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Disney’s “Frozen”: Elsa MAKEUP TUTORIAL

Disney’s “Frozen”: Elsa MAKEUP TUTORIAL

welcome back to steam fairy TV in today’s episode I’m gonna give you a makeup tutorial inspired by Elsa from Disney’s frozen so I started off by putting on my regular foundation and now we’re going to move on to blush and we’re starting off with a light shimmery pink blush this is my favorite one it has a lot of shimmer in it so it really defines the cheekbones and gives you a beautiful glow now we’re going to take a hotter pink blush and put this under two more accentuate your cheekbones this makes you look nice and frosty nice beautiful pink and now we’re going to take a smaller brush with the same blush we’re going to add to the tip of our nose to make us look like a little frostbitten cuz Elsa has a little pink on the tip of her nose because she’s always cold and now you already look like you’re ready for winter now we’re going to take Nyx’s jumbo eye pencil in milk and we’re just going to apply this all over the lid just smudge it in there and just blend it in and really accentuate the eye brow the brow bone and just blend it all in with your finger and now we are going to use a beautiful shimmery lavender color from the Aquitania palette from Lime Crime and we’re just going to pack that in onto our eyelid and just cover the whole eyelid with this and bring it up about to the crease a little past the crease and just whatever normal eye shadow shape that you would put yours on it’s such a beautiful shimmery lavender color I love it this is going to be the base of our eyeshadow look because Elsa has really pretty lavender purple eyes and now we’re going to take a darker purple this is from the alchemy palette and we’re just going to be putting this into the outer corner so pack it in real nice and this will give shadow and dimension to your eye and don’t forget about the inner corner this will really accentuate the shape of your eye and make it kind of cartoonish and make your eyes look bigger and deeper and wider and just make sure that you get a beautiful gradient between the two purples so blend it in real nice you and just bring it up to where you stopped with the purple you don’t have to go above it or anything and just keep applying it until the eyes are even and you’ve achieved a gradient that you like see it already adds dimension as if you’re a cartoon and now be very careful that we’re going to add some black this is for the crease and we’re going to use a fluffier brush that’s a little bit softer and just be very gentle and apply this into the crease and this will give a really really defined cartoonish look and make your eyes just look really deep and round like else’s and just blend it really well you don’t want it to be black and super defined you just want it to be like an effect like a shadow now we’re going to go over it with red because she is a really beautiful like cranberry colored crease so we’re going to apply this over the black with the same fluffy brush and you can go a little bit above the black and a little bit below the black so that it kind of creates a gradient between the red so like some shade of the red is a little darker and some shade is lighter and this will create a really nice effect and this way you don’t have to use a bunch of different shades of red you just have that base of black that will create the different shades for you and just keep applying until you like the color now it’s time for eyeliner we’re going to take this eyeliner marker and I love this one too who’s really precise and really smooth this is from BH Cosmetics we’re just going to apply it like normal and then wing it out and up a little bit in the corners not super dramatic but still very defined and now we’re going to take a black pencil and just apply this to the outer corner of your waterline and this will make your eyes look very round and wide and kind of do I’d just like else’s and just smudge it out with your finger so it blends nicely and there’s no harsh lines and your eyes already look bigger now we’re just going to apply some false lashes because Elsa has very defined eyelashes and you know the drill and I actually ended up cutting these lashes in half so that it just accentuated the outer corner because that’s where her most dramatic lashes are so I like that look a lot better now we’re just going to add mascara of course just really pack on the mascara cuz she has really really dramatic lashes and really can’t forget the bottom lashes she has very dramatic bottom lashes and they’re very dark and defined so really packing the mascara on the bottom lashes and we are done with the eyes as you can see they look very cartoonish and colorful now on to lips I’m using amorous by Mac which is a beautiful like sheer cranberry shade and we’re just going to Pat that into the center of our lips on the bottom and on the top you’re not going to fill in the whole lip and this will give like a natural frostbitten glow and just add a cranberry shimmery lip gloss right over where you put the lipstick and this makes it look kind of natural but still defined lips and a pop of color and else’s lips in some pictures they’re more cranberry some pictures are more pink so I thought this is a good compromise oh one more thing my favorite part is Elsa’s freckles so I’m just going to take this light brown eyeliner pencil and I’m just gonna swirl around the pencil and create some dots to make freckles and this is the perfect colorful natural-looking freckles they totally look like freckles and just apply them whatever you want there’s no right or wrong just 50 on each cheek and now you look like Elsa and you can apply some blush back over them so it looks a little bit more natural just blend it in a little and now we’re just going to braid our hair and don’t forget I’m going to be putting up hair and wardrobe tutorial for Elsa so stay tuned for that and you’re done this is your finished makeup look for Elsa you’re the perfect colorful Ice Queen now and don’t forget to 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