Home Makeup Tutorials Cute, Miniature (Snowman) Cookie jar – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Cute, Miniature (Snowman) Cookie jar – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Cute, Miniature (Snowman) Cookie jar – Polymer Clay Tutorial

highlights today we’re making this cute mini a snowman cookie jar and some cookies to fill it firstly crinkle up some tinfoil this is going to be the inside and make the snowman hollow conditioned white polymer clay and start working this up the piece keep working the clay up and cutting away excess until you’re happy with the thickness when you have a good shape press it down on the work surface to give it a flat bottom and then pre bake it for 10 minutes when cold we can start working on the details cut out a circle to be a cookie and using TLS to stick it on I did all the details in white clay and then painted them after baking this ensure that I didn’t get my play too dirty I had two rectangles for the arms of Lindemann I wanted my snowman to have a scarf so I made the end bit hang here when all the details are in place pre bake for another 10 minutes then you can start pulling out the tinfoil I use tweezers be careful not to squish no I know that’s the bottom part pretty much done now on to the head take a bowl big enough to cover the top and then flatten it down on your work surface when you’re happy with the shape pre-baked this this is to make sure you don’t lose the shape when you work on the details add a long strip around the edge to be scarf remember to check that it would still fit the bottom for the hackman together circle and a small cylinder shape at a tiny point to be the carrot to get the inside the jar I need a look I covered it in TLS and then baked it to pieces completely now paint on any details with acrylic paint you you you you you when the paint is dry add a few layers a place for nice shine put some simple book you cookies rolap some brown clay and cut out different shapes I’d texture with the toothbrush and a needle tool they can completely look cool when paying down the icing details with acrylic paint you when you’re done see with the matte glaze arrange the cookies in your truck and the party is complete thank you so much watching I hope you enjoyed this video leave me a like if you did I’m scrappy film see more bye


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