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Destery Smith Gets Worse: Interview With Former Friends

Destery Smith Gets Worse: Interview With Former Friends

welcome back to today’s video it’s uh a very  important interview to do with some former   friends of destree smith aka captain desdes now  if you’re unfamiliar this is a og youtuber from   back in the day who has several accusations of uh  grooming and inappropriate behavior towards his   underage fans throughout the last decade this  inappropriate behavior includes listing uh   inappropriate images of people under the ages of  18 years old most recently he came out with an   uh response video to these accusations uh this  interview pertains to things like that this   interview is about an hour long so i’ve cut it  down into chapters that you can easily click to   navigate that will be in the pinned comment and  in the description you can just easily click to   it it’s also in a podcast format so you can easily  listen to this now if anybody out there wants to   use pieces of this interview for their own videos  you’re more than welcome to do that i appreciate   uh sam kimmy and leighton for coming on and  sharing their stories so if you do me a favor   if you could introduce yourself to everybody just  tell everybody like a little bit about you who you   are yeah um my name is sweever um essentially i  was friends with destree for about three years   um and yeah we just made videos together he  helped me with my stuff i helped him with his   um and yeah that’s kind of it i stopped  talking to him what was it roughly june of 2019 2020 sorry june yeah june of 2020.

  okay and we have kimmy here as well   yeah hi i’m kimmy i was also a former friend of  destree’s i met him probably october of 2018 and   uh that’s where it all started and then i stopped  as well in june so did you guys all stop in june   um i stopped talking to destree last uh last  year before i moved away from portland him   and i just kind of stopped talking because at  that point i was starting to realize that he   uh was just not that great of a person and  would kind of push his friends against each   other so we got leighton kimmy and sam from what  we talked about yesterday uh destroy does this   thing where he keeps his friends from talking  to each other yeah so just kind of explain to me   what the dynamic between your guys’s friendship  is and like what uh led you guys to just never   want to talk to him again a pretty good example  uh just has to do with uh you know leighton and   his partner were living with us at one  point um and you know when you’re living   with somebody you usually talk to them every day  you know and hopefully would set ground rules um   you know and be able to have conversations  with each other when things are going wrong   the problem is is let’s say i’m hanging out with  pedestrian first thing in the morning and so i’ll   talk with him and he’ll go hey well you know when  late was over here last night he was saying this   thing and this thing and this thing you know  and you know i i told him you know i told him   like oh like sam wouldn’t do that he’s a nice  guy um and i’m kind of explaining this poorly   honestly leighton or kimmy if you guys could take  this my my brain’s kind of just not i understand   live streams are like uh they can get you nerves  to like a a high level but i promise you it’s okay   uh no one’s judging you here everybody understands  so in about 10 to 15 minutes things will smooth   out and you’ll feel way more comfortable so we’ll  just start from like we did yesterday and just   talk about uh how destruy and the dynamics was  like how he would uh for the most part he would he   in his close friend group he would keep you guys  from kind of communicating with each other right   yeah so the way that things would go  is he would consistently like you’d   only hang out with maybe one other  person with him or two sometimes   and he’ll tell you a lot of negative things about  the person that isn’t there and then he’ll tell   you a lot about what that person has to say  about you sometimes and he’ll kind of create   things between us so like he would tell  me things about sam and be like yeah sam   sam thinks you’re a piece and then like i  would be like well sam can go [ __ ] himself   and destroy would then go to sam and be like  leighton says you can go [ __ ] yourself   so he’ll put you in a situation to force you to  say something and then use it as like ammunition   with someone else just to kind of prevent anyone  from sharing a story with each other and a lot of   the stories that he would tell you guys i know  you talked a lot about he how he used nathan as   like a scapegoat and he would say these terrible  things about nathan that were not necessarily true   and i mean none of us none of us none of us here  know nathan right like none of us ever talk to him   we know like all of us were fans of death  tree when we were younger and that’s the only   relationship that like the three of us really had  to nathan at all like so i know nothing about him   so i can’t really answer exactly like if he had  done the things that destree was blaming him for   but most of the things that destree  would sometimes say about people   would usually be him hinting at himself  and slowly revealing things about himself um it was very interesting because there was  there was talk about the hard drive now if for the   viewers that don’t know there’s there have been  several accounts of this uh this hard drive that   he has on his uh computer and it is full it’s like  a full collection of just inappropriate images   of every and this is it’s it’s gonna get pretty  weird but uh i’m gonna let these guys talk about   this situation because at one point in time he  did say that let me read here he did say that this was something that he saw nathan had and  he was trying to say that this was his doing   and yeah he definitely blamed the hard  drive thing on nathan and made like a few   comments about how nathan had a hard drive  of like child porn and with like every girl   on it he would just make comments about that every  once in a while right yeah and from my experience   i heard a completely different story where it was  um a friend of destrees had made up the hard drive   and essentially uh wanted to try not necessarily  blackmail him with it but essentially try and   tell people he had it and be like yeah it’s  like in a safe in his house or whatever   and so he always told me oh that doesn’t exist if  somebody ever came into my house looking for it   there’s like gonna be a note in there that just  says oh i see who my real friend is which kind   of goes back to the whole idea of him telling  certain people like a small tidbit of information   and if somebody else finds out about that tidbit  of information then he knows who’s talking to each   other in the front group sam you could um sorry  to kind of hop in here what sam was kind of like   finishing there is is like that’s another thing  that destree does is he’ll he’ll make up something   and he’ll give five different versions of the same  story to five different people and he’ll know who   got what story and then when he hears that story  being said from someone else’s mouth he’ll then   know who talked to who and it’s just like a system  that he has set up so he knows who’s talking about   who and who has what information so it’s like  we talked about this where he’s he’s it’s like a   a court a courtier system for those you guys don’t  know what that is it’s like a like back in the the   olden days like kings and queens in their courts  would have these uh people that would try to like   apply for their attention so to speak and  they would become really good at the arts   of manipulation and maneuvering information and  essentially what was going on in this situation   was destree was uh and he would collect  information about his closest friends and   you guys talked about how you built these  lists yeah um do you want to take that well   so just really quick before we hop into that um  i did want to just hop back to the hard drive   really fast because timmy even got like a  completely different answer from what i had and   from what leighton has seen physically so i’ll let  can we talk on that yeah so i want to say it was   2019 a similar thing was going on where someone  was trying to bring light to the destroy situation   and when i caught wind of it i went to destree  because you know like he was a friend of mine i   like cared about him and i was like hey like is  this true because if this is true like this is   very damaging to your career and i was  like there’s mentionings of you having   a hard drive with like cp what what  is going on here and then he told me   oh i did have a hard drive but when i turned  18 i felt gross about it so i threw it away   and i always was like okay like fair i guess still  creepy and so when i caught wind of what leighton   was physically seeing yeah because leighton  actually lived with him for a while is that right   yeah i there was a time just to preface it i  had i lived in california and i lost my job   out of nowhere and then had to move back to the  portland area and until i could get an apartment   i stayed at destree’s for a few weeks and then i  ended up moving in with sam and kenny temporarily   but i the whole situation with living with  destroy was very weird because he wouldn’t let   my boyfriend and i stay on the couch like he very  much forced us to take his bedroom and then held   that over our head and would be like i’m giving  you guys my bedroom i’m sleeping on the couch   you know i’m the nicest person ever no one else  would ever do this for you and he he really milked   that with us to make us feel awful about that  situation like more than we already did right   just to make it clear for the viewers uh destree  was the one that he was this uh celebrity he had   all this money and he would often try to use this  stuff to to like hang over you guys in specific   ways yeah so yeah i could agree to that yeah  we’re going to get into that too because i know   that you you were you were touring and there were  situations with that um now latin i want to know   about the situation where you actually visually  saw this stuff on his computer can you explain   that yeah um okay so pretty much there was a time  that i was at destree’s i was sitting on the couch   in his office and i was just like drawing  something like making a t-shirt design probably   and um destree’s like personal assistant or  production assistant whatever you want to call her   was in the room with him and um destree is at  all times of the day talking about girls and   talking about videos and talking about sex and  that’s like that’s all he knows how to talk about   so you just kind of tune it out after  a bit but i was picking up and hearing   information as he’s just talking about how his  ex-girlfriend had the best video he’d ever seen   and he got my attention and showed me he’s like  hey look at this and he was scrolling through a   big folder on his imac and opened a video and it’s  a video of his ex-girlfriend and then him and his   production assistant just that’s all they would  talk about and was like bragging about how good   she looked and then he like closes the video  out and i can just see that it’s like quite a   large folder with a lot of content in it yeah  um this production assistant what was his name   um i mean i don’t really want to know if it’s  appropriate for us to all say her name oh we   um because she’s we don’t have to that’s just yeah  i’m just trying to for me personally i think she’s   100 complicit in what destree is doing and we know  that she’s a part of his like discord server but   um yeah i don’t know if it’s appropriate to drop  her name right is this the one we talked about   yesterday that had the cousin yeah okay yeah her  family member okay so we’re not going to say her   name preferably no i’d rather us not all say her  name we can talk about chase he’s a piece of well i think it’s important for  the viewers to know that uh   you talked a lot about how you feel like destroy  did not mentally grow above the age of 16 years   old because he got uh so he became a celebrity  in high school and it didn’t a further education   after that can you kind of uh shine a little light  on that yeah i mean like all like i said like all   i know about destree is like i was a super fan  of him when i was 13 years old and then i met him   when i was 21 and i had just graduated college so  there wasn’t like i just learned a lot about his   life beforehand but i know that he had a rough  childhood and then he got famous when he was 16   and then it kind of really took it from there  and everyone that talks about destree that knew   him back then says that like the fame instantly  hit his head he there’s there’s stories that   you guys can see on twitter of girls talking  about how he used his fame at like 17 or 18   over their heads when he was like 14 well when  they wrote 14 so he he genuinely is like just   a person that seems like he’s just been in this  like echo chamber where he’s never changed it’s   always been the same persona that’s why he does  the same hairstyle every day he he doesn’t need   nothing nothing changes for him like literally  much more after that he didn’t go to college or   anything he just kind of stayed stuck in that  time yeah yeah and i will i will say i think   i think the thing when uh kimmy and i stopped  talking with destroy the thing that really made me   want to to search for the truth and and start you  know trying to have these discussions with people   was simply the fact that so many of the things  that i saw between destree and my roommate like so many of the things that i saw between  him and her and the way that he treated her   the way that he treated other women while he  was with or with quote unquote our roommate   um you know it lined up almost perfectly  like it was almost like just a different name   but same exact story you know and or different  town or whatever but i mean it was the same story   he had one girlfriend at the time or somebody that  he was he was um quite often seen to the point   where you could kind of i just assumed they’re  dating but then at the same time that he’s doing   that he’s flying people out to his place um he’s  constantly talking to people you know and i think   kind of one thing like with what leighton was  saying some people might say well what guy would   just pull up a video of his ex-girlfriend you know  on camera or whatever and i think the thing that   i understand that’s hard to believe but from my  own experience there have been many times where   i’ve been sitting just in his living room and  he just pulls out his snapchat and just oh look   here’s a girl squirting on my snapchat or whatever  or whatever he just you know and i can add to that   what sam’s saying that destree literally on like  he knows him so like it’s for him it’s just the   the excitement of him showing me something and  hearing me go what the [ __ ] or say that’s gross   so he there was so many experiences that i had  where he would open and i would see that he had   hundreds of pending snaps and he would just scroll  his thumb and stop and open one and every time it   would be and it was it was just always something  where it’s like within a month of knowing destree   smith you were completely desensitized to almost  everything he normalized that type of behavior   around you guys yeah i mean he genuinely like he  uses his like he he only really has people around   him that were fans of him and it’s it’s a level  of manipulation i believe because he will always   put you in a position where you have to almost  earn the ability to be there when he’s filming   or get the spot to be the fifth person in his his  little car so you can go on a trip with them like   it’s a it’s always like a tier system of  us all having to play these games so we   can stay on destree’s good side and i know  you talked about there were times where uh   if he was going to a place he would kind of  like taunt it in front of you if you didn’t have   enough money and then when he would go to these  places he would tag uh friends in a way where   you would see it and it would just  kind of like hurt your feelings and   stuff like that and you felt like that  was something that was purposely done   yeah he definitely would um like say he would  go with sam and kimmy to a trampoline park   then he would make sure that he put like put it on  his instagram and his twitter so then like i would   know or another friend would know that like we  didn’t get invited to that day and then it’s it’s   little things like that like it’s it’s consecutive  where he’ll be texting you and be like yeah we’re   gonna hang out and then he just won’t respond and  then you’ll see that like he took a few people to   go play topgolf so it is like a an exclusive  like club that you’re consistently being like   you’re we we all felt like we had to like we  all like you want destree to be your friend   like genuinely like you want him to like you  so you put up with his [ __ ] and then you   laugh at everything he says and then the  moment you slip up and disagree with him   then you’re you’re kind of like back at the  bottom of the list something that i want to   talk about that you brought up yesterday um was  how he has this kind of point system that he keeps   in pictures of different girls uh private parts  um can you talk explain that like a tears do you   guys have a do you guys have a better way to talk  on this a little bit because she was definitely   on one of the lists well that that’s yeah so um  destroy showed me lists that started off with like   things that a girl would do that he hated like  like he would say like an individual’s name at   the top of it and then down this list is just like  every little flaw about her something that annoys   or irks him whatever but then it would like  i didn’t see these physically like these are   other girls that would tell me about their list  because he would show them to them as well i guess   but one that was alarming was like there would  be lists of people not just girls but like   friends and like details about them and  details about things they’ve said or facts or   it was almost like he was trying to keep  everything in line so like he had every   back end of i don’t know just something to keep on  someone or if they set something up they would be   able to like hold it against them or something but  yeah i know you said that he was like he had this   just list of things not only just for his friends  but he was almost keeping point systems on people   correct yeah so he also had um i think i  think uh kimmy actually she she may have just   talked about the tiering he had for uh the  best but that’s um yeah that’s uh yeah very   creepy considering that some of these girls are  under the age yeah um and and i think what’s very   interesting is i mean he had lists such as that  he had things like what kimmy was saying he had   lists for his friends like things they like weird  things that have happened to him all that stuff um   but also when he would add uh girls into his phone  and it wasn’t every single one but kimmy was a   good example that um forever instead of being kimi  or kimberly or whatever it was always 300 legs   and when i first started hanging you know when  when she first kind of came into the friend group   i kind of thought it was like a mutual joke and  and i’m sure to an extent it probably was but it   you know stuff like that would wind up superseding  just the joke and and you know the girls that he   had these titles for whatever um really just  became these objects that he would just bring up   all the time and when i had expressed you  know interest in kimmy you know her and i had   hooked up one night and we had kind of you know  started hanging out a little more and talking   um it was around that same time that he would  start overly sexualizing kimmy in front of me but   the thing is is like at that time i was so like  kind of deep in the friendship with him that like   it was almost normalized you know and it sucks  because looking back now i’m like i would have   never stood for that that’s the kind of [ __ ]  i would have you know either got up and left the   room or smacked somebody for saying but you know  like leighton was saying i mean you almost like   crave being his friend it’s it’s kind of like a  cult i guess it would be a good way to explain   being friends with him stockholm syndrome yeah  and so that’s the whole time you know obviously   i you know kimmy and i are dating now you know and  and but at the time i was just very interested in   her infatuated we were hanging out all this stuff  but anytime i was with uh destroying kimmy would   come over he would object to fire in front of  me uh constantly talk about how great her tits   looked how great her ass looked yadda yadda even  going as far as to kind of do this weird kind of   soap opera thing with us where he would tell  her one thing that was going you know say like   oh well sam’s gonna go hang out with some big  booty goth girl tonight and she’s like what   but then on on the other hand he’d be telling me  that she was hooking up with one of her exes so   i’m like okay so she’s not interested and so  then in that small space where she’s kind of   mad at me and i’m you know and i’m kind of just  mad at her or whatever that’s when he takes his   opportunity to come in and be like hey like we  should like you know hook up or whatever you know   and um i think another example too is after kimmy  and i started dating i mean he he helped her kind   of tell me that she liked me you know and within  just a couple days of her and i you know dating   or you know expressing to each other we liked each  other all of a sudden he’s hitting her up at like   1am or whatever going hey i really want you right  now and and just weird stuff like that you know   and but he like helped helped us get together you  know and so it’s just it’s very strange it brings   me back yeah it brings me back to a situation  that i overheard nathan talk about on tick tock   nathan owens is ahoy nadio uh from designate his  chain on designate and uh where he was trying he   it was very similar situation he was into a girl  named evie um in history was in a relationship   i can’t remember the girl’s name at the time but  he essentially that girl went to a family members   for just to visit for a while on a  trip and nathan tall or destree told   that his girlfriend that he was trying to help  nathan hook up with evie but then destree told   nathan that he had already is already dating  evie so it was like a weird situation but   it’s very it was actually there when that was  like happening can you enlighten us on that   on the whole destroying evie thing yeah um all i  know is that like i was there was a period of time   where i was going over to destree’s house a lot  and then i stopped being able to go over and he   was just starting to tell me that it was because  him and amber his girlfriend were fighting a lot   and he was saying that she was terrible and she’s  the reason why his house is always dirty and she   ruined everything and he really painted me this  picture that she sucked and at that time i was uh   starting to go through like a breakup of my own  and um he he really like would try to like relate   to me with what i was going through and tell me  he was going through that and then he gave me   this whole story of like he found this girl and  they were friends and then they fell in love and   it was this beautiful story of like they’re meant  to be together but unfortunately destroy has this   big evil girlfriend that’s gonna ruin his life and  prevent him from being with his dream girl so like   of course as his friend i’m like yeah do that  please like you know be happy do it do whatever   you need to do to be happy in life like if if  you love her be with her and next thing i know   amber and him are like breaking up and they’re  sleeping in different rooms and i’m still not able   to go over to the house anymore and then amber’s  gone and then after after she’s gone we end up   doing this whole thing where i’m getting ready to  go to la to do a video with destree and uh because   he wanted to meet up with shane dawson me and his  editor were told we were gonna meet with shane   dawson and do a whole video and then i had like  another thing for my actual job that was happening   in la and destroy knew that this thing for me was  like the biggest part of my career to ever happen   i had to be there for this and he ended up  canceling our trip knowing that i was gonna   miss out on like my biggest thing in my career  outside of him doing the shane dawson thing like   that was just a part of what i was going there  to do and yeah he he canceled the trip and gave   zero about me losing my job almost and a friend  of destree’s ended up paying for my flight the   following day so i could go and be a part of the  podcast that i was supposed to do and then destree   rescheduled our trip to meet up with uh shane  because he didn’t want jay and i being mad at him   and then a few weeks later we go back to la to  do the shane video and the moment we get there   the trip stopped being a thing about talking  about shane dawson and it instantly went into   destroy being like i’m going to be seeing evie the  girl of my dreams that you all have known about   and he ended up playing with jay and i the whole  weekend making us think that we were going to go   to shane’s and he had us do basically nothing for  a whole weekend while he went and hung out with   this girl and uh he told us on the final day that  we weren’t gonna get to do the video with shane   and that it was like ryland’s fault and that they  just were too busy and it was like at that point   we had started to figure out that destree had made  us go to los angeles just in case uh evie wasn’t   able to see him and we would have been his backup  trip so he could still have fun if he needed us   but he didn’t so me and jay spent the  whole time like away from him yeah something that uh i wanted to talk about was   how he you said that he would talk about this  other girl and say that she was really dirty   and she was not clean and stuff like that which  was interesting and i felt like a little bit   projecting because uh and i think it goes back in  with how he didn’t mature much after high school   that his own house was uh very dirty and he  didn’t clean things right to the point where   i said i feel like he didn’t properly take care  of his his cat because can you talk about that   yeah so um i mean the best way to put it is is  that destree won’t clean his house himself uh   he absolutely loves to let trash pile up  for for months and let his cats on the floor   and then he’ll get a new girl in his life uh to  clean the house for him and he’ll he’ll always   paint the picture that it’s other people that  make the house dirty but it’s it’s just him and   i i can tell you i mean i after three years  of going to his home there’s never not a time   that his kitchen didn’t have at least one  giant trash bag with trash piling out of it   and it and it’s it’s truly just a game for him  to get girls to clean up after him because he   likes it well something that really just stuck  out to me and it’s kind of just the weirdest   thing i’ve ever heard was you said that the  cat would use the bathroom all over the place   uh pee poop and sometimes he  would like play with the cat poop um sam yeah you wanna you wanna you would  like play hockey with it or something um i mean i you know i i don’t necessarily want  to elaborate too much on this but i will say that   you know he does play hockey in his house  and i will say that there are times where   poop gets in the way oh my god yeah that’s the  best way to put it it’s probably like one of   the worst things i ever say so the dude i mean  i he’s got no boundaries at all none zero none   very much desensitized in the beginning like  i said and you said that all he talks about is   um sometimes he talks about lord of the rings  sometimes he talks about uh some other pop   culture stuff but yeah it’s pretty much always  the job and um or he’s talking about someone   yeah there’s another situation it’s a little bit  uh what’s a lot bit more serious about stripper   dreams from tick tock you guys want to talk about  that yeah so i can elaborate just a little bit   um i’m going to try and keep it kind of short and  concise just i don’t want her but essentially um   she had reached out to me for audio engineering  help um or recording help um i don’t remember   like december 2019 i believe um and so she had  come over you know we started tracking a song   and we talked about potentially putting out an  ep how old was she no that was all sorry how   old was she at this time um i think she’s about  my age so i i you know i can’t say definitively   but i would say that she’s she’s she’s about 23  she may be older maybe a little younger but she   she is of age she’s over 21.

back in the back in  the time that uh she was first talking to destree   so from what she had expressed to me and what  she has posted on twitter she was about 12 to   13 when she first started talking to destree on  twitter and from what i understand again she goes   in depth about it both in a video on youtube  and she goes in depth about it on twitter uh   so i would definitely look up her statement um  just to kind of fact check this i did cover this   but essentially she was about 12 to  13 when she started talking to him   and from what i understand destroy had come to  portland for a death cab for cutie concert which   is the first time she made physical contact  with him which was you know just she met him   you know said hi nothing sexual had happened  but from what i understand what she has   told me and what she has made public um  she essentially began to send him news   and she did say that he never solicited  them however it goes back into his whole   way of manipulating people where if um you  know she essentially if she wasn’t sending him   or flirting with him et cetera et cetera he would  stop talking with her or perhaps not talk with her   in the same way which would then get her  flustered she would get you know very   concerned because again this was this was her hero  this was so cool that she was talking to destroy   smith that goes back to the power dynamic one  thing yeah one thing that uh is very interesting   here i know earlier in the stream we talked  about how he would use nathan as a scapegoat   this doubly happened in this situation from  what i’m told is that uh destree told you   one of you guys i think it was sam that yeah uh  it was nathan who was soliciting inappropriate   images from this girl but actually nathan had  never even spoken to that girl is that correct   yes so that goes back to when i was uh helping  record a song for her essentially she had   expressed just a little bit of concern for the  fact that i was hanging out with destiry and   you know at the time again lost in the sauce of  being friends with them so i was like oh this   girl obviously is just a crazed fan whatever  well as she leaves my house 30 minutes later i   get a text from destiny that goes hey i see you’re  working with stripper dreams just because i don’t   want to use her real name but i see her working  with stripper dreams that’s cool and all just   don’t tell her about um essentially my roommate  can we use her name kimmy okay so essentially he   was just like hey so you’re working with stripper  dreams don’t tell her about becky and don’t tell   her about anything going on in my life and again  i didn’t tell destroy that she was coming over   anything like that so i said okay i won’t  but you need to explain to me what’s going on   uh so the next time i hung out with him i just  said hey so what was going on with the whole   stripper dream situation and he said well uh back  in the day when she was probably about 13 or so   nathan was receiving news from her and seeing  her all the time and so i met up with coffee   with her or met up for coffee with her recently  to apologize for nathan’s actions so later on   um after i had distanced myself from destroy i  called stripper dreams and asked her i said hey   so destree told me that he appalled apologized  to you for things that nathan had done to you   did you even know nathan and she said no i  never talked to nathan never you know messaged   or tweeted him or even saw him ever um she said  she only talked to destree she’s sent pedestri   uh what was that oh yeah and she was under age at  the time that that it was happening this is all   while she was underage yes and she also told  me and again i i believe that this is public   knowledge and if it’s not i am very sorry but she  told me that when she met with destree for coffee   um and they hugged he had made a a strange  sound as it kind of like a kind of sound is   is how she explained it to me um and she said  she immediately just got really weird vibes off   of that even though he was essentially you know  supposedly apologizing for what he had done to her   you know there was kind of a chunk of time where i  was in and out of my home uh where i was crashing   on couches living out of my car living out of  my van uh back when i used to tour with my band   and when i would just do solo stuff and so when  i would you know film with him he would always   you know he er not necessarily always but he would  buy me lunch and i guess now i would say hold it   over me at the time you know i was just like  oh destree’s a good guy all this stuff and and   and i think in in that way of him buying me  food when i didn’t have enough money to buy food   you know though it was a really nice gesture  with everything that’s come out and everything   i know now i feel like he was doing it so that  if if and when people came up to me and would   try and you know tell me their their experience  with him and say you know he’s he’s dangerous or   he’s done this to me or you do realize that that  you know he’s this kind of way i would just go man   it’s important to point out that one thing that uh   predators have in common with this kind of trait  is they they want to play the the power dynamic   they want to play the control see i covered davey  vanity’s situation i think you guys are familiar   with davey vanity and uh i actually almost got  flown out to his house when i was 15.

well thank   god you didn’t but yeah he would very very much  control his friends they would control their money   he would hold things over their head it  was a very uh it was a situation that uh   replicates some of the things that you were  saying is why i wanted to talk about it now   i know you guys talked about how he’s very  manipulative he’s a very very good talker and   is very good at like controlling the narratives  playing mind games and different things like that   um there was a situation this had to do with jay  and jay’s not here with us today uh do you guys   know uh very much about the the tinder the tinder  stuff or is that um something that we’d have to   say tender stuff was really all all we really  know about the tinder stuff is was that destree   had this video idea where he wanted me and  jay and like his production assistant to like   read like make him his own twitter like tinder  account and find him dates and it was all gonna be   this fake plot so he could get set up with  this girl that he had already been talking to   for a few months online that jay  and i didn’t know anything about   and the video never happened what’s up while he  had a girlfriend is that right um i don’t know   if he had a girlfriend at the time he always  was talking to so many people once um once his   girlfriend amber moved out we never knew if he was  ever seriously in a relationship or not we just   always heard him talking about seven women at once  there was a situation she couldn’t keep up there   was a situation with kimmy’s roommate who uh i  know she talked about this where she was actually   because my main question was is he said he  was using this tinder for like uh this is very   creepy to me he was using his tinder to scout  for potential people for videos but it also   turned out he was also using it to get girls for  escapades while he was in a committed relationship   to kimmy’s roommate at the time it was actually  kimmy was at work when she ran into some people   that matched with him on tinder kimmy can you talk  about this yeah um so yeah i would be at work it   was like a new job and we had like an icebreaker  question and it was like do you know anyone famous   and i was like i guess if you want to include  a youtuber cap and destas and then the person   actually training me was like oh that’s like so  cool actually he just matched with this person on   this team like on tinder just recently and i was  like how recently she’s like like pretty recently   it was like interesting and so before i jumped the  gun and like went to my roommate about it because   like that’s a whole other story um i went straight  to destree and i just kind of you know i was like   hey so how’s this person doing and he was caught  off guard and this was like the second occurrence   that i caught onto him like not being faithful to  my roommate because my mailbag also had a client   who was like oh yeah they’re like talking to  destree and i was like wow like small world and so   anytime um i found out something i’d go to destroy  with it and eventually i would like bring it up to   becky because she deserved to know obviously  becky is was the girlfriend yes my roommate   and uh there was a there was a time where it  became blatantly obvious that destree was lying to   his girlfriend and you and sam  had to confront district about   multiple times yes so okay a little back story on  my roommate is you know we care about her we we   tried to handle the situation multiple occurrences  but she was so manipulated by destree like   she wasn’t gonna walk away from the  situation no matter how much you told her   and so it kind of got to this point where it was  exhausting me because i could see her you know   mental health deteriorating in my house and the  environment of our house got so toxic that we were   just like avoiding each other and it really sucked  and so anytime we’re out with destroying he’s   bragging about some girl some whatever he’s gonna  like plan on having intimacy with i just would   mention okay so you’re telling becky this right  like becky knows this and you’d be like oh no or   i haven’t and so i’ll just be like okay you  need to like please like please leave her   alone like her mental health is so bad right now  and like i can’t even like emphasize how severe   it is please just stop and he’d be like oh yeah  yeah uh-huh i get it yeah but he wouldn’t stop   and then it got to a point where you know  becky’s all dressed up she’s like ready to   leave the house and i’m like please tell me you’re  not going over there and you know she wouldn’t   even like confirm or whatever but i knew where  she was and eventually there was a day where   i’m at dusty’s house with sam and someone else  and he’s talking about oh i’m gonna go to portland   because this girl i met like wants me to come  over and like she really wants to like bang   i’m like okay well are you still involved with  becky it’s on my business but are you and he   like took a pause and he like chuckled and he’s  like i can’t lie to you guys yeah i’m still being   becky and i was like well you need to tell her  because becky has always been adamant with him in   the subject that if he was going to ever you know  pursue another woman while being with becky she   only asked that he would you know use protection  with her and i feel like that’s very fair   and um he would just you know tell her no  like i’m not seeing anyone else just you and   it was just like completely gaslighting  her and some like she knew that he was   doing something but he would just try to  convince her that nothing was going on and   now i want to say while all this situation was  going on um he was still having a relationship   even when he had this girlfriend even when he was  doing the tinder stuff he still had this other   girl who was basically his assistant that were not  naming um that he was still having relationships   uh that that’s correct yeah so i think with  that particular instance that is something that   we can merely speculate on simply because of  how weird the situation was right and and the   way that we received information and then the  way the information was then retracted from us   and so it’s one of those things where i cannot say  definitively yes this was 100 percent happening   but i can say that it is suspicious the way  that the information was delivered to layton   and the way that it was delivered to other  members of our group and then the way that it was   walk-backed and retracted um by both destree and  the assistant i see there was another thing back   to me months later i never even got a confirmation  about it they never even really cared to make sure   i knew a new truth there was another situation  that had to do with the cousin of that girl that   we’re not going to name and i assume we’re  not going to name the cousin neither correct   yeah okay the main my main concern  about this situation was is that   this cousin first met destry when she was around  the age of 13 years old and at one point it   progressed into this person and her cousin  he talked them into having a shower with him   are you guys comfortable talking about  that um i mean we don’t know when um he met   his production assistant’s cousin um  but yeah the moment she turned 18 um   he had convinced the two of them to like shower  with him and then he had like bragged about   it to other people and it was just all i can  really say about the situation is is that like   we he would destree was always told by this  production assistant that he could never   have a relationship with her cousin that she  was protective of her cousin and she just   always politely said but in a mean way don’t  touch my cousin and the destree always behind   her back would say i’m gonna be her cousin i’m  gonna you know have with her cousin and he would   be texting her and like it was it was truly like  his goal to do that just because it was off limits   that’s disgusting um there was a couple other  situations uh there was a one to do with a girl   that was 17 euros at the time that ended up having  a kid are you guys comfortable talking about that you guys know i don’t think i know much  about that one besides i met her one time   yeah so that was something that  i kind of um kind of got from essentially the only thing that i really know um  this particular situation is simply that when they   started talking i do believe that she was either  underage or freshly 18 and there was kind of a   running joke in the friend group where it was like  her kid might be destrees because right after they   stopped having intimacy she or was essentially  when they stopped being intimate she got with   somebody else and then she got pregnant and so the  whole kind of joke was oh destroy might have a kid   um but can i just say that like this that incident  like that relationship all of that happened before   any of us knew him and right when i met destry  one of the first things we ever did was go to   the zoo together to see christmas lights and she  was there and he avoided it in a weird way but   then was like all right let’s just get it out  of the way and say hi to her and he literally   said to me this is my child like that’s i didn’t  know it was a joke or where i didn’t know what   it was he just straight out of the gate was  like yeah girl this is my child that’s crazy um so like and his girlfriend i think was there  with us that night at the zoo pretty sure as well sorry i didn’t hear either you  said his girlfriend was with him   i’m pretty positive his girlfriend was with  us that night and she just didn’t walk up to   her with him and i i think he just like we were  leaving and it was like a like a quick little   like hey hello to her as we were walking by and  it was just destree and i the last thing i want   to talk about here is this tour he took you  on of his hometown so um destree uh in 2019   uh he took me and his production assistant and  we road trip to his hometown and the whole time   like i was thinking we were going to be making  a big video about it because that’s what he told   us we were making a video on where he came from  and how he was able to be successful and like i   i even had the idea because like i said i was  a fan of him when i was younger so i was like   let’s go to that shitty little house that you  lived in when you started and like where your   most famous video was filmed and like i we had all  these ideas but the moment we got there it was uh   it was this entire trip that was a highlight  reel of every bad thing destree had ever done   um for like two days straight he slowly drove  us around his hometown and pointed out like he   would literally be like hey you see that gazebo i  f girl or i feed this girl on top of that gazebo   or it would be like hey you see that building  i broke into that building and i stole this   and then he showed me like a school that  he broke into and stole computers from   and he it was just nothing but just like a a  weekend of like look at all the bad things i did   in my past these are all the girls that i had sex  with here and it was nothing but trophies to him   he thought it was funny he loved making fun  of the fact that i wasn’t enjoying the trip   and the it was just this weird thing that like  i didn’t see the purpose of the trip whatsoever   and it ended with like us staying at this resort  near his hometown that he had always wanted to   go to and then we just go home and the trip  was nothing it was literally just a highlight   reel to look at what he had done wrong in his  past and for him to brag about it and he did   the same thing with uh evie evie yeah he like  to the point where he like took us to go out   to the middle of nowhere to meet his grandma and  before we got there he like gave us all this talk   and was like you guys are the first person to ever  meet my grandma nobody meets my grandma you guys   are so [ __ ] to be in this and meet this moment  and so it’s weird we got to meet his grandma   and it was just a normal ass evening was she a  sweet lady evie yeah his grandma was nicely hurt   her leg boyfriend and i talked i gave him a lot of  cat facts him and i talked about cats for a while   but um history needs cats yeah no he needs some  help with that but um either way though yeah like   we just had this time and he just couldn’t  stop telling us how important it was that we   were meeting his grandma and then nicole does the  exact same trip with him a few months later and   he made it out to her as if no one had ever met  his grandma and he did the same thing but i don’t   want to tell her story for her but she was public  in saying that like he destroyed made his grandma   tell her to have babies with him like he he forced  his grandma to be like have my grandson’s babies   it’s very interesting um yeah my closing thoughts  on this is uh well i keep getting a question in   chat they want me to ask you guys about a  ladder story is that ring a bell so i i had   seen some tweets about it i personally don’t know  anything about it simply because i was not around   at the time that that was a thing or or if it’s i  don’t know i don’t know i was never told about it i don’t know what is that what is the latter so  i from what i remember from reading some tweets   there was a whole thing i believe when it was  when he was still living with nathan where he uh   i think might have been when he was dating amber  oh i remember where he could sneak out of his   bedroom window or sneak people in to his bedroom  um but again people in his house would know he was   leaving and having the people or cheating he was  just yeah he’s not that much but again i that that   is something that i cannot confirm or deny that  was something that if it was a thing was either   before my time or something that he never um never  brought to my attention so i i can’t yeah we all   were told that story like a few weeks ago i know  so like that’s that’s crazy this dude was like a   the worst of the worst the worst for the worst  and you got i know you guys saw his video what   do you guys think about his response video to  this stuff um i just want to start by saying   that destree is incredibly smart with how he  begins manipulation and he 100 probably grew   that beard out just so he could look like  he’s been shaken up over the past month   and look like things have changed and he’s  upset and he’s going through it but like he   literally looks like that when he’s not filming  he he’s always never shaven and he’s just walks   around in pajama pants and a beanie so like  that’s how the dude always looks well i would   i would say and this is something that i will  also let kimmy elaborate on because we both   kind of came to the conclusion that in his  video he never apologized and it really felt   like he was more so putting the blame not only  on survivors and victims but the fans as well   and you know again i i just think it’s interesting  that instead of even just a blanket apology and   him legitimately trying to just not not do this  type of [ __ ] anymore would be enough for me   for me myself i’m not speaking for anybody else  for me myself if he made a even just a blanket   apology and just tried to be better that would be  so much better than him one completely negating   or or or uh yeah just negating  the allegations completely yeah   like just essentially just just gaslighting  everybody but again like kimmy also has her   own take on it and i kind of want her to share  kind of her thoughts on it if she’s comfortable   sorry i keep muting myself because i  know that echoing’s really annoying um so   i don’t know like destree always has this way of  approaching you when he quote unquote apologize   becky said that that video reminded  her of any time she would try to like   you know visit and like discuss something that was  bothering her and he just kind of like manipulates   it into a way that makes you feel like he’s  apologizing but he’s not apologized i don’t know   but something that i noticed in there was like  he said i’m not gonna throw anyone under the   bus but if it were me having that high of a like  severe allegation i feel like i would throw anyone   under the bus if it meant saving my name that’s  just me i think it’s just his natural reaction   to try to blackmail people or to to want to hold  that manipulation so that’s why he just is like   yeah i don’t want to throw anybody under the  bus because it’s like that’s what he thinks you know it kind of makes him he wants  he wants to come off as the good guy   one thing that uh put a hole in his apology video  straight out the gate was uh the fact that shannon   taylor the situation with shannon taylor happened  just three weeks ago and i’m talking to john and   taylor about this and she’s gonna do her own video  on this stuff as well and she’s already released   twitter statements about it but i mean that right  there shows that his apology was just full of crap   and another thing i want to say real quick i do  want to come back to that but another thing i want   to say is uh going back to the mass of this whole  thing of just that he had these inappropriate   images that he would collect and he would put it  in tier lists and uh who had the best this who had   the best that uh this is also verified in another  story about chase i don’t what’s chase’s last name   gallarzo oh chase who is an another friend in  history still is a friend of dusty um yeah a girl   implicit a very complicit a girl he has his own  allegations by the way a girl said that he she met   yeah chase talked her into meeting for coffee they  met for coffee and then chase tells this girl he   knows exactly what her downstairs area looks like  because destree had showed him a picture of it   that’s the worst most vile terrible thing i’ve  ever heard i can tell you that i literally watched   chase show two people on the set of this spooky  man music video that destree made i i walked up   and caught him showing a girl a video and  i’m pretty sure he said it was his ex and   i instantly was like what the [ __ ] i and i went  and told destree and he goes man that’s just chase   like destroy literally used to introduce people to  chase and say hey this is my friend creepy chase   he’s straight up knows the type of person that  chase is and he’s fine with it destroy i used to   complain to destroy all the time about how  chase talking to fans and chase is i never   liked the guy i knew i knew he sucked the moment  i met him and he he’s just a terrible person but   this guy literally destroyed will defend him  forever but destroy will still talk on him at   the exact same time and say that he’s aware  of how bad chase is um i guess my closing   question on this to you guys is what do you  want to see happen to destroy what do you think   deserves to happen i mean prison prison like um  i mean i think destroy literally is he’s look at   the facts here is that like destroy’s been on  youtube for what like 13 years there’s there’s   people talking about him abusing them when he  was in high school right he clearly this is   this isn’t a pattern of behavior of something  that can change this is literally who he is   this is what he likes to do the way destroy  treats women is disgusting he says every   person in his life he’s plays me he’s just  sam he’s kenny he everyone in his life is just   an object to him and he’s this [ __ ] golden god  when at the same time he won’t even like like i’ll   tell you this like i would destroy knew very well  the people that i worked with and he would go out   of his way to pretend to not know who they were  and then in front of me steal their video ideas   and edit their video his videos to  look like the people i worked with   so he’s he’s just this little chameleon that  tries to play this image to everybody and it’s   now finally just kind of falling apart and it’s  really sad because all of us loved him yeah and   and i mean to kind of piggyback on that as  well you know it’s hard because when you   become friends with destiry it becomes such a  like an intense friendship and i’ve i’ve told   a bunch of people you know it was like when him  and i were friends like i legitimately considered   him like my best friend or one of my best friends  and he taught me a lot of stuff about videography   um you know he he you know helped push me to  you know better myself get a better camera you   know taught me a lot about you know photography  photoshop all sorts of stuff you know and and when   i started to realize what was going on and started  to see through all of it it hurt so bad because   there was the whole like my friend that has taught  me so much about you know creating and and the   friend that has taken me to lunch the friend that  has you know taken me on cool adventures and and   given me a couple shout outs and stuff it’s like  you know it’s it’s a it’s just so nice he you   think of him as such a nice guy but you start  really looking around you really think about it   you listen to people’s stories and go that sounds  like what i saw happen last thursday you know or   that sounds like what was going on a couple months  ago you know but that was something that happened   10 years ago and you start looking around and you  realize it’s just this weird facade and it sucks   because end of the day we all loved destiry  we all thought he was a great dude but he’s   he’s just not and you love the person yeah  i also would like to piggyback off that just   being in that group setting too like when i went  into this like i literally met destree because of   snapchat it was his like casting for the legend of  the spooky man and he wanted people in it and so i   responded he reached back out immediately and then  he was like wow you’re over qualified please and   so you know i’m excited like i was flipping dude  like i was like this was my favorite youtuber   growing up what the heck and instantly after i met  him i was like oh man this guy’s ego whatever but   you know i actually became friends with another  girl that was involved with him emotionally   and physically and that’s how i got real deep  into the friend group was she brought me around   and so that’s how i met sam  that’s how i met leighton you know   but and i was introduced to kimmy as kimmy’s a  bad person yeah i was i was told that kenny sucks   and i just never even had a relationship with  kimmy like at all her and i would be in the same   house together so here’s my question we wouldn’t  even talk did street did this re tell each and   every one of you that each and every one of you  were bad people yes oh i mean he definitely had   a story for everyone and me included like  i went into this wanting just a friend and   um sorry i’m like distracted i went into this just  wanting to be a friend like i thought i’d be cool   and i did get that i got a lot of friends actually  and after a while um me and sam started dating and   it was like super cool you know we got all the  buddies together and it seemed like awesome well   then like i’d start like picking up on these weird  vibes from destree and i reached out to him like   hey did i do something like i just have this  feeling like i did something and you’re upset   with me and he’s like oh no no kimmy like we’re  fine like i’m sorry you can talk to becky or   sam like i’m just being quiet i’m like okay but  then i’d go over to their place because sam like   sam and i are pretty much inseparable we  just have fun all the time and so i would go   with him to death streets all the time because i  was invited to but i would get a vibe from destree   like he would do stuff that didn’t involve me so i  just end up sitting in his apartment feeling like   secluded and so then after a while i was like  sam i don’t really want to go like i don’t feel   like i’m really necessarily wanted there and so  then there was a day that he showed up to death   streets alone and destroy’s like oh where’s kimmy  like you know she’s always welcome here but on the   same time he’s texting becky like guess  who finally didn’t show up this time   and then like literally complained to  everybody about youtube going places together   he hated your relationship yeah and it was funny  because he totally would brag to his friends like   oh yes i love kimmy and sam together they’re great  like totally support them but then like someone   else he’s just he wants it he strikes me as a  tough person that wants everything he wants to   be a part of everything he wants to anybody that’s  in his life he wants everything that they have and   he just has to have the control yeah yeah like i  introduced him to there’s little things that you   can show dusty and he instantly will take from you  and make it his like little things like as small   as like i i showed him like smart bulbs and he got  obsessed with like trying to have as many smart   lights in his house as me and like to keep up with  that or like when i uh i had like a terrible like   uh bipolar manic phase a few years ago  and lost like 30 pounds in two months   and destroyed kind of like followed me in  that and was like yeah i’m gonna work out too   and it was like he kind of mirrors whoever’s  around him so like when’s when he met sam destroy   became even more interested in music and  wanting to go out to night clubs that like   sam knew of and he very much takes like like there  was a thing there was a game that me and my best   friends used to play in my hometown when we were  like 15 in high school and i told desiree about   it because it had a funny name and he straight  up [ __ ] stole my story and then put it in one   of his videos and claimed that he was the one  that created this archery league with friends   that i had created maybe nine or  eight years before meeting him   it’s very odd um he steals everyone’s life around  or just takes the things that he likes from people   i can tell that this situation really hurt you  guys and i can tell that there’s a lot of emotions   in that and i’m sorry that it turned out this way  but i’m i’m really proud of you guys it’s been an   overwhelming you guys are i think you guys are  great people and i think that uh i think that your words are making a difference here and  um i just really appreciate it i think just   to kind of like i don’t want to like speak  on behalf of sam and kimmy but i know like   the three of us as friends have talked more in the  past month than we ever had and this has been so   triggering for all of us to be finding out things  that destree was saying about all of us or even   just like to know that i participated in videos  and podcasts with someone that was at that exact   time turning around and possibly seeing underage  fans when i was in his home or when i was making   content with him or even like i made him t-shirts  that he forced me to draw in a style that i didn’t   want to because he wanted the cutie or stuff  that like would be would look good to his fan   base and it just now that i really think about  it it’s like i feel so disgusting that i provided   work to someone that then turned around  and used what i do what i made and   to meet kids with it just like it makes me  disgusted it makes me sad i wish the videos   with me in it were off the internet i wish he  would take the shirts down that i designed for him   like i want i want nothing to do with destroy i  cut him out of my life a year ago because i was   overwhelmed with the way that he made me  feel so this has all been a lot yeah um   well again i appreciate you guys for coming on  i’ll talk to you guys more about this offline   um but and again i’m sorry that you guys had  to go through that i i know what it feels like   to end friendships and i know how how the  like the it gets like in the background of   your thoughts so i know that you guys are feeling  it and i’m sorry that you had to go through that   and uh i just thank you for coming on because  i believe your stories have shed a lot of light   into the personality type of person that destruy  is and i think it’ll help people uh moving forward   yeah i mean it’s he’s i think really the the  biggest part of this is that just needs to be   remembered is that like he has done this from the  beginning of his career he hasn’t stopped so 100   percent of the time that des and nate and captain  justice has existed he has abused his platform   and to me it’s it’s unacceptable there’s never an  okay time to go out and talk to fans and solicit   from them and there’s for him and chase to  complete say that and dating and having sex with   children is normal where they come from they  said that that literally isn’t okay it’s   it makes me mad like it genuinely frustrates  me i i don’t like being an angry person but   destroy pisses me off and so does chase  i i don’t think these people are okay   i agree with that i think i think i’m a good  thing to point out and i know we’re trying to   wrap up so i’m going to keep this really short  is simply that none of it literally none of us   want to do this in terms of just like this is not  fun this isn’t comfortable this isn’t for clout   in fact i have not been this stressed in a very  long time but i feel like it’s really important   you know to to make sure that right now while  there’s all this steam you know behind it that   people are just aware because you know as you can  see from old tumblr post like from 10 years ago or   eight years ago or whatever people have tried to  talk about this before and either they get stamped   out or destroy goes private or destroy just delete  stuff and and the main thing here you know is is   just he has not changed in the decade that  he has been doing this as leighton said as   of like three weeks ago or to a month ago when  all this started he was still doing the same   as shannon will be able to  show you guys in her video   and i just i just wanted to make  sure that people were aware that like   he’s he’s just you know he’s dangerous he’s very  very dangerous um absolutely i say we’re getting   a lot of positivity turtles in the chat for you  guys um i think your words have made a big impact   in here and we’re we’re not going to stop covering  this here until the points made very very clear   but again i want to thank you guys for coming on  and sharing your stories and i will talk to you   later on about this stuff cool sounds good thank  you my friend thank you chat latin layton sorry   blatant no you’re fine no one can pronounce my  name thank you guys for coming on see ya thank you


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