Home Makeup Tutorials Complete Makeup for Beginners -Signature Sexy Makeup Tutorial | ShrutiArjunAnand

Complete Makeup for Beginners -Signature Sexy Makeup Tutorial | ShrutiArjunAnand

Complete Makeup for Beginners -Signature Sexy Makeup Tutorial | ShrutiArjunAnand

so apply primer first how one can be able to apply primer with these big nails anyway lets apply the primer as primer is so important to make our foundation smooth also must apply it to under eye area my forehead is slight darker than the face so need to apply two foundations so I am applying the dark shade to my face and then blend it well so as merge the other light shade foundation which we gonna to apply next so blend the foundation with a damp sponge then we apply that light shade foundation wherever I need to highlight like cheeks, nose, fore head, T-zone area and blend it well need to apply a little concealer so apply it on under eye area and eyelids as well I thinks you want to know why we apply it on eyelids?? so let me tell you this makes our eyeshadows to look vibrant now it is must to set our foundation & concealer with a loose powder otherwise your makeup might got creased if you skip loose powder For contouring I prefer medium shade applying it well on contouring area it’ll be difficult to blend if you pick darker shade randomly so choose a medium shade & wherever you need chiseled look apply dark coloured contour powder applying a bit loose powder to carve out my cheeks to create that sexy look to carve out our face a bit more don’t be scared, not with a knife.

..LOL need to do with a slight dark coloured contour powder you can see here my nose is looking little long & thin picking my favourite blush tap of the excess as this too darker shade so you need to do stipple your face if you don’t stippled then patches might be visible so to get a flawless look first stipple and then blend then don’t forget to remove the edges with a beauty blender this eyebrow pencil helps me a lot to get that perfect shaped eyebrows no need to buy any fancy eyeshadow for eye makeup bronzer will work well for this but I’ve eyeshadow so using it if you want you can use any compact powder so apply it on your crease & all over the lid this makes our eyes to look bigger now need to apply eye makeup to our lower lash line so first apply dark coloured eyeshadow and then will apply lighter shade for that gradient effect apply kajal to give your eyes that bold look I am applying it to water line as well and lower lash line too now its time to share an important trick this eye is looking smoky I am gonna to apply white coloured kajal here so as to make my eyes loos bigger just like a doll apply liner this way to get that perfect & equal eyeliner on both the eyes first apply kajal to upper lash line extending that to create a wing below it would be more easier to do if your first wing is well shaped & perfect fixing false lashes which will change the game of our eye makeup I love to apply highlighter I am applying this maroon shade lipstick to give a bold look also you can apply pink one too whichever suits you more must follow this trick to make your false lash to look natural you can see you can look super duper hot & sexy even without that short dresses you only need the right makeup and right technique


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