their makeup. I attach my nose with adhesive. I wipe away all the powder and then I put adhesive on the inside of the nose and then onto my skin.

The adhesive adheres to itself so you get a strong bond. Since the adhesive is a medical-grade contact adhesive you need to let it dry inside the nose and on your skin. This is a good time to put on your clown costume.

then I put the nose on and make sure that it goes on straight. After putting it on the nose I put on my skullcap and my wig. I have a whole video on buying a clown wig. Be sure and check that one out too.

After a few final details I’m finished! Now I can go out and bring joy and fun to everyone; grown-ups and kids alike. If this video helped you get that like button and be sure to subscribe. These videos over here are ones that YouTube thinks would help you.

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