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Dove Men+Care Body and Face Bar to Clean and Hydrate Skin Extra Fresh Body and Facial Cleanser More Moisturizing than Bar Soap 3.75 oz 14 Bars


Price: $25.30
(as of Sep 23,2020 08:02:43 UTC – Details)

Looking for a bar that leaves skin feeling refreshed, hydrated, and invigorated? Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body and Face Bar delivers a deep, refreshing clean and intense hydration. That’s because this isn’t your typical bar of soap — this specially formulated bath bar helps protect skin and adds moisture to prevent dry skin. Made with 1/4 moisturizing cream, which helps maintain skin’s moisture and hydration levels, this body and face bar leaves skin feeling healthy and strong. Regular bar soap for men, while effective at skin cleansing, may leave skin feeling dry and tight. Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body and Face Bar helps maintain skin’s moisture to provide comfort and refreshment. In addition, this #1 dermatologist recommended bar is gentle enough to use as a facial cleanser. Extra Fresh body soap has an invigorating scent that leaves skin feeling refreshed. To use, moisten the body bar with water and work it into a light foam between your hands. Massage onto your face and body before rinsing thoroughly. Dove Men+Care celebrates a new definition of strength: one with care at its center. We believe real strength means taking care of the world around you and people in it. We’re championing paternity leave worldwide — so that every dad has the chance to care for those who matter most. Paid paternity leave gives new fathers the chance to be there for those precious early moments with their family. At Dove, we also are committed to a new landmark initiative as part of our 2025 commitment to reduce plastic waste — reducing more than 20,500 tons of virgin plastic yearly by launching new 100% recycled plastic bottles and creating a new refillable deodorant format that radically reduces plastic use.

With 1/4 moisturizing cream, the Dove Men Extra Fresh body bar nourishes dry skin and provides moisture for healthier, stronger skin, compared to regular bath soap.
This #1 dermatologist recommended soap for men moisturizes better than bar soap and washes away easily with no residue. Dove Men+Care body soap was developed for superior men’s skin care.
Feel clean and invigorated with this hydrating body bar that also works as a facial cleanser for men. The crisp scent will leave you feeling fresh all day.
Dove Men+Care was developed specifically for men’s skin. When a typical bar of soap won’t cut it, reach for Dove body soap.
Reducing more virgin plastic yearly by making Dove Men+Care soap bar packaging plastic-free globally.


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