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Hey guys! Jordan here. I can’t believe it’s already October and we’re already talking Halloween. But honestly I’m really excited because I’ve been planning this look for you guys for like a year and a half.

I really wanted to take that classic sugar skull makeup and make it look like jewelry – so this is my diamond sugar skull look and the perfect look to kick off the season for me and just in time for Day of the Dead.

Dozens of real swarovski crystals and large gems accented this look and gave it that “diamond” effect. And believe it or not, all the crystals and the flowers for this crown were purchased at Michael’s arts and crafts.

And you’d think all these crystals would be super heavy and irritate the skin, but honestly you’d be surprised – my model charissa said she barely noticed them. And I really can’t wait to get started but of course, as always, if you guys have any requests for looks you can always subscribe to my channel.

..leave those requests below in the comments section. Or you can preview upcoming looks on my Instagram @jordanliberty. To begin, I’m applying a light base of white foundation over the high planes of the face to create a white cast without looking too stark.

I want the skull effect without looking too literal. And once that white is on, I can apply her actual foundation shade to the rest of the face, lightly blending over the white until it just looks like a strong highlight.

Then I’m applying a touch of concealer over blemishes…not making it too perfect because I’ll be able to touch up at the end of the application. I’ll be using a medium brow pencil a lot in this video.

First, to outline the eye sockets. I’m tracing around the top of the brow and following around the orbital bone to create what kind of looks like glasses. And don’t stress too much about the shape of this.

You can honestly make them circles if you’d like. Then, I’m using black gel eyeliner to paint the inside of those outlines, avoiding the lid and lower lash line. The edges should be clean but they don’t have to be perfect.

We’re going to be covering them in a minute with rhinestones. This step is kinda hard to describe so just make sure to watch. I’m outlining the nose…and the shape that I’m creating mimics the holes skulls have in place of a nose.

Notice the deep “V” that comes down the center of the bridge – and then I’m filling the entire area underneath that with that black gel liner – literally tracing the outside of the natural curves of the nose where it meets the face.

And at this point, your makeup should look pretty crazy. For the lids and lower lash line, I’m feathering in my favorite MAC paint pot, groundwork, to create a gradient from the black liner to a deep caramel.

And then on top, I’m applying this bold purple Sephora shadow stick – again, all the way around the eye. And then to amp it up I’m applying bright purple powder shadow right over that shadow stick, blending out into the black until there’s no harsh lines.

And then using that same black gel liner, I’m lining above and below the eyes on the inner and outer rim to create a rich black line. The darker, the better. Okay so here’s where the fun begins. Using latex-free lash adhesive, I’m painting the back of a larger teardrop shaped gem, applying just below the center of the forehead.

Lash adhesive is safe for the skin and comes off with any makeup remover. Next, You can either apply a line of adhesive to the eye socket lines or you can apply dots, whichever feels more comfortable…using tweezers to apply medium sized dark gray rhinestones all the way around.

And leave enough room between them for about one crystal to fit. I personally stopped before the temples on each side because I didn’t want to apply as many crystals towards the outside of the eye, but you can create literally any pattern you’d like.

For me, I wanted to create the effect of a lace edge, so I’m applying white Swarovski crystals just inside the eye socket lines. So the rhinestones literally zig zag. The dark gray are on the line and the white are inside.

And again, I’m really just doing this on a portion of the eyes right underneath, but you can go as far around as you’d like. Next, I’m applying small teardrop gems to either temple, following with a round gem below and a rectangle on top.

Applying crystals out towards the temples gives the effect that she’s wearing a mask. I’m being creative below the eyes as well, applying teardrop gems and rectangle gems. You know, have fun with it! I even moved a lot of these around before deciding on their location.

I was really just going with the flow! I went back in and applied these smaller teardrop gems between the brows and that first large gemstone on her forehead, which came out really gorgeous.But you’ll notice wherever I applied larger elements, I went back in and applied small crystals in the gaps.

I wanted every element to look soft and intentional…no hard edges or gaps. The whole thing should look like one solid piece. And that continued along the brow arches as well. Another teardrop gem and another rectangle gem along with smaller crystals.

I didn’t plan this look out in advance, I just applied as things looked good until I was happy with the effect! A couple large round crystals finished the cheek area for me And with a look like this, it’s important to leave areas of skin showing, particularly towards the outside of the face.

And sugar skulls almost always have something on the chin, so I applied one round gem and 4 little crystals to the chin. As you can see, again, every large element is surrounded to some degree by smaller crystals.

The mouth was super fun to create. After applying MAC erase lip balm to the lips to nude them out, I’m going back to my brow pencil to create soft lines that curve out from the corners of the mouth upwards towards the cheekbones.

The goal wasn’t to make it totally skull-like, just to make her look MORE like a skull. If that makes any sense. And here’s where the lips got cool. I applied flat teardrop gems to the lips using lash adhesive to make them look like teeth.

Two larger stones in the center of the top and bottom lips, and then smaller as I moved out. Following the natural lip shape to create this result. And again, to make it look more like a skull, I’m using that brow pencil to draw lines straight up from the gaps between each gem, creating the look of teeth and roots on top and bottom.

And after all those gems, a pair of false lashes to finish the look should feel like a relief! A full pair of FAKE IT False Eyelashes in STRIPTEASE helps to pop the eyes from within those deep sockets we created.

Now this could totally be the finished look for Day of the Dead. But when I created this look, I wanted something a bit more editorial, so I’m doing my signature glossy eye – applying rose salve to the entire eye socket to create a brilliant sheen on camera.

And that’s it! A unique and luxurious take on the classic sugar skull look….a makeup look that seriously excited me to create for you guys and honestly it’s not as hard as you’d think to do. It just takes some patience and a lot of creativity.

And as always, I hope you guys enjoyed this look and can’t wait to bring you a new one next week. Thanks so much.


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