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Dracula Vampire Makeup Tutorial Halloween

Dracula Vampire Makeup Tutorial Halloween

Vampire Makeup for Kids – Tutorial Hey Everyone, I’m here with Jackson and he has decided to be Dracula for Halloween this year. I will show you how to do Dracula Vampire makeup. A lot of the stuff you can use from the makeup you already have.

Also check out our Zombie video from last year, he was a Zombie last year, ..very scary. We are going to put some white facepaint on Jackson and this is a water based face paint but I mixed it with a bit of my face cream to make it a bit smoother to put on.

The face paints you can buy in the dollar store, they are very inexpensive. We will be careful with Jackson’s nose. You are going to turn into Dracula and you will go over and scare them okay? Now I’m taking my face paint and I’ve mixed black and brown together, it still looks pretty black.

And we will fill it all in. Now we are going to do the traditional Dracula eyebrows which go up in a nice point like this. I’m using black eyeliner to do this. Vampire Eyebrows Jackson says he also likes Thor, Ironman, Ninja and Batman Halloween costumes this year.

I am using a black eyeshadow and i put it on pretty light on my brush because i want it to be a pale black. And i will add it to the inside part of his eye here. Then we will put a little under his eyes.

Now I am taking my blending brush and I’ve put red lipstick on the tip of it. I will just dab a bit around Jackson’s eyes. I love the Dracula look with the red eyes. Now we will put some red lipstick on the center of the bottom lip because we will draw the teeth on (which is easier than putting those fake fangs on) I am using the white face paint and we will start it at the top of the lip, i am using a really fine eyeliner brush and then to give it more definition i will outline the teeth in black.

To finish off the look we will put a bit of black on Jackson’s cheekbone. Before and After See also the Zombie makeup tutorial


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