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D*ck Appointment Makeup Tutorial / Introvert Edition

D*ck Appointment Makeup Tutorial / Introvert Edition

Hello everyone! So today I’m gonna do a date makeup look and this look is actually gonna be for those dates where you know that you’re about to get some, you know what I’m saying. So for those dates, I never overdo my makeup, you know I just go for a natural look that just enhances my eyes and lips.

So before I start with foundation, I’m gonna use this primer oil This primer oil actually has some glitter particles in it And as you can see, it’s super moisturizing and it makes the makeup glow and last all day long.

Then I’m gonna use this studio scope foundation from Mac and in my opinion this has the best coverage from all and if you already have nice skin I would definitely skip that part, but because my skin hasn’t been really good these days and since I want to look the best I can for dates I’m gonna use a really good covering makeup that hides all of my imperfections.

You don’t want your makeup to be sweating off, so I highly recommend this transparent powder by Fenty Beauty and as you can see I’m literally pressing the powder into the skin and this technique is really important if you want to make sure that the foundation stays in place.

Then I’m gonna use a brown powder that’s like two shades darker than my skin tone and I’m gonna contour my cheekbones and also my jaw a little bit. I want my skin to sparkle, so I’m gonna use this gold Fenty highlighter for my cheekbones and then I’m gonna use this creamy white eyeliner for base and I found out that this actually makes the eye make up not only last longer, but it makes the colors pop more than a normal eye makeup primer.

I want to create super sexy bedroom eyes So I’m using a lot of reddish brown colors around my outer and inner corner of my lower lash line. And if you are emotional and cry easily like me, I highly recommend using waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara.

I recommend using natural fake eyelashes, not something too heavy or big because you don’t want it to fall off when you’re… …having fun… you know! (giggles) I’m gonna use this sweat and oil resistant eyebrow pen and this works like a permanent tattoo liner, it never rubs off unless you put alcohol on it Then I’m gonna draw some individual hair with this waterproof eyeliner, that’s already pretty much dried out.

I’m going for a teary eyed look, so I’m gonna use this creamy glitter for my lower lash line and as you can see I only draw like two dots because it should resemble like Little sparkling tears of joy ’cause that D is too good!! Okay, anyway, then I’m gonna use blush only on my nose bridge.

It kinda makes this whole look more natural and youthful. If you have dry lips like me, and you don’t have a sugar scrub, ’cause you find them gross you can use a toothbrush to brush off all the dead skin and this also makes your lips look plumper and softer.

Now I’m going to use this natural lip tint and after waiting for a little bit I’m gonna put a darker red lip tint on my lower lip, and I’m actually gonna put a nude lipstick over that, and to make sure that all of this doesn’t rub off I’m gonna put some translucent powder on my lips And if you’re extra like me, you can put some highlighter on your neck and collarbones and voilà, we’re looking cute, we’re looking fresh and we are ready to do.

.. …whatever…I don’t know…This is so awkward (giggles) So yeah, that’s pretty much it. Now I’m going to wash off this makeup because I don’t have anywhere to go and…yeah… Oh! Is that a booty call? No (laughs) (music) By the way, I’m on Twitter right now and I just saw (giggles) the funniest thing ever *Oh say it again Dexter* (inaudible) *moans* (laughs) Oh my God, I love BTS memes Anyway, I don’t know what this video is.

Um, thank you guys for watching. And I’ll see you guys *mouth pop* very soon


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