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Dove Cameron Transformation Makeup Tutorial

Dove Cameron Transformation Makeup Tutorial

she doesn’t actually connect her eyeliner to her inner corners because that’s where her white [eyeshadow] is at so you want to start at the beginning of your lashes Now be sure that this part isn’t chunky it should taper down into a very thin line into the lash line Now you want to apply some really thick false lashes So really quickly.

I’m going to explain how to do her lashes um what I did was take two pairs of the casino number 43 lashes, um, you can take any wispy lashes really and The first pair I put on but I cut it so it goes from here to here not from the inner corner So you need to start where your eyeliner, er, Starts and ends and when you cut lashes don’t cut that from the inside to shorten them cut them from the outside so cut it from here to make them fit that length once you do that You’re gonna take the second pair of Kasina lashes And you’re going to put this in half and you’re going to use that outer corner on the outside And you can actually use both halves on the outside to make it extra thick because sometimes she does go super thick on the outside But I only used one extra pair on the outside.

So that’s up to you She does do both looks so that is how you do her lashes and let’s go ahead and continue the makeup tutorial Now after your lashes apply a light coat of mascara on the top and the bottom Then you want to generously apply white eyeliner to the lash line This is what gives her eyes that bright appearance.

And so far, you should have something that looks like this Now for the eyebrows she has changed their eyebrow size a few times in the past from super small to very thick so it’s really up to you and your face to decide what type you should go for I’m going for the more recent eyebrows she has.

Which are slightly arched and thick now to lighten and warm the brows up to her eyebrow shade you want to use a tan foundation to brush it into the hairs and then powder it with an orange-y tan powder All right, moving on to the lips Start by over lining your bottom lip using a nude lip liner For the top lip don’t really over line it because her top lip is way smaller than her bottom lip Then you want to fill your lips in with that same liner Now you want to take a light red lipstick and lightly apply it on the edges of your lips with a lip brush Then you want to blend that all inward, so it fades into the nude lipstick almost like an ombre This will give you that natural reddened appearance that she has Now take a dark red lip liner and apply only to the inner corners of your mouth this technique will give your lips the very pouty illusion Now take the white shimmery shadow that you used earlier and pat it on this of your lips to really pull through with the illusion and now, lastly you want to apply plumping lip gloss to the same area just to give it that extra pout since she does wear lip gloss quite often Now to achieve her nose it depends for everyone.

Everyone has a different note, but for my nose We are going to be drawing an incomplete box around the tip with contour. I’m drawing two lines on each side of my nose tip then I’m going to be drawing a line connecting the two on the top and I’m not going to be drawing a connected line to the bottom because no tip is long so we don’t want to shorten it then you want to apply a line of highlighter on a center tip of your nose and Be sure to be quite heavy with this and she does highlight your nose quite a bit Lastly, you want to apply a baby pink blush heavily on the entire cheek If you don’t have naturally pink skin if it’s more yellow tone you want to take that blush and also dust it around your hairline to kind of bring that pink glow to your face.

And then you want to conceal under your eyes with a brightening concealer And now we are twinning with Dove Cameron Thank you guys so much for watching! If you haven’t checked out my last celebrity transformations, I’ll have the links in the description box and be sure to subscribe so I can see you guys in my next video


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