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Doing A Makeup Tutorial Inspired By My Fish

Doing A Makeup Tutorial Inspired By My Fish

– Hey, guys. So, I was staring into my fish’s tank the other day as I do for three to four hours per day. (light orchestral music) And I was looking at him, and it reminded me of those memes, you know, it’s like, “This is what my fish sees “when I’m looking at them.

” And his scales have got so beautiful. And I looked it up, and that means he’s happier and healthier, so go me! I kept something alive longer than a house plant. I don’t know how it’s happening. Let’s not jinx it.

Touch wood, touch, someone touch wood. This plant’s feeling awfully neglected right now. And then, I was looking at my YouTube and all these beauty tutorial videos are popping up, and I thought, “You know what? “If Norman’s scales were an eye makeup, “I would totally wear it.

” Not that I wanna peel the scales on my fish. I mean, if I inspired my makeup based on my fish. So I thought why not give it a go? These beauty YouTubers, beuatubers taking over, so I want a piece of the action.

I’m gonna do a Norman inspired eye makeup tutorial. That was a mouthful to say. So I went out and bought the cheapest (laughs) and most blue eye makeup I could find. Firstly, I got this heart-shaped eye shadow.

Is that eye shadow? Yeah, glitter eye shadow which has got, oop, what was that? Protection. I thought these tones would be quite good ’cause these are all of the blues and the greens. So that’s a bit of bang for my buck.

Then I got, this was the most expensive thing. It’s a Max Factor X eye shadow again? Color shadow, yeah, I think that’s the same thing. I got this one online, and I was worried ’cause it was called All Kid Nudes, and I thought I did the wrong thing.

But it’s got a blue in it! How is that a nude? Like a nude Avatar person or a Smurf. (laughs) Then I got myself some glitter eyeliner. Look at all this! Could do a full clown face. Gonna be using this blue.

Eyeliner I think you go along the line of your eye. Should probably know that if I’m putting things near my eyeball, but whatever. Then I got these paintbrushes for your face. Lamora blending brush set, so I can do a bit of blending action.

This, what is this? Volumizing mascara. This was a good find. This was in the shop, and it’s blue. Look at that. I might just do this all the time. So you put that on your eyelashes. Yep, mascara, on your eyelashes? Don’t know why I’m asking you, as if you’re gonna be like yes.

That’s what the comments are gonna be saying. No, you put it on your teeth. And then I got, what’s this one? Ooh, liquid eyeshadow. I’m a bit nervous about this one ’cause it’s liquid, but the color was a good one.

Diamond light blue. I mean, that sounds perfect for Norman scales. I also got this face glitter for my spacey merch shoot, and I’ve got some blue contact lenses, which I’m a bit scared of so I might not do it, but we’ll see what happens.

What we’re gonna do, (chuckles) this is my idea, my eye-dea. (drum roll) This is gonna be Norman’s eye, my eye, and then I could build a Norman fish going across my nose, and then the tail could be over my other eye.

Is it a bit much? I mean, it’s the look. It’s not the every day look. We’ll say this is a fancy, fish event look. (crickets chirping) Yeah? I set up this giant mirror here so I’ve got no excuses if anything goes wrong.

So I think I wanna start with an outline with a black eyeshadow, so the arch of my eyebrow is gonna be his head, if that makes sense. And then his lips are gonna be here. And then his body’s gonna be like here.

But let’s just do it. (jazzy music) Okay, this, (laughs) This eyeshadow is a lot harder to draw with than I thought it would be. Norman’s lips are gonna be like that. Norman’s got very sassy lips, so you need to make sure that’s represented around your eye as I’ve done there, like he’s duck-facing on an Instagram, like– (soft music) Now I’ve got one of my small paintbrushes, and I’m slowly gonna layer the glitter around the eye area.

That’s not doing anything. That is, ooh, that looks good. That’s a very Norman shade. It’s not really spreading very well. I thought it’d be more spready. You just have to do loads of brushes. Are you meant to wet it? Okay, well I’ll do a bit of this, and then a little bit of the teal, as well.

It may look a bit messy now, but it’s gonna come together. I say this is actually my favorite color, the one I’m just doing under my eye bag now. So you wanna blend the dark blue and the lighter blue around your eye, and that represents the true gloriousness of his scales.

So we’ve lost a bit of definition on the sassy lips, so I’m gonna add it back in with this black glitter. This really, (chuckles) it’s just really breaking apart. I thought I’d be able to draw with this so much better.

Come on. Interesting fact about Norman is he’s such an introvert, he can’t be with any other fish ’cause he would just fight them to the death, so I totally relate. All right, I’m using some of the liquid eyeliner to do a base, a base, for the fins that hang down here like this, then we’ll go over it with the darker color.

This looks really bad. (laughs) It looked so good in my head. Honestly, what I was imagining, looked amazing, and it’s just not, it’s not working. Wait, oh, I’m not gonna get upset yet. Okay, so enhancing some of the scales going down into this area.

You’ve got a fin going down your nose, and then as you come towards this eye, just follow the crease of the eye. (laughs) I’m trying to pretend I know what I’m talking about. Guys, I’m panicking ’cause it looks so bad.

But shh, it’s fine, it’s fine. This is gonna be the majority of your tail, so just do lots of flourishes upwards to get the feeling of movement and fishiness. I’m so obsessed with this fish. I’ve been having anxiety dreams that he jumps out of the tank, but when he jumps out of the tank, he’s the size of like a cat or a dog and he’s just like going, “Bro, get me back in the tank, Phil,” but I can’t fit him back in the tank ’cause I’m physically trying to press him into this small tank, and he’s like, “I’m too big.

” Oh, yeah, he talks in my dream, as well. So I’m fully attached to this fish. I’ll be devastated if anything happens. So you wanna just keep blending the blueness around. This is the butthole of, (laughs) the fish around here, so you want it to kind of come to a point.

Let’s do a bit Max Factor. Ooh, this is a good shade. So you wanna get your deeper blue and just do the impressions of a tail splaying out across your other eye. It’s like a Smurf exploded on my face.

I’m gonna try the volumizing mascara. I’m kind of terrified by this, but I think it’s gonna add to the look. You poke it or do you drag it? Okay, I’m gonna drag. All right, that feels right. I’m brushing it.

I’m brushing it like a small cat. Ow! Oh, I fully got myself in the eye. Really looks good, though. If you’re doing this and you feel like you’re messing it up, just remember that any fin is possible.

(laughs) Don’t trout yourself. Oh, boy. (laughs) Everyone just unsubscribed. This looked so much better in my head. Honestly, I thought this would be beautiful without scales. You can’t draw with eyeshadow.

I feel like I should have done some lip liner or something. Is lip liner a thing? Just to do some more intricacies. Maybe I could get a pen. Should I just get a Sharpie and do what I would have done? (mysterious music) Okay, I’ve got a Sharpie.

(laughs) We’re gonna imagine this is some kind of black liquid eyeliner maybe? Something you can draw with, because my stuff was not working. So we’re gonna use this to just add the details, the edges, and also some scales.

(bubbly music) If someone ever asks me what my job is, I’m just gonna (laughs) show them this video. The moment I get this Sharpie out. (laughs) Let’s see if they talk to me again. Right; well, let’s just add some scaly boys in and see how we get on.

His tail doesn’t really have scales. It’s more just got flourishing lines. I’m making it worse. (laughs) I always think I’m so artistic, and then I start trying, and it just goes to hell. Then draw his ears.

Does he have ears? What does a fish have? Gill flaps; this is a gill flap here. Guys, I’m starting to think this looks okay, and I think I might be in denial. Just let me know. Now it’s time for some face glitter.

They call it face glitter. I think it’s just glitter. I mean, let’s be real. You get some glue, which you should put on your face. I’m gonna use it to just pick out certain scales and make them look amazing.

So glue your face. You could use some Pritt stick if you don’t have any face glue. I’m sure it’d be fine. Then do a bit of silver in some dabs. Oh, I got some, (chuckles) got some on my eye. Ow! Okay, okay, okay.

Yes. Guys, I should never have doubted myself. This is becoming my vision. And then blue should be the main amount of face glitter, or flitter, as they say in the beauty community. Should I be having some kind of beauty drama while I do this? Wow, that Anthony Padilla is such a (beep).

You think those curls in his hair and abs are real? No, they’re just glued on. What am I doing? I was focusing on the drama. I started putting glitter (laughs) top of my forehead. No; stop. There’s no scales there.

You might want to put a towel down on the floor (laughs) because I’m just not sure of my crotch. I probably got one of the glitteriest crotches on earth at this very moment. I mean, I don’t wanna do a Paul because who knows what people would do? I’m getting new-found respect for anyone that does actual good makeup, because this was hard.

I was like, aw, it’s gonna be easy. Just gonna draw a fish on my face. No; it’s a mess. The lines don’t work properly. I had to get a Sharpie out. Do you think in a different universe there’s a fish trying to make my face on their scaly face? No? Okay.

All right, the last thing is the contact lens, which I’m terrified about, but I’m gonna do it for my art, so let’s go to the bathroom. Okay, I’ve washed my hands. I’ve probably got one chance to get this in to my eyeball before I fill my eye with glitter.

If you do this, I would put the contact lens in first because (laughs) this is gonna be a challenge. All right, is there any glitter on that at all? I don’t think so. Right; here we go. (upbeat music) It’s in.

Oooh. That looks pretty cool, actually. Ow. Ooh, this one is not as comfortable. Okay. Ooh, there we go. Oh, that’s so weird. Also, I can’t see anything now ’cause they’re not prescription. And look is complete.

(drum roll) What do you think? I’m gonna be honest. I’m gonna give myself three stars out of five. I tried. The effort’s there. We’ve got glitter. We’ve got mixed media. I did use a bit of Sharpie, which was cheating.

So when you go to your fish party, or whenever you showcase this look, the catwalk, you will wanna walk around with one eye closed the whole time (laughs) because they’re gonna be like the fish has got his eye open, and you don’t really need an eye in your tail.

So I can’t actually wink very well. That’s my best wink I can do, but if you can wink, it’s gonna look pretty awesome. Let’s be honest. Could I like Photoshop out the rest of my face just to see what it would look like? Blob, blob, blob.

I am a fish. Could I be a beauty guru? I enjoyed myself. I got to apply lots of powders and various things. Probably damaged my eyesight forever. Got glitter all over the floor. But it was a good time.

I’d do it again. I think if any of the beauty gurus watched this, they would be quaking in their very expensive boots. And, but yeah, I’ve enjoyed it. I think most of all, Norman would be proud of me.

What do you think, Norman? (orchestral music) So give me a thumbs up I you enjoyed this. (digital beeping) I’d love to see some of you guys trying out my look. So you could give me a tweet if, (laughs) if you give it a go.

I wouldn’t recommend it. There’s so much glitter in my eyes, and I hope you’re having a good day, and I will see you very soon. I’m having a sale on all my corgi merch at the moment, so if you want a corgi hat or a jumper or a keyring, you can use the code bork (dog barks) for 50% off at the checkout.

So if you want one of those, there is a link below. Goodbye.


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