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DOLLS KILL Clothing TRY ON HAUL 2020 Hot Ravewear Lingerie BODYCON Dresses MINI Skirts High HEELS

DOLLS KILL Clothing TRY ON HAUL 2020 Hot Ravewear Lingerie BODYCON Dresses MINI Skirts High HEELS

Hey there! if you don’t know me my name is  Armonie and today I’m gonna do another try on haul   this time I ordered stuff from Dolls Kill  and it’s my very first order from Dolls Kill   so I’m super excited so I got a few  sexy outfits including some lingerie   and shoes so I’m just gonna try it all  on for you and show you what it looks   like but first if you’re not already  make sure to subscribe to this channel   by clicking the button right here and turn on  the bell so you don’t miss any of my next videos so this piece is by Club Exx and it’s a lingerie  set on the website it’s called violate .

.. violet   circuit breaker biker chaps set the color is  purple and I chose the size XS so it’s basically a   rave wear lingerie set so this is a garter set so  it comes with these detachable garter rings here   and you can just unclip them just like that  it looks really cool the fabric is a stretchy   swimwear type of fabric and it feels quite strong  so I’m sure it’s going to look super sexy and so   it comes with a bottom piece so it’s more like  a bikini bottom a basic shape and basic threads   on the sides yeah it feels good in my hand and it  seems to be well sewn so I’m just gonna try it on   and cross fingers that it fits my tiny petite body here is a skirt called the moon velvet  tears mini skirt in light purple   so I got it in size small and the first  thing that I noticed right now is that   it has different hues so it’s both blue and  purple/ silver it’s a very interesting color   very moody and it’s very soft like any  velvet stuff that’s what it looks like so it’s got this really cool  detail right here and the brand   is called Blue Blush made with love Blue Blush uh I’m gonna try it on and we’ll see if it fits so the next thing that I have here is a  mini dress called laugh fuzzy mini dress so   it’s a two pieces outfit so  a dress with a cropped hoodie wow I love how fluffy it is I  wasn’t expecting this type of fluff   so yeah it’s very furry very fluffy  I thought it would be cute for winter   because of the fluffiness of this fabric  this is the hoodie oh my god it’s so strange   as you can see it’s a very very short very cropped  hoodie and the fabric is a bit thin I’m definitely   not going to be able to wear that by itself during  winter but um I think it’s a really nice piece to   combine with other warm things the dress is in  the same fabric and that’s what it looks like   so a normal cute dress shape really one thing  I’m glad about is that the two pieces are not   sewn together because um as you can see on the  website photo I wasn’t really sure if you could   separate them or if they were sewn together  so it’s good to know that you can wear them   separately if you wish so I took this one in  size small as well so it’s got different hues   some white some pink some red and the brand here  says Jade I don’t know this brand I mean Dolls   Kill has lots of different brands anyway but yeah  this one is called Jade I think it’s a cute outfit so my whole order came in the loose  packaging except the pair of shoes   and so most of the packages were  inside the box with the shoes except   these few pieces here so I didn’t get a Dolls Kill  box but I got the box that belongs to the brand   of the pair of shoes that I got and  it’s called Lemon Drop by Privileged so in this box I got another piece of lingerie  this time it’s a top it’s also by Club Exx and   it’s called the thrill-seeker fishnet  bra top I got it in green and size small so it’s more of a neon yellow color I guess some  people think that’s green it’s kind of green I   guess a neon green-yellow color and it’s a  see-through fishnet bralette so very sexy   the back is cross I think yeah the back  is crossed like that I hope it’s gonna   fit me because it’s a bralette I’m never sure  what size I am in bralettes so let’s just try it next in the box, there is this  super cute embroidered satin   zipper dress inspired by Asian satin patterns this  one was a crush for me because of that and because   of the color and I love the zipper design which  is very unique and stylish so let me show you wow here it is it’s gorgeous wow I love this  style of satin with this type of embroidery   this one has beautiful flowers and butterflies  and you can open the zippers as much as you want   so the brand for this skirt is Current  Mood they do a lot of cool things like   that and it feels very strong in my hands  like very good quality let me show you so this mini skirt is called the scarlet  destination anywhere brocade skirt it’s in size XS   I really hope it fits me because it’s  gorgeous it’s my favorite piece so far   and I saw on their website that it also comes with  a matching top so if you’re interested in that,   that’s cool um but the skirt is just so  gorgeous by itself so I couldn’t resist so the next piece is a dress and this  one is by the brand New Girl Order and   it’s called a tapestry print cami dress I  got this one in size S and I love the print   of this it’s got traditional Japanese characters  on it and I find it beautiful it’s also in a satin   fabric actually so that’s something that I  couldn’t tell on the website and it’s very soft   I really love it again I hope it’s gonna fit  me let me show you the pattern a bit closer it’s supposed to be a bodycon dress  and it feels a bit bigger than an   XS for me I mean it’s an S .

. I hope  it’s gonna suit me so yeah let’s try this so as you can see this dress doesn’t fit me at  all so that’s upsetting because I liked it so much   so I’m gonna have to either return it and if I  can’t I will take my machine my sewing machine   and tighten it somehow on the website I  ordered a size S which usually would be a 34   and when I checked inside on the label  it says it’s actually a UK size 8 and   european size 36 which is definitely  too big for me and US size 4.

so yeah   okay so this next piece is by a brand called Motel  and it’s another dress so this one is supposed   to be a bodycon dress as well and it’s called  the renda mini dress I got this one in size XS   and so this is what it looks like so it’s one of  those illusion patterns that I love and on one   side you’ve got a strap sleeve and on the other  side you’ve got a long sleeve which I thought was   cool so I’m very excited to try this one it’s  a different style and I’m all for mixing it up   so it’s made of a cotton fabric yeah so it’s  95% cotton and 5% elastane so let’s try it and now my favorite part my pair  of boots I’m so excited for this wow I love it can you guess why I love it   if you watched my previous video  I’m sure you will know why I love it wow they’re absolutely gorgeous  and they feel really good so it’s a snake scale iridescent pair of boots and  I am in love I got them in size 7.

.. 7 US I think   I’m a 37- 37 and a half for European sizes and  the brand for this pair of shoes is called Lemon   Drop by Privileged and this design is called  the Adelia knee-high boots so let’s try them so here you go I tried every single piece  of my haul today and I loved every single   one even though one of the pieces that I really  wish to fit me is not fitting me so I’m talking   about this piece unfortunately it was a bit too  big for me so I’m gonna have to either return it   or take my sewing machine out and try to tighten  it a little bit so we’ll see but um apart from   that it’s a really beautiful dress and the rest of  the stuff is gorgeous I loved every single piece   and I’m really happy with them I loved the shoes  um so yeah let me know in the comments which of   these was your favorite I would love to know don’t  forget to subscribe if you’re not already and to   like this video if you enjoyed watching it so as  usual I will be sharing all of the photo sets and   uncensored videos on my patreon page so if  you’re interested don’t forget to check out   my links under this video and otherwise I’m  also on Instagram so that’s free and I also   share regular stuff over there so yeah thank you  so much for watching and see you in the next video


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