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COCOJOJO – Coco Glucoside Surfactant 16 oz – Natural Foaming Cleanser – Plant Derived – Biodegradable – For Formulations and DIY Skin Care – For Shower Gels, Body Soap, Shampoos, Face Cleansers


Price: $19.40
(as of Oct 15,2020 02:23:41 UTC – Details)

BIODEGRADABLE – Made from plant-derived ingredients, Coco-glucoside is biodegradable, meaning that it will not pollute the environment! It is able to naturally break down without causing harm to the ecosystem.
NATURALLY FOAMING – Coco-glucoside is a foaming surfactant and can aid in creating foaming product formulations, such as bubble bath soap, hand soap, shampoos, facial cleansers, and more!
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – Coco-glucoside can be used as a thickening agent to make liquid formulations into a thicker gel. Or, it can be formulated into various soaps and cleansers such as baby soap, shampoos, foaming facial cleansers, and more!
STABLE – Coco-glucoside is water soluble, has a naturally high pH due to its cleansing abilities, but will remain stable in low pH formulations. Our coco-glucoside is free of fragrance, essential oils, sulfates, or parabens.


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