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DIOR PRESENTS Natalie Portman ACTRESS – DIRECTOR – PRODUCER LOS ANGELES, CA, USA It was like instilled in me very early on that if there is injustice, you have to stand up because not standing up against injustice is being complicit with it.

There is so many different aspects to female equality, really, that I’ve been involved in and all of them are of equal importance because there need to be so many different ways that we attack the historic inequality and oppression.

And so, you know whether it’s been working with the WE Foundation to create schools for girls and developing nations and to see, you know, women that I have met through A New Way of Life. Women’s reentry programs from prison in Los Angeles, who have been traumatized over and over again in their lives and then come out and become community organizers and get reunited with their children.

I mean that’s like the most moving victories I’ve witnessed. By extension, you know, working on this women soccer team with Angel City FC, it has been so incredible to amplify female athletes who are so disproportionately ignored by the press.

They weren’t being given the same attention that they deserve. It’s been incredible working on all these different projects that have a common goal but very different approaches to reaching it. I wish for the next generation of women, that there is fewer expectations put on them and that they can just pursue their inner selves.

I think it has been such a long time that we haven’t had an amplification of women’s voices, women’s voices have always been there but not everyone was always listening. So, it’s an incredible time to start listening! #DIORSTANDSWITHWOMEN #DIORCHINUP DIOR


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