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Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel. Now when I asked you guys what kind of videos you wanted to see next. I got an overwhelming amount of response to do a full drugstore make-up tutorial. Now, I know you shady bitches thought I would never do it.

But, come on, if you’re a make-up artist you can make anything work. Not that drugstore makeup is bad, it’s just, it has a lot of tendencies to be more misses than hits, from my previous experiences.

And now that I make makeup, I know formulas. So, this is a interesting experiment. And I just want to make a disclaimer, that some of the makeup brushes are from my personal collection from other brands that are not drugstore.

But every makeup product used in this video is drugstore bought. So, if you want to see how I created all this. Keep watching and see what happens. All right, so the first thing I’m going to do is take this lip smackers, Dr.

Pepper lip balm and prime my lips. And now for face primer, I’ve been looking through all the aisles and I like Elle, I’ve used some of their stuff before. I’ve never used this hydrating face primer before, so we’re going to try it out.

I’m not really sure how much you’re supposed to use, but I’m just going to use a little handful, very mattifying. Okay, we’ll let that dry down for a second. Now, you know the first thing I always do is put on a lot of foundation.

I Instagram that I was going to be doing this video and you guys gave me so many options and advice on what to buy. And the product that kept standing out was the L’Oréal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation.

Everyone is like, this is amazing, everyone is like raving about it. I’m going to be going with shade 102 Shell Beige, let’s pray to Jesus it matches. I’m just going to take this with a real Technique brush, this is number 300, you guys know I love to do it all around my face before I blend it out.

Now, I’ve never used any of these products before. So, let’s see how they work. Okay, I think that’s enough. Let me start buffing this in. Now using new foundations can break you out. It doesn’t matter if they are high end or not.

Changing your routine just freaks your skin out in general. So, I need you guys to all pause this video and say a silent prayer for my face. Thank you. And as always, we’re going to blend in the neck, avoiding all the tattoos.

And you guys know I have to dab that ear. I think that’s good enough coverage for me, we’ll see what happens. Before I do a lot of powder, I’m definitely going to conceal. Now, if you’ve watched my previous videos, you guys know I’m really not a fan of concealer.

But this foundation is just not as heavy as I normally would wear it. I definitely am going to conceal. And I got this Maybelline better skin camouflage concealer. Let’s try this out, this is shade Ivory.

All right the sponge is damp. Let’s start blending. Now this sponge is really hard. Like, it’s actually taking off my foundation. So, you see that, my foundation is like missing right there. Ohh, okay, we’re not going to use that.

Let’s go back to the brush. I’m just going to use that same foundation brush and try to buff out some of this concealer, before it’s too late. Okay, much better. I’m like, oh Lord, Jesus. Now, the cool thing about this concealer is it’s not making any fine lines more noticeable, it’ actually concealing and doing an amazing job.

Come through concealer. Now, sometimes I do cream contour and sometimes I don’t. We’re just going to do powders today. Now, I want a full mask of coverage, so I got the L’Oréal Infallible Pro Mac Powder Foundation.

So, I’m going to dust this over my entire face. Hi matte powder. Now, this doesn’t have much color to it, which is what I wanted, but it does leave a really nice matte finish, and this shade was 100 Porcelain.

You know I’m a fair bitch. Now there really wasn’t a lot of highlight and contour kits at the drugstore. I did find this really dope one from Maybelline, it’s called the Master Contour Palette. It’s three shades, it’s contour, blush and highlight.

I think that contour color is perfect for my skin tone, so we gonna try that today. And I also found this big bronzing powder, it’s from Prestige Cosmetics. So, I’m going to contour first, I’m going to be using this Cosmetics brush, my fave new contour brush.

I’m going to dip into the contour, ew, this is pigmented, okay, okay, let’s try it out. Now we’re going to go down here, and now we’re going to carve our face out of stone. Now, for the forehead, I’m going to be going in with this Estee Lauder bronzing brush, and we’re going to dip into that Prestige Cosmetics.

Let’s see how this is going to do. Oh, my God, this has shimmer to it. Mother Fucker, so, my dumb ass didn’t realize that, that gold thing up there, is a shimmer. Let’s wipe off the gold, bronzing stardust powder off my forehead.

Okay, think we’re getting there. I might have a small halo. But, it’s okay, it’s preparing me to go to heaven. Now to soften that, we’re just going to use that same brush, and dip back into that powder.

Okay, we’re pretty contoured I’m feeling it. Okay, contouring the nose is a little scary, so I’m going to be using that Oval 3 brush from Ortis. I’m going to dip in once. You don’t need a ton of product unless you want that.

All right, and I’m going to cap the end of it. And now for highlight, there is a highlight in here. Which, I’m going to swatch it with my finger because I have no idea if it’s going to work or not.

Now I’m just going to grab a Morphie 310 fan brush. I love this thing. Let’s dab some on there, and see if I’m going to be glowing. It’s subtle, it’s hue, I’m noticing that it has a little bit of color with it too.

Add some little shimmer above the brows, I’m about to draw all on. Okay, this is actually pretty cute. The more layering, the more shine I’m seeing on my cheekbones. All right for brows today, I tried to find something comparable to the Anastasia Shade Taupe.

And I found two things, this Maybelline Brow Define and Fill Duo, I think will match, of course it’s hard to tell when you look at a unit carton and you can’t swatch it. So, I got this and also L’Oréal has a brow stylist, which had a brow powder in it.

Brow powder was hard to find at the drugstore. So, I’m going to be using this guy. Obviously, I don’t need this wax, because I have no brow hair. So, we’re just going to dip into this powder and try to draw on with this.

Okay, now that I got the shape down, I’m going to go in with this Mac Eyebrow Angle Brush. And dip into this L’Oréal. All right, I’ve decided on a taupe, gold, glitter, soft neutral eye. And I’m going to be using the L’Oréal LA Palette Nude 1.

The lightest shade is, probably my color right there. So, I’m going to be using this, and I’m going to be using my go to Mac 252 brush. And just apply this over the entire eye area. Definitely messy, a lot of fall out.

You guys know I hate fall out. Now this Physician’s Formula, these are like shimmer shades, and this top one is like, it’s really pretty, it has like a glitter to it. So, I’m going to dip into this guy right here, and I’m just going to put this right under the brow bone.

Now, let’s go in with this Elle contour brush. Now, I’m assuming this is for the eyes and not the cheeks. And I’m going to go into this Wet N Wild palette. This is the I’m Getting Sunburned Eyeshadow Palette.

And I’m going to hit this crease color. Okay, I’m just going to put this in my crease, oh this is dark, I like it. And I’m going to leave some space below, and I’m going to put gold where there is no color yet, so bear with me.

Okay, now I’m going to buff this out. And I’m actually going to do this taupe shade right here. And go over that, and soften the line with my Mac 224 brush. Just going to drag the shadow down a little bit, take this brush again and go back in with the light color.

And right below the shimmer I’m going to blend this out a little bit, there we go. And now, I’m going to go in with this one. It’s like a taupe shimmery color. And add in a little bit more dimension to my lid.

Before I do anything with the under eye, I’m going to add some shimmer. And I found this. Pressed glitter pigment, from Wet N Wild. I’m just going to use my finger, I know that sounds very strange coming from me, but sometimes the fingers are the best.

Good morning Gold, thank you for joining my lid. It’s really pretty. Now, this has like a sticky consistence to it, which is making it stick to my lid really good. All right, now I’m going to take a Morphie 511 brush and really get in the inner corner, which I could not do with my fingers.

And then I’m going to go back over with this. And really press it in. Now, I’m going to take some of this, and put it in my inner corner below. Now, for under the eye, I’m going to take this Cosmetics 220 brush, and I’m just going to take this color here, and just buff it under my eye.

Now, I wanted to try some sort of eye liner. So I got this Revlon Eye Pencil. And I’m going to put it in my water line and see what happens. All right, now with the Morphie 515 brush, I’m going to back in with that same brown shade that we just did under the eye and I’m just going to buff it out, starting in the center of my eye and go outwards.

And smoke it out a little bit more. All right now, I’m going to go back in with this shade a little bit on the outside and blend it with my Mac blending brush and kind of merge these two together. Now, to me these eye shadows blend a little patchy, it’s kind of frustrating having to go back and forth so many times, which is not normal for me.

But I think I got the eyes where I want them. I was talking to my grandma about doing this video, if you don’t use the famous pink Maybelline Mascara, I’m going to slap you upside your head. If you’ve never heard of this mascara, you must be under an igloo in Antarctica, because this has been around before any of us were born.

All right, for lashes, I know this is a drugstore makeup tutorial, but I got these at the costume store and they were 89 cents, so I definitely think these will qualify. There are really big and dramatic, not that you’re shocked at all, I’m just going to blow the wave, say a quick prayer to Jesus, now I’m going with the tweezers and I’m pressing my real lashes with the false ones.

All right, second lash is on. Last but not least is the lips. Now, that was a hard one for me. I just wanted something really bright, corally and fun. So, I found this Revlon brand, is it is a liquid to matte, but it’s not long lasting like mine.

So, this shade is called Temptation, of course it is. Oh wow, sort of like a cake candle. Now, it’s still wet looking, looks like a lip gloss, but it says it’s Ultra HD Matte lip color. So, let’s give this a second, and see if it’s going to dry down.

All right, so it’s been about 5 minutes off camera, and it still hasn’t dried down. I don’t know if it’s supposed to dry all the way matte. It says matte, and matte’s matte. And as you can see, it looks like a lip gloss to me.

It’ like slowly getting there, but it’s still really shiny, I love the lip color, I don’t mind the gloss, it’s just not doing what it says, so bye. Now, last but not least. I was like, oh my God, if I can’t use my Urban Decay all nighter, what the fuck am I going to do.

And I found this Maybelline, it’s basically like a fix plus, but it’s called Master Fix. So, let’s see what will happens. Okay, let that settle. All right guys, that was that full drugstore look.

As you can see, some of the products were really amazing, I kind of want to scrape off this gold glitter and eat it for dessert. As the video progressed, the foundation did not sit on my skin how I wanted it too.

And maybe it was the primer, maybe it was, who knows, who the fuck knows. I love the look, I think it’s really fun. It was a little challenging for me, in the sense that I have never used these products before.

Not that I was afraid to use drugstore makeup, but I just prefer higher end products, because the formulas tend to be top notch. Where some of the stuff, I was really hard to do. So, I hope you enjoyed watching this, and I will see you next time.

Bye, guys.


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