Hey, guys! For today’s video, I want to share about what has happened in my house I don’t know where should I start And this video is also impromptu Just suddenly want to share this Because so many of you asked me to share Like the details Why it happened and others Okay! I’ll just tell the story As like you’re my friend So, if you’ve followed my Instagram You might have known what has happened in my house That I supposed to move-in happily, home sweet home Suddenly full of disaster I bought this house in July 2020 We’ve done the payment, and started the renovation from August This house has the most suitable size and price for me And to be honest, I like the shape of this house So, it’s renovated by the previous owner of this house Coincidentally, he’s a developer I bought this with the condition 70% Because he’s the one who’ll continue the tile and paint He’s the one who’ll renovate this house until it finish This house was owned by himself And before we bought this, we have taken around to see his projects While we saw his projects, we’re happy Like, “Oh, they’re nice!” After we saw his projects Well, of course we had that expectation! Right? So, yeah.

.. we just trusted him because the previous’ are nice And he also said that he’ll give the best So, we started the renovation on August Supposed to finish in 4 months Plus 1 month for leeway, so the total is 5 months And 6 for the interior So we rented a villa We rented it for 6 months We’re like almost every day, came to check it But when we checked it, it was like no big problem Not that much Everything looked fine But when it was almost the day Like.

.. It’s neglected Because I have someone for the interior too, like a carpenter But when it came to the day, it became more messed up So it’s like, their sequence were messed up Things those supposed to “in” first.

.. They have no one controlling The door or the paint which supposed to “in” first… So at the end, it’s like… Messed up! Things those already installed nicely, became dirty again Those already good, became broken again Demolished, then repeated again And they’re late So I extended 1 more week for the villa Okay, that’s fine! They said they could finish it in a week And when it came to the day, it’s completely a mess Because.

.. When we checked it before, and I saw the tiles were not good, etc. I asked… “Is it really look like this?” They answered, “Oh no, this is just because we haven’t cleaned it up yet” “It’ll be nice after we clean it up” They said, “We haven’t cleaned it up yet, we’ll do it later” I was like, “Oh okay!” Because it’s so dirty that I couldn’t see it And we let them to continue their job until it’s finished After they’re all finished and when we started to move-in.

.. WOAHHHHH!!!! The first one is, when I was looking at the tiles of my 1st floor It’s granite So when I saw it, I wasn’t focusing on the granite I focused on the grout lines those were so thick and not smooth “Why so ugly? Why does it look so rough?” So, yeah.

.. I complained! That’s just the first one Then I went to my room upstairs The glass beside the bathtub The thing that’s supposed to be very clean, able to see outside beautifully Full with scratches! Like, full with scratches! Maybe when they cleaned it.

.. They’re like… I don’t know what were they using to rub it It’s really scratched I was so sad! A new house and it looks like this? Okay! The second one I had felt so sad And the third… My master’s granite tiles.

.. That part supposed to be the most elegant Because I wanted it to be more elegant and the space is quite large too But the grouts… Ughhh! You guys can see it by yourselves I don’t want to describe it Like it’s so bad! Dark grout lines Then, the tiles’ cutting lines were also bad I shared to my friend who’s an interior designer She replied “Oh no! It looks so bad!” No wonder why I felt so sad Not just that They’re still much! And when we were washing our hands, the tap’s leaking! It was leaking! They didn’t do it properly Even my toilet’s water came out too! Then what’s more? Too much until I can’t remember Oh! About the paint! They said “Okay! We’ll paint it one more time to make it clean!” Once it finished.

.. They didn’t paint it all They just used the brush and cover some spots So, if you guys see it from the side They’re like… Like… “What?” Then we also had a problem with the vinyl The people who installing it was.

.. He’s so genius! They’re still so many gaps of the cement And then… It’s really a disaster. I’ll just show you the pictures Just see it by yourselves Also, some interior problems those made me angry Like my curtains, that they promised me, those will be finished in one week But at the end.

.. They finished it in 2 weeks Even though I’ve delayed my moving for one week But they’re also delayed So the first day when I move-in, I couldn’t sleep in my bedroom Because it had no curtains! So dangerous, right? So I had to sleep in another room Well.

.. it’s just a small problem, so it’s okay Then my wardrobe doors were not finished too So I couldn’t hang my clothes And those boxes were everywhere So much more! From the process of my dining table, dining chairs.

.. Their sizes were wrong too! Though they had already come and measure I’m so stress guys! The most fatal is this… During the second night when we were going to sleep We always heard the sound of a water There’s no rain or what Then after we went to the third floor The water tank was leaking So.

.. The third floor was full of a stagnant water That’s on a middle at the night, around 12am To be honest, we’re really… really… really disappointed With the result of this house It’s not about the design! It has a good design! That’s why, people will say it’s nice if they only saw it from the video The point is, if we have a problem with our eyesight, it’s nice But if you were wearing an eyeglasses Yeah.

.. Rough… Really rough… Actually from the side of the previous owner… To be honest, he’s very kind! As long as we known each other, we communicate He’s very kind! He always let me upgrade Always gave me a good material I wanted to change the granite and others, everything’s fine with him He’s very kind! We have a good relationship! But I think, he’s just had a mistake in choosing the workers He just gave those people who were not good To be said, none of them was really good That’s what makes it messed up, the problem is on the people Their works were so rough But luckily, he’s so responsible Now he’s sending us the specialists from his company Those people who he usually used, and they’re so good To fix all the problems But in other side, I was annoyed too Why didn’t you give us those good workers from the beginning? Because I didn’t ask for cheaper Like, we didn’t ask for a cheaper worker! No! He’s the one who gave them to us And we have trusted him Because he said “Okay! We’ll give you the good one!” Because if they’re great, I could help him to promote his business So that’s one of the reasons why we got annoyed Like, “Why did you give us the workers like that?” I don’t mind paying more! As long as the house is good Not like this I’ve moved into this house But there’re still things need to be fixed for more than 2 weeks Those workers came inside my house everyday Everyday is so dusty, everyday we need to clean the house several times It’s just so tiring Really really upset Really really depressed! Until I couldn’t take it anymore Until I cried, even though I’m the type of a person that’s so hard to cry But this is really outrageous! This is outrageous! And also the bathroom on my first floor They said they’ve repaired the grouts But after they repaired it, it turned uglier than before Like, gosh! It really looks like an old bathroom Though this is a new house At the end, I bought the granite tiles again to fix it I feel so breakdown after that How to say.

.. This is the first house that I bought with my hard work, all of it I spent so much money here, so much! Like… Literally work so hard for this house, but the result is so bad Not because I’m not grateful There’s a DM like, “It’s okay, just be grateful! Just let it be!” “At least you have a house, many people don’t!” That’s not how it works, guys! The problem is.

.. It’s not about be grateful or not I’m grateful that I have a house But this problem is, the people’s works that make it ugly We have our rights to complain and ask them to fix it The example is like this You’ve worked so hard to buy a new car Then when it arrives.

.. It’s so ugly like second’s How’s your feeling? If I tell you just be grateful… At least you have a car, many people still using a motorbike Like, how you feel?! I was so pissed off when got that DM I just want to share my story, this is not grumbling Or I complain about my life to you, no! Here I just want to share that my life is not always ups Because if I only share about the ups.

.. People will say that I show off Will say, “Yeah, you always have a good life!”, “You never have a hard time!”, etc. Not like that! I just want to be real to you The process during this house’s renovation.

.. Those downs are so bad! It’s like, up, up, up, up! Then suddenly on the day… Luckily, the previous owner wants to help to fix it Well, actually from his side, he got the loss But from my side, it’s more I didn’t work for more than 2 weeks, only to fix this house I also got the loss Then for extended the previous villa was also expensive For a villa in Bali, that one is quite big It’s Rp 4.

000.000,00 only for a week Imagine if I need to extend more Now I’m not sad anymore It’s been a week, I think it’s enough for me to always get angry I’m tired Actually, I don’t like to complain or get angry Because it really drains my energy To be honest, after complaining, it also made me feel guilty Because I feel sorry for those people too But.

.. their works were really bad So… We’re really depressed Until we wanted to sell this house back to the previous owner Then we look for another house! Even a simple thing, like installing an AC also had its drama But now I feel.

.. quite okay… Better than before That’s why I’m able to share with you guys Last time, many of you were asking for the vlog, but I can’t When I was sad and mad… I couldn’t talk in front of the camera I don’t want to seem angry like that Because that’s.

.. not a wise thing! When we’re mad, and then we angry Now I feel better! I can share it with you! And for you who were asking for a house tour… sorry I still can’t! And I still don’t know whether I will do the house tour or not So.

.. yeah… that’s the story! And thank you so much for all of your DMs, which supports me Those were thousands! Sorry I couldn’t reply it one by one, but I really appreciate it! And for you who’s doing renovation too.

.. Cheer up! Tomorrow will be a better day! Tomorrow will be a better day, so… We have to be patient and just let it flow So now I’m trying to enjoy this time I hope while we’re living here, there’s no more problems those make me stress So, yup! That’s it! Okay! So now I still need to handle this! Everyday, my WhatsApp is about.

.. The story between me and those workers I hope this could be a lesson too So, for you who wants to do the renovation… Choose carefully… Who’s the contractor, and you need to have a foreman So all this time, I didn’t have a foreman There’s a man that I thought he’s a foreman, but he’s not! That’s why I never saw he handled things Like, why he never handled it whenever there’s something wrong We had to complain first, then he’ll do it So you need o have a foreman, and interior designer is so important! I was using an interior designers this time, but they’re only drew They didn’t manage here, because the first time I was moving here, I knew no one And looking for an interior designer was not easy! Every time I contacted them, they always disappeared! So.

.. it’s not that easy! We need a chemistry too! If you want to do a renovation, you really need to prepare energy, money,… And people who’ll going to help you So you won’t be like me! Now I want to go to Informa to buy some stuffs And fix this house again So, yeah.

.. this is the video for this week! Thank you so much for watching! Wish me luck & see you next time! Bye!


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