Home Makeup Tutorials DATE WITH A VAMPIRE (Makeup Tutorial)

DATE WITH A VAMPIRE (Makeup Tutorial)

DATE WITH A VAMPIRE (Makeup Tutorial)

wet the spong a bit for a better result only on the eyelids area (if like me, you don’t have eyebrows) wainting for the lights to light my face It will make a very clean demarcation in the crease, don’t go too high just for blending it out, don’t put more eyeshadow on your light-red brush only in the crease too, don’t go too high easier with a smaller round flat brush to go to the inner corner Same than before, just for blending it out I really don’t how to position myself when i’m doing my makeup here dang it’s important to ‘tap’ your eyelids and to not “brush” it up to down I waited few seconds for it to dry a bit tap gently so the glitters don’t fall well it fell anyway just removing what fell on my cheeks just mixing them up forgot smth it erased red areas so i put it all over my face because we’re doing a vampire here and these dudes don’t blush now we can put our mix foundation/body paint to make the make up last (and matify) insist on the beginning of your eyebrows I pinch my brush so it becomes more precise what can i say ? that’s my edward cullen side *realizing smth* oh yea right i’m dumb just to add some contrast just in the middle my teeths are little bi**** i’m sorry That’s it ! Lot of love, LA BISE !


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