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Disney’s Minnie Mouse Makeup Tutorial

Disney’s Minnie Mouse Makeup Tutorial

hi beauties today’s look is inspired by Minnie Mouse so I’ve done a black cut crease I’ve got some red glitter on my lids and then a pop of yellow at the inner corner of my eye I’ve drawn her bow right here and then I’m trying out some violent lips lip tattoos because I thought they would look good with this look now let’s get started with the tutorial I’ve already primed my eyes and I’m going to cut my crease using this medium brown for makeup geek called creme brulee I’m using an angled brush for this and I’m going a little bit higher than my natural crease I’m going to turn my brush this way and bring some of that brown up and the reason why I’m using a brown first is because it’s going to help me blend out the black that I’m going to use afterwards now I’m going to blend out creme brulee using this slider brown coal purely naked and for this I’m using a more fluffy pencil brush then I’m blending that out there and more by using a clean blending brush and I’m just going back and forth and also I’m going to do some circular motions and I really love this blending brush by Real Techniques is the deluxe crease brush I’m going to go in with my usual brow bone highlight which is this one from the Too Faced natural eye palette first I’m placing it along my brow bone and then I’m going to blend it down into the Browns just to help blend those out even more now the going over that cut crease using this black form a khaki color up this is a very pigmented black so I’m applying just a little bit at a time now I’m bringing this up as well and I’m going to do that same thing one more time just to build up the color I’m going in with that pencil brush again just to blend the black out then you just want to keep on following those steps until you’re satisfied with the intensity of the black after that I’m just going over with the highlight color one more time now I’m going to start drawing Minnie’s bowl and do that and using this red cream from the makeup forever flash palette okay so I really didn’t like that side of the bow so I wiped it away with a q-tip and try to draw it one more time and I think it works so taste a little bit better now I’m going to create some dots using this white and I’m just going to place these randomly now I’m filling in everything with the red I’m going to outline the bow with a black cream from the same palette I’m going to cover up that white dog right there because I can see now that I can’t have a white dot on the inside of the bowl ethene economy I’m going to apply sugar pass eyeshadow in butter cupcake along my lid I’m going to apply this red eyeshadow called the plus which is also from sugarpill I’m applying creme brulee to my lauren last night next I’m filling in my waterline with the black cream I’m applying black shadow to my lower lash line I’m using the brown eyeshadow to blend that out I’m using the same black to align my eyes now I’m going to cover my leg using this while it was cleared he said on top of that I’ll be applying this red glitter called fire engine by the name Russell I’m going over this line using a black liquid liner I’m putting on some mascara for false lashes I’m going to use these ones called femme fatale from house of lashes this is the finished look you I’m going to show you how to apply the lip disease in one pack you get three users and they look like this so first you want to take out this upper and bottom part I’m going to place this on top of my upper lip and now I can see how much I need to cut off of this one to make it match my lips and on the back here you can see some measurements which will make that easy to do so first I’m cutting along the edges and following that line and then I’m going to cut on the back here and then I’m left with this one which will fit my upper lip I’ll be folding this upper part in half and that will make the application a lot easier then I’m removing this plastic thing and then I’m carefully placing this onto my lips I’m placing a cotton pad with water onto this paper to get it off you so this sub lips look like and I think they were a bit difficult to apply and they do crack a little bit at the outer parts but I think it’s fun for a one-time use and they do last five to six hours at least that’s what they did the last time I tried them and you can remove them with something oil-based and I use the L’Oreal lip and eye makeup remover how’s that you like to look and thank you so much for watching bye bye


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