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Donald Trump Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Donald Trump Halloween Makeup Tutorial

part of the beauty of me I’m very I’m really smart they’re bringing drugs I deliberating crime just sold in a beret 15 million dog bigger build a great wall and nobody knows walls better than me believe me is dead but mr.

Trump you’re not a nice person comes to women you’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs dogs slobs and disgusting animals you’re fired we’re going to build a wall to keep Donald Trump out hello everyone my name is Daniel Adams and welcome to my channel as you can see i did this donald trump makeup today i’m pretty sure we’re going to see a lot of Donald Trump’s out on the streets this year so I wanted to get this look done in my 31 days of halloween makeup challenge you want to see how I did it stay tuned because it’s going to be big okay started out by covering the eyebrows with purple glue stick and a comb I’m going to be using the rubber where double chin prosthetic today which I fit to the chin and trace the edges to know where I’m going to place my glue use a ninety-nine percent alcohol to remove any oils from the skin before putting any glue or adhesive onto it and i’m using pros-aide liquid to attach ups are using pros aid of any kind you want to make sure you have a remover either tell us or all pure it is not easy to take off without a remover next then taking the pros-aide cream and I’m blending all of the edges and I grab some packing foam that I just had around the house you could always use cotton balls or cotton pads if you want and I stuffed the double chin just to make it a little bit fuller taking the pros-aide I am gluing the bottom edges and using the back of my spatula to roll those over because it’s very sticky use your fingers it’ll get stuck on your fingers and that was my light just popping I reorganized my lights and we’re good to go next up I’m powdering before I apply any paint nice-looking Gullett we’ve got going on as usual I’m using alcohol activated paints with some chip brushes and stippling sponges I start out with a blood tone and stipple that all over and then I go in with derma culler foundation which is highly pigmented in two different shades I stubble that all over to break up the colors pays a small detail brush to cover the eyebrows with my foundation using my fine pore sponge I’m stippling read over the skin to break it up and give it some texture and of course it wouldn’t be Donald Trump without some light foundation around the eyes need a ring of concealer around the eyes and as you’ll see at the end of the video I didn’t powder this so it will crease up make sure you powder the eyelids to avoid creasing stippling orange and getting into character I am rounding out the nose and squaring it up the sides as that is what donald trump’s nose looks like and adding a little bit of highlighter to the top of my nose between my eyes to widen it out a little bit going in and adding some wrinkles and some bags around the eyes as well as highlight to the nose and the eyebrows going in and adding some details of labial folds and the curve of the chin and we’re not quite orange enough so stifling a little bit more orange all over using mascara come to attach them i’m actually going to take a mustache and cut it in half to create my eyebrows this is a brown stash so i’m going to add some white paint to them once I’ve got the brows on I want to balance out the nose so I add a little bit more detail thats it for our paint job now I’m going to take two wigs well one wig and some loose hair that I had that I have folded over and use bobby pins to pin them together he doesn’t look angry enough so we’re going to furrow those brows further and stipple on a white highlight to break up the skin just a bit more okay time for our shirt tie and blazer that wraps up this look I hope you guys enjoyed today’s tutorial and stay tuned because I’m going to be coming out with a new tutorial every single day please subscribe I’m going to be doing looks all unplug you have a recommendation for a look that you’d like to see please leave a comment below that’s it for today thank you so much for watching and I will see you tomorrow


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