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disney brave • merida cosplay makeup tutorial

disney brave • merida cosplay makeup tutorial

Hello everyone, I am Anzu, ! Today I did Merida’s makeup from Cesur movie for you. But in my opinion, this make-up both as a natural daily makeup, You can use it for red-haired characters as well. Thanks to brown-red tones, I think it is very suitable for natural make-up.

It definitely doesn’t stay heavy. I’m starting with a mint base from Candy Doll. The reason I use this my skin getting very red when I’m embarrassed or when I walk a little. I want to take control of this.

Base and color correcting products in mint-green tones, It helps a lot in hiding the rashes on the skin. If you are having the same problem, you can use a similar base. I applied some on my entire face because I wanted to brighten my skin.

If you want, you can apply it only to the areas where you experience rash. I use a stick foundation from A’pieu. The reason I tend to this is because it is a moisturizing product. If you have oily skin, this product may not be suitable for you.

Like me, if you have dry skin that gets worse especially in winter, This product will help you. If you want, you can moisturize your skin beforehand, but I didn’t see the need because It is a product that is easy to spread thanks to its moisturizing feature.

I brighten my face with a shade lighter concealer. I apply it under the eyes and around the nose. After this step, wipe off the foundation on my lips, I use a volumizing lip oil. I love this very much It makes my lips feel more voluminous but not tingling / irritating.

While my lips are getting moist I take this lipstick from Nyx, but I will use this on my brows with a brow mascara. So I can look like a real redhead. Taking the same product with a brush, I’ll be scratching the rest of my eyebrows because I normally shave.

This color looks lighter than the rest of our eyebrows, so I take this Brow Contour Pro pen from Benefit, and lightly fill the lighter shade of the brow with the lightest brown shade of this pencil. I take The Balm’s Meet Matt (e) Trimony palette, I’m taking Matt Lopez color from this palette, An orange / brown shade.

I am starting to apply this color starting from the outside of my eye. I don’t intensify the color too much, because our goal is a natural make-up. If you think you missed the shadow under the eyebrow too much, You can return to the palette and use Matt Lin color or a similar shadow.

You can soften the excess of the headlight with this tone. Now I’m moving on to the palette called Nude Beach, I take the color called Bodacious. A more vibrant shade of the previous headlight we used.

I apply this shadow on my eyelids with a little more focus. I also apply the same shadow to my custody. As an eyeliner, I use a product from Nyx’s Strictly Vinyl series. I loved the harmony of this color with the hair color, I thought they were very compatible.

But a big problem with Nyx’s colorful palettes, products dry and deteriorate very easily. At this stage, it becomes very difficult to apply the product without contamination. I also apply Eyeliner to my lashes, The colors are more harmonious without applying false eyelashes.

I also painted these lashes myself. I paint my lower lashes in the same way. If your lower lashes are short, You can first apply a mascara and then paint it by going over it with eyeliner. Before closing Bershka’s cosmetics section as blush I use this product they removed.

I broke it both, but still I love your tone so I will use it. I start from my nose and spread it outwards. At the same time concentrating from the outside of my face slightly in the middle I combine the two.

I will use this product called Freck for freckles. I’ll leave a discount code for that too, With this product, you can get crazy freckles in a short time. I focus more on the cheeks and nose. I will be climbing up my nose to be more natural.

Finally, I will go over the freckles with blush again. When I’m too lazy to reach my contour pallet, I grabbed the nearest Meet Matt (e) Nude palette and used the Matt Abdul color. I applied a shade from the upper edges of my nose towards my eyelids.

Then I contoured my nasal tip. Since I used a lace front wig without bangs, I also shaded the roots of my hair. I use Goddess of Love from I Heart Makeup as the illuminator. This is a GREAT product, I just bought it but I have been using it lately.

Very very lightly my nose, my chin, and I light my cheeks. I also illuminated the inside of my eyes with a small brush. Finally, for lips, I go back to the lip product I used on my brows. I applied it normally, for me .

.. in a very strange way. When the lips are finished, our makeup ends. You can use a fixing spray, and if you try this makeup, please send it to me on Instagram! Actually, these motivate me a lot! I also love to share in my stories, but if you ask me to share, just say so.

Thank you very much for watching, and if you do, please don’t forget to like and share! The more people see it, the more my chances of making videos like this increase. Your help is very important in this matter! Thank you again, and See you in my next video!


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