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Crossdressing Makeover Amanda Holden inspired look | Male to Female Makeup Tutorial Step By Step fab

Crossdressing Makeover Amanda Holden inspired look | Male to Female Makeup Tutorial Step By Step fab

Hi, and welcome to makeover Mondays and in today’s video, I’m going to be going to this rather drab and boring bespectacled look to this more lush look here, Hello! Now the eagle-eyed amongst you may have hopefully noticed that’s my take of the wonderful Amanda Holden latest look so, Amanda if you are watching I hope you really are please don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell whichever way around it is if you want to get involved in the discussion, so if you’re not Amanda Holden by the way, please hit those two buttons because we really do appreciate your support so without any further ado if you want to see how I put it all together please and join me after the intro okay let’s slap this face in a some sort of order so off-camera I’ve hydrated this antique skin of mine and I’ve attached my facelift tapes in usual places, two above the eyebrows here on the temples and then along the jawline so if you want to see how I do that there is a link popping in above to a video I do that fairly recently so let’s get things underway I’m going to start by putting a bit of color correction in and the product I’m going to be using is the derma color body camouflage in shade D32 I’m gonna put that in the areas around here I don’t know what you use and possibly have used something different just pop it down into the comments down below and share that with some of our people watching along so let’s get this underway.

I’m going to be using a beauty sponge really to sort of pat it in a little bit and help it dry out Next, I’m going to be using a little bit of concealer in the areas here underneath the eyes particularly along the bridge of the nose and along the forehead this is quite a white-based concealer.

I’m just going to pat it in all over. Don’t panic at this stage, it does look a little bit rough or I do it will all come together! Push this in quite close to the bottom of the eyelid as well keeping in this V area here right underneath the eye because this is the area I want to be nice and bright and reflective.

I’m just going to take a little bit up into the temples as well this is quite a strong sort of White. above the eyebrows themselves. I’m going to take a fresh sponge I have several them and start to push that in as well you don’t have to be precise a bit random but make sure that you’ve got a nice lighter area underneath the eyes a little bit about beforehand area particularly down the Center of the nose once you’re happy with that the foundation I’m going to be using is from Kryolan as well, it’s the Vitaecolor range and this is a nice liquid full coverage foundation I think I brought it in to replace a little bit of the Leichner range, I find it really good stuff to use it’s very very buildable and so the shade I’m using here is a shade 4W I’m just going to put that on with a synthetic brush all the way over actually, I’m going to need a bigger a big brush for a big area.

As plasters would say, let’s whack it on all over and there’s all foundations it’s used even out your skin tone so just keep working it all the way in if you don’t have anything like this you can use a MAC BB cream is good too.

Once again I’m going to remove or turn to my beauty blenders which will hopefully help to speed up the drying a little bit and even out the makeup a little better. Okay so to reduce the last bit of shine off of this possible I’ve got a bit of got a cotton pad here I’m just going to soak out all the remaining oil that’s left on.

Okay I’m happy with that and now let’s put these facelift tapes into position. I’m going to prepare the eyes using a “Soft Ochra” by Mac take it right to the bridge of eye and the corner of the nose, blend that in.

So I’m going to start off by doing a bit of a cut crease. I’m gonna be using “MAC Mulch” I’m going right into the socket line it’s a nice a Brown colour, I’m going to force that into the socket line quite high up I’m gonna take quite a “Domed Blending Brush” I want to push the Brown right the way around the eye so I’m gonna get right into that socket line I’m really gonna work it all all the way around take it right up to the socket bone itself just try to stretch it up high, next colour I’m gonna take is by Mac again it’s a carbon so it’s a very dark black I’m going to go all the way over my eye but before I do that actually to add a little bit more depth into my eye and make it pop a little bit more later on I’m actually going to line the inside of my eye using this face liner by Kryolan and the colour is 20.

I’m gonna push this particular Brown liner right the way into the roots of my lashes I’ve chosen brown because it’s more forgiving than traditional black eyeliner we leave the bottom of my eyes into a little bit later I’m going to work this carbon black into my lid.

Just going back in with the Brown a little bit. taking the colour up a little bit higher go back in with the original Brown Face Liner pencil that I did the lash line with. the lashes I’m going to use are my usual DB 20’s from Amazing shine range.

If you do have a problem putting lashes on there is a link going in above the video it is fairly recently on how to apply your lashes hopefully that might have a little bit turning the tweezers over a little bit to make sure it’s nice and secure so I’m going to line my lips with MAC Matt coffee Lip Liner.

I’m gonna be using, what am I going to be using “Whirl” by Mac as my lipstick colour. I’m going to build-up a couple of coats of it because quite dense and I want a nice full lip. just start building that up I’m gonna be using the actual lipstick itself as a bit of a blusher as well on my cheek lines just to emphasize because I want that kind of be quite sort of bold but not too in-your-face I’m just gonna be using a bit of a lipstick taking it right along my cheekbone area.

Now I’ve got two lots of highlighting powder. I’m going to use my usual MAC mineralize Skinfinish “Soft and Gentle” really punching out my forehead area here down the centre of my nose and the all-important area underneath your eyes just to make them pop out a little more.

Not too much just enough to seal the area in. Just down the cheek line Around the cliff area. Change the brushes over, and use a slightly darker one. Again this is the Mineralized Skinfinish, but this one is “Gold Deposit:” Make them cheeks “pop” just a little bit and that is basically it.

All we require is the iconic hair that she’d be wearing lately so I’m struck off screen be back in a second so voila there we go a little bit of hair which is “Taylor” from the Noriko range in a shade what is it champagne rooted.

If you like a little bit more there’s a link down below I hope you enjoyed that tutorial if you want to find out more about the products and all the things I’ve used again there in the links down below.

If you want to see a little bit more of my Amanda impersonation hang on a second is a little bit of a show real to follow but all remains me to say is thank you very much for watching stay gorgeous and please please please don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell So stay well, bye bye!


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