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Contouring and Highlighting Makeup Tutorial with MirellaBelle | COVERGIRL

Contouring and Highlighting Makeup Tutorial with MirellaBelle | COVERGIRL

Today I’m going to teach you how to highlight and contour. Let’s get started. My skin is already prepped with my COVERGIRL truBLEND primer and foundation. I’m going to start with my truBLEND FIXSTICK in Dark 5, 6, 7.

The line that you want to put your contour in on your cheek is from the top of your ear towards your mouth. You want to stop at the outer corner of your eye because that is the perfect contour line so that your cheeks look chiseled but not too sucked in.

I’m going to contour my nose, my cheekbones, my chin, and my forehead. Now I’m going to take a fluffy brush to blend my contour. Underneath the chin, I’m going to blend it kind of downward and across the jaw.

For the cheeks, I’m going to kind of blend it inward and upward to lift the cheekbones. Around the forehead, I’m going to blend it kind of up and into the hairline so there’s not a stark contrast between my foundation and my hair.

On the nose, I’m going to blend it just down the sides of the bridge, and that slims the nose. Next I’ll use my truBLEND FIXSTICK to highlight the high points of my face, so anywhere that the light will hit– the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the Cupid’s bow, the chin, and the forehead.

I’m going to take a smaller fluffy brush and blend all of the highlight marks that I made. I’m going to just kind of spread them out from the area that they’re in so they don’t look so stark and dramatic.

Now that I’ve got my face all blended, I’m going to take a gold Bombshell ShineShadow and just highlight my cheekbones and my Cupid’s bow with my fingers. I’m just taking my ring finger because it gives the lightest touch, and I’m going to dab it on the top of my cheekbones.

This motion ensures that you don’t disrupt the rest of your makeup. It’s really simple, and all it does is add a little bit of sparkle to the highlight. Next I’m going to put on my truBLEND blush in Light to blend the contour and the highlight.

And I’m going to use this soft rolling motion on the cheek and the apple of my cheek. Then to just kind of even out my face all over, I’ll take another tiny bit on my brush and apply a dab to the chin and on the temples.

I’m going to finish off with my truBLEND bronzer and the same brush I was using for my blush. And I’m just going to give a light sweep over my face so that I have a natural radiance. The truBLEND bronzer has all marbled colors so you get the perfect finish and a beautiful glow every time.

And that is how you highlight and contour. Click here for more COVERGIRL tutorials.


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