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Deku Makeup Tutorial

Deku Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys, this is Maoukami Cosplay and today we’re going to be doing a Deku/Izuku/Midoriya makeup tutorial I’m going to try and talk as much as he can. But let’s see how that goes Ok, so we’re going to be starting the tutorial with a fresh face Probably don’t wear a wig like I did because it was a pretty stupid decision You have to keep the hair out of your face the whole time But hey, at least we can look at me failing at life.

Ok So anyway, first thing we’re gonna start off with is a hilighter. I’m using a white hilighter from LA Girl It works the best for me um and I just use it with a normal little Foundation brush or concealer brush just to highlight the parts of my face and I want to stand out more So I want to define Deku’s cheekbones because he *is* a boy even though he is a soft boy So I try to soften the edges a little bit, but I still want them to be there So I put it under my eyes, on my cheeks, along the cheekbones, and then I’m also going to move it up alongside my eyebrow, and above my eyebrow.

Okay, and here I’m going to be putting it alongside my j- *incomprehensible* I’m gonna be putting on my jaw! Anyway, okay, so now we’re onto the contour So I use a darker foundation for this and I use this to emphasise where I want the shadows to be in my face Oh my god, the videos running around without me Okay, so I put it underneath my chin as well as you can definitely see from this video angle *nervous laugh* So I put it underneath my chin and my jaw just to get some shadows going there I am busy making a dome shape with excess product on my brush.

So I’m just setting the shape for my eyes I’m going to touch on that later, I guess Okay, so, okay. So now I’m going to be patting on some regular foundation So anything that, well, matches your skin tone, I guess.

I pat it on because I find this method works best with not smudging the highlight or contour below it AW look at my ratchet ass comb. Why do I always look back at myself and ask, “Why?” – okay So remember to put it on your eyes as well because eyeshadow sticks better to foundation then to, I don’t know, clean skin? Okay, so we’re going to be setting it with some powder So just make sure to set all the oily-ness so that it doesn’t, like, you know, smudge onto anything important or whatever.

Okay, so here I’m using either a dark shadow or a bronzer just to define that jawline again and the cheekbones And then on my eyes and Along the nose just to get some natural shadows in there. Okay, so now we’re going on to eyebrows *Come up we can’t see* so we start with the green.

.. eyeliner pencil? I think it’s an eyeliner pencil to be totally honest So I use the green so that I have that undertone for his eyebrows so that they match the wig so once I filled in the Eyebrows with a pencil and gotten that shape and that colour then I take an angled brush and some black eyeshadow and then I fill it in and Obligatory eyebrow wiggle.

Okay. So starting with the eye shadow. I use a fluffy brush and a light …highlighting… eyeshadow… skin tone kind of deal which I take on my – on the top of – on my top lid Below the crease. So for hooded eyes, this will make the eyes look a lot bigger So I’m putting that on my top lid, just brushing it on and then also underneath my brows just to highlight that.

Okay and then I take a large fluffy brush, probably my biggest one and then I use a warm brown tone as a transition shade where I’m going to be creating the crease that I want so I use a dome shape because his eyes are Circular so I want to make my eyes look as big and round as possible So I’m not taking it out on the sides very much Then I use a slightly smaller fluffy brush and then a darker brown and then I go over that again So basically the goal of this is to build up colour and Just keep emphasizing that line.

Okay, and then I take my smallest fluffy brush I think this is called a pencil brush, but I have no idea, then I use my darkest brown to Pretty much put in the line that defines what my eye shape is going to be But I make sure to blend it out because if it’s too severe then it’s just not going to look very good Okay back at it again with the fluffy brush and the warm brown I’m just putting it underneath my eyes just so that the bottom lid matches the top lid a little bit more Then I take a small little packing brush and I take some pink and I put it along my bottom lid Because this gives a more anime expression I’ve seen a couple of Japanese cosplayers do it and I’m quite like the look of it So just put a little bit of pink on the outside of the my eye.

That’s the upward corner. What is that called? It’s the outside – it’s the corner of your eye. Okay so next we’re going to be taking both the dark brown and the black and we’re going to be actually Making the shape of the eye that we’re going to do with liquid liner So I normally start from about the middle of my eye just to get the shape, uh Right and I always start with the dark brown because dark brown is easier to wipe away than the black So just in case I mess up – which I do quite often so I’m making the line a little bit thicker on the – in the middle of the eye because it’ll make it look more circular and then and keep it really close on the corner of my eye ’cause I don’t want it to flare out at all And then I put it on to my bottom lash line just to make that.

.. just to complete that Ummm Eye-shape? *laughing* Okay, and then we just repeat on the other side so this method helps me a lot because I don’t know it’s easier to do it with eyeshadow and then see exactly where you need to put the liquid liner at a later point So I just find it easier to mirror and then easier to avoid mistakes And now you can see me.

.. Doing what? Ah Dark… dark black oh my god. Okay, so we’re going on to black now, and it’s already going to make a difference This is pretty much the same thing as we did with eyeshadow with the build-up of colour So just going over it again with the black and then making it even tighter and then closer to your lash line Look at my ratchet-ass come in my hair.

What is wrong with me? What is wrong with me? Checking myself out- Oh I found another clip, okay So now on to liquid liner. So I use this brush thing, from Essence It’s my favorite one to use because I just find it easier, but everyone has their own preferences.

I’ve just – I’m incapable of using Like a felt-tip liner but I find this easier and um Okay, so it’s just easy to follow the line that you’ve already placed down now because now you know exactly where you need to go So I just make sure to keep the line pretty much Consistent and then make sure to keep it as close to my eye on the corner as possible I go to the softer tip for the bottom lash line Because it will be easier when I’m going through the actual lashes I then take the felt-tip and then just soften out any edges that are a little bit too harsh for me You know, it’s gonna be impossible to get an actual round eye? But you know, we can just get as close as we can.

Look at that difference. Oh mah gawd Look at the difference. Oh, look. It’s a magic trick. Oh now I’m gesturing to do freckles Okay, so I’m using those two top browns and we’re going to be using a small brush You can use a thin paint brush to be totally honest, but I think this is makeup brush It might be, not sure.

Anyway, so you use alternating Browns to make the freckles and then you use excess product to make fainter Freckles, so they’re all – so each freckle is an individual snowflake. They’re individual freckles They have their own lives and stories So I’m doing this to make more natural freckles as the base So basically wherever you naturally get freckles, I’m just putting some spots all along there Like constellations.

We’re just watching me paint dots all over my face Fascinating Remember kids freckles aren’t symmetrical so have fun while doing it Hey~ Okay, so we’re gonna set it with some powder So this is like a brow filler thing that I found – I think it’s also from Essence.

I’m not exactly too sure Okay, even though he’s a boy – lashes I’m going to be making black You could put some like really natural lashes but I suck at lashes. So that’s not happening You can also add some nude lipstick just to make the look even more complete.

Look at that fluffy hair. I feel cute as fuck. Oh god now it’s gonna be me trying to put on a tie I don’t know how many hours of me putting on a tie is gonna be here But I guess I can use this opportunity to say thank you for watching I’m still struggling with that tie, um You can see me – find me on Instagram, here on YouTube – like, comment, and subscribe ~ I’m on Tik-Tok, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook So follow me wherever you need to not in real life though, because that would be creepy Did I sort of do that? I don’t know how to do a tie I really don’t And I am very grateful for you guys to watch this tutorial.

So thanks for watching Love you guys. Buh-bye~


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