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Draculaura Monster High Doll Costume Makeup Tutorial for Halloween or Cosplay | KittiesMama

Draculaura Monster High Doll Costume Makeup Tutorial for Halloween or Cosplay | KittiesMama

hi my name is Emma and they’re going to do a Draculaura Monster High makeup tutorial so let’s get started first you gotta make your face all pale you can use a lot of different stuff I’m using Bare Minerals bikini beach pink my face is already pale smile and I could just just get this maybe a little bit of it to make it a little bit pinkish so now we’ve done with the face of a little lighter pink I’m just going to use a little bit of blush on my cheeks okay now that I’m done with the blush going to do my eyeshadow and this light pink right here I’m going to put it all over my lid and put it all the way up to my eyebrow now I’m going to use this darkest paint in my crease take this light pink again and put up under my mom is going to do the eyeliner heart she’s just gonna put eyeliner on the top of my butt then put a lot of mascara on your top and bottom lashes so you look like a doll I recommend you curling your lashes but I forgot mine in the car put several closer see how I did the mascara I met on the for the doll Apple app the coats on see Mike uses litter Joe iridescent glitter Joe stuff if you don’t have this you can use simmer just normal glitter that you have um leather lip gloss or a loose glitter if you don’t have this thingy so now I’m going to put this on my above right right here tonight finish with this and I’m going to nail my lips I’m gonna do an even part and then my mom’s gonna do the hard part I’m going to line my lips with a red lip pencil and line a mistake I think Molly better think goodbye so after you’re finished with the lip liner you’re gonna use your like gum are you going to use your pink color cloth so that was the easy lip part and now we’re going to do the heart the side and my mom made skin cyl so I can put put on my cheek and then Carter neck so now we’re going to like trace this heart but right here see isn’t that cool mom is gonna trace it with this same lip liner a wet and wild kind so this completes the easy look and there’s might be a hard look on the lips if you want to do the harder look just keep on watching take any light makeup and draw things on your lip take the red lip pencil and you find the edges of your thing we can fix any shape issues you have right now then line your lips with the red and fill it in you can add pink or either red gloss make sure not to put the gloss on the white area so now that’s a harder lip that looks way better now the last thing to do is put on the wig so now I’m finish with the whole thing even the wig with ponytails and I you do be and subscribe comment rate um thumbs up and follow us on Twitter and look how clean and pink it fly you you


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