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daphne “BRIDGERTON” makeup tutorial | NO MAKEUP makeup & hair tutorial

daphne “BRIDGERTON” makeup tutorial | NO MAKEUP makeup & hair tutorial

hey it’s jackie and welcome back to my channel  for another daphne from bridgeton tutorial my   last upload was three wearable daphne hairstyles  and i got a lot of requests on that video to do   her ball scene where she has tons of feathers and  i love the updo and she wears a pretty natural   makeup look throughout the series so that is what  i’m recreating today i hope you guys enjoy it and   if you like these pop culture tutorials make sure  you give this video a thumbs up and subscribe for   more pop culture videos every week and if you ever  try out any looks on my channel be sure to tag me   on instagram so i can feature you and let’s get  started i wanted to share a new favorite product   and i picked this up because that girl shea xo  on youtube raved about it and it’s the pharmacy   honey halo ultra hydrating moisturizer my  skin’s been extra dry and this is so rich it   smells like honey i love the packaging so this  is a winter skin must-have and i also start by   using the tatcha silk beanie melting eye cream  both these products are more on the expensive   side but i do like to invest in a couple skin  care products that i love and now that we are   hydrated i’m using my all-time favorite foundation  the rare beauty liquid touch weightless foundation   apply in a couple dots and blend into the skin  and this is more light coverage and my favorite   high coverage foundation is the giorgio  armani power fabric long wear foundation   i find it looks very fresh but it’s a matte  finish so it’s great if you have more oily skin   the makeup and hair stylist for phoebe who plays  daphne is linda j pierce emmy way on instagram   and she shares products that she actually used  behind the scenes and different photos so i did   pick up some of the actual products but since  i’m a different human i do different steps to   achieve her look like daphne’s skin which is so  glowing and hydrated i think naturally linda said   she barely used highlighter on her but to bring in  more of a glow on my skin i’m using the charlotte   tilbury hollywood flawless filter which is one of  my favorite favorite products i like to add it to   foundation or just bare skin and it really makes  foundation look more like skin and really healthy   even when my skin is pretty clear on my neck you  can see veins sometimes when i have zero self   tanner so i’m adding a bit of foundation and i’m  blending down and then i’m gonna brighten up my   cheekbones and middle of the jawline under  the apples of the cheeks with the l’oreal   infallible concealer i really really like this  shade because it’s super light but neutral and   it has great coverage for darkness under the eyes  since my skin is dry i’m adding the hangover three   in one replenishing primer from too faced and  daphne has much more of a slender face than mine   and higher cheekbones so i’m taking a cream  contour and moving my cheekbones up slightly   and enhancing that apple shape under  the cheek since this is barely there   i’m only applying a bit and really blending  in and i’m creating a softer jawline as well for blush i was so excited to pick up the actual  blush used which is the stila convertible lip   and blush she cream in the shade lillium but they  didn’t sell it at my sephora so instead i swapped   it for the rare beauty soft pinch liquid blush in  the shade bliss which is a matte nude pink similar   to these pictures of daphne i was going to use  the new rare beauty stay vulnerable melting cream   blush but i still prefer the liquid blush it’s  super pigmented i love how it bounces onto the   skin and i prefer this like whipped formula  rather than a cream pot blush so i’m still   going to give the melting cream blushes a chance  because they look really interesting but i do love   the foundation and original liquid blush at the  most out of all the rare beauty products so far most of the scenes this is a pretty accurate shade  but in the ball scene it looked like there was   more of an orangey shade right in the center of  the apples of the cheeks so i took some coralista   blush from benefit and pat it on in time for some  benefit brows i practiced this daphne look over   the week and i wasn’t even gonna do the makeup  i thought i didn’t transform at all very well   into daphne but you guys seem to like the look  so i’m doing it and a major part of daphne’s look   is her mostly straight eyebrows and they’re quite  high so it was kind of a challenge to lift up my   head of my brow but i started with the shade 2.

75  of the benefit precisely my brow which is great   for auburn hair and then i’m creating a couple  strokes at the front of the brow not bringing   them any closer just higher and then following  that line straight into my arch i’m taking 3.

5   which is the shade i normally use and i’m adding  in some depth to blend my darker brow hairs in   again be sure to follow linda j pierce mua  for exact products used and more like behind   the scenes stuff this is just my take on it and  now that the brows are as best as i can get them   i’ve set with a bit of light powder and then  i picked up the urban decay eyeshadow primer   potion as that was used and i have not used an  eye primer in so long totally forgot about them   for nose contour this is just for fun and  totally optional but my goal was to create   a thinner nose bridge a taller longer nose so  with the shade nudie from too faced i started   sculpting a smaller bridge between my eyes and  then i wanted my nose to appear a bit more bony   so for this transformation i used a angled  brush and i’m creating slightly sharp lines   and then blotting it out with my finger with  natural looks like this if you want it to be   no makeup makeup of course skip nose contouring  or accentuate your own natural divots in your   nose this is just something fun i like to do for  recreation photo and it’s a bit of a challenge   for shadows i thought this too faced palette  was perfect it’s the natural mattes and i use   this all the time for a quick look on daphne  linda used mulch all over the lid and past the   socket line i went with the shade less is more  and you want to extend it into a outer v shape oh natural faded under the lash  line to softly complete the look   and then just doing some touch ups here i popped on a matte peach to brighten up the lid for eyeliner take risky business  or broom for mac and draw this   on the outer lash line and smoke out  onto the lid slightly so it looks really natural another exact product that i picked  up is one i’ve never tried it’s the clinique   power lash mascara in dark chocolate  does not look clumpy or heavy at all   it’s definitely a perfect mascara for  on screen or a barely there makeup look   for some ball scenes linda used charlotte tilbury  pillow talk and when the lips appeared a bit more   naturally flushed pixie by petra gel was used i  decided to go with my favorite lip liner iconic   nude from charlotte tilbury to reshape my top  lip i’m creating a bit of a puffier shape and   i’m underlining my bottom lip and i find iconic  nude is a bit more believable than pillow talk   for reshaping and then her lips looked like  a natural light cool tone pink in the scene   i had this burt’s bees crayon and i  lightly applied and then blotted it off finally can’t forget daphne’s super cute  beauty mark if you’re using this for like   a daphne costume or cosplay um or maybe you  just want a beauty mark i just added that   and there is the subtle daphne makeup that i  recreated using some of my favorite products   as well as some exact products on the show  and everything will be linked down below for this hairstyle i’m going to work from top to  bottom so first split your hair in a center part   and then brush back the crown so your  part doesn’t trail off at the back   with two side sections curl  going away from your face   we just want some movement because we’re going  to pin the section up for half up half down style i’m using the bed head curly  pop wand i use this so often   i did break off the top usually there’s like  a black tip at the end so you’ll see my hair   kind of falls off the wand and i constantly am  re-curling that end piece to be a ringlet shape   that’s the curl type that daphne has so what  we’re going to go for throughout this look   so to make a ringlet curl with a small wand  make sure the hair lies flat around the barrel   so that you get a perfect curl rather than  if you quickly wrap your hair around you’ll   twist your hair a bit and you’ll get more of  a spiral curl so yeah we definitely want the   ringlet curl and as it cools you can scrunch  it in place and this kind of fluffs it up and then before we clip in the  bangs which are totally optional   take out some face framing wispy pieces picking up that first curl loosening up  and bobby pinning to the back of the head   follow up with the second and third piece i like to pin piece by piece  so we get a soft pretty texture   and a tip so this look is polished make sure  as you’re pinning at the back that your hair   is still brushed over the crown for the little  bangs i used these in the last daphne tutorial   as well and as i mentioned they’re the under  layer of a full set of bangs from bellamy and then i added a darker brown to  the top of them i cut them myself   but they don’t have a clip anymore so i’m bobby  pinning them in place then take the first layer   that we’ve pinned into the half up half down do  and place it over the band as much as possible   if you really want to wear these faux bangs out  to like a party or a wedding i would recommend   adding a headband or like a little braid to  cover the band because it will hide it better   but for this look we are going to add an accessory  to distract later so i think it’s fine as it is   and make sure those front pieces are curled  but first take those curly ends and pin up   into a bun so that when you’re looking from  front on you have a peek of the curly updo pick up a small piece and curl towards  the face keeping that ringlet shape   and place into the beginning of that bun leave the ends hanging down on  this one and keep the pinned up   curls slightly more to the right side of the head as i go if any pieces are sticking out  too much i just correct with a bobby pin   and i have about four curls that i’ve  pinned more to the right toppling down   and i’m going to add a couple rhinestone  flower clips in a soft u-shape super cute and not too hard to  do and for the rest of the hair   curl towards your face and once again  keep trying to get that ringlet shape i’ve used this wand in so many  looks i definitely recommend it   and it doesn’t break easily i  just really dropped this thing and once all the curls are in  place move the hair to the back pick up a curl piece apart slightly so that it’s  soft and fluffier and then pin up into the bun   we’re going to continue this but start pinning  lower so we get a tapered look and make sure   some of the ends are still adding to the volume  at the back flowing from the first pin curls throughout styling i love  using the ogx bamboo fiberful   big hairspray i use this almost exclusively  i find it’s the easiest to lock in my styles   is a little long so i pinned up some of the  bottom curls to be more of daphne’s length   and there is at the flowing curls with  quite a bit of volume through the center one of my favorite companies is called  Cafune headpieces so if you want to wear   something like this but you don’t want it  to look like a costume i just made this   little tiara with like craft supplies um but  maybe you want to do something more for like a   bridal style or prom you should definitely  check out Cafune’s gorgeous headpieces   and then my outfit is a bodysuit from revolve i  will have it linked down below and i added pearl   stickers to the sleeves for fun and we can’t  forget the fan and some accessories i love this   style so much it reminds me of the phantom of the  opera tutorial i did but without any extensions   and i’ve been having so much fun on tick  tock these days so make sure you follow   me it’s jackie dot wires on tiktok for more  bridgeton and pop culture tick tocks if you   want more daphne hairstyles if you missed my last  series of hairstyles that is linked to watch next   or if you want another regal tutorial  check out the elizabeth swan pirates of   the caribbean no makeup makeup look and updo  and i’ll see you guys in my next video you


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