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Double winged Eye Makeup Tutorial for Classical Dancers |with English subtitles |Antara Bhadra

Double winged Eye Makeup Tutorial for Classical Dancers |with English subtitles |Antara Bhadra

Hello Everyone this is Antara, welcome back to my channel So, Today’s video is from the series quick fix Those of you don’t know what is quick fix, let me tell you what it is about Quick fix is a new series that I have started in my channel where I share everything that a Dancer should know So that they can do their hair, makeup, costume all by themselves rather than depending upon somebody else because when you are doing performance, stage shows etc, if you are dependent upon somebody it is very difficult.

If you can manage everything yourself it is very helpful and you can do it fast that is why I have started this new series So, many of you requested me to share Bharatnatyam Makeup look I have already shared one basic makeup look in my channel, I will share the link above You can watch the video from the link.

That is a very basic makeup Those of you don’t know makeup Specially the eye makeup is little bit complicated and the eyebrow So, you can 1st practice from that video and after that if you want something advance then you can go for this look The specialty of this makeup is the eye makeup which has double wing This is one of my favorite makeup look because, when someone is performing on stage, audiences are far away from them So, this makeup look looks bright, broad and attractive So, people from far away can see your makeup, expression properly So, to learn this makeup you have to watch this video.

So, without further ado let’s move on to the video 1st I have used moisterizer and primer and then I am using foundation I have taken a damp sponge and applied the foundation evenly Always remember to apply foundation on your neck and ear Then I am using concealer Apply concealer on the places where we want to highlight like under eyes, bridge of nose, middle of forehead then I am using a contour Apply it wherever we don’t want to highlight like below the cheekbone sides of your nose.

so that our nose look more sharp If you have double chin then you can apply there as well. otherwise you can avoid and if you forehead is wide then you can apply there as well then take a fresh sponge and start blending the contour but make sure to blend in particular place where it should be contoured and it should not spread Same thing with the concealer After blending everything once more I have applied the concealer on my eye lid and under my eyes then take a sponge and blend the same one thing to remember this time immediately after blending, we have to take a brush and loose power and set the eye This will prevent eyes from creasing Now I will take the same brush and set my whole face If you want you can use puff and facepowder but for me this loose powder seems to be easy Now, lets move on to eye makeup before starting we have to put some loose powder under your eyes like this we will get to know soon why I did this Now I will take a eye shadow brush and apply red color eye shadow Its better to follow how I am doing instead of explaining I am starting exactly from the inner corner I will not apply this eye shadow all over my lid.

but applying it half and I will apply slightly on my upper crease line Now I will take a thin brush and take black eye shadow in it and apply it at the side of the eyes like wings then join this with the upper crease so that it forms a “V” shape now take little more black eye shadow and start applying it at the corner of the eyes Remember outer corner should be darker and when we are blending towards the eye ball, it should be lighter Now I have completed both the eyes Now the eye ball area where we have not applied any color We have to apply golden eye shadow.

If you want you can apply any light and bright color remember when we are applying golden eye shadow we also have to blend it with red and black color you can refer to my previous video for the eyebrow you can take a light colour eyebrow pencil and 1st draw the outline so that it could be easily rectified if there is any mistake then if you are satisfied you can draw the eyebrow finally with a darker eyebrow pencil now you will see some eye shadow fall outs under your eye you have have to dust away the excess powder under your eye that we have applied before Now take eyeliner and draw a pointed line in the inner corner of your eyes As shown in the video now start drawing a wing where we have applied the black eye shadow Now apply the eye liner on your upper lid and join with the wing I have done an additional step off camera I have drawn a line and gave a beautiful curved shape let me explain the shape once draw a curved line just below the upper wing.

remember it will be broad at the outer corners and thin towards inner corner now we have to darken the outline very carefully and slowly now we have to apply kajal in upper waterline as well as lower water line now you can see the difference after applying kajal now both my eyes are complete now I am applying silver eyeliner in between the 2 wings If you want you can use white kajal or poster colour as well Now I am using blush.

I hope that I don’t need to explain how to apply blush then I am using highlighter the look is almost complete just at the end we have to wear a red Bindi and Red lipstick now the make up is complete.

we just need to wear ornaments So, you can do this makeup in any classical dance(odissi, kathak bharatnatyam etc) I wore Bharatnatyam ornaments here. If you wan you can wear ornaments according to your dance After wearing ornaments and costume you will see a huge change as this makeup is very bold and bright If you do not wear proper costume and ornaments then this makeup will not do a justice So, costume and jewelries are very important factor One thing I can bet this make up is looking more beautiful in real life So you all must try this look.

I am so sorry camera is not at all doing a justice to this makeup I am not at all feeling like removing this makeup but its too hot. Before my makeup melts down lets go So, I see you in my next video.

till then take care stay happy and bye bye…………


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