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DRUGSTORE Back to School MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Natural Glam

DRUGSTORE Back to School MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Natural Glam

You I’m doing a back-to-school video when I see several several gray hairs in my head Hey guys, so today’s video is going to be a drugstore video We are doing a back to school makeup tutorial with only drugstore products, and I don’t mean affordable products I mean drugstore so you can get this at the drugstore You don’t have to shop online to get these items I have done back to school makeup looks in the past and they’ve always been very very simple I barely wore any makeup when I was in high school I didn’t start wearing makeup till my senior year and even then it was mascara and lipstick and a little bit of bronzer That’s pretty much but I know now we are in 2019 and things are very Different people go to school with a full face of makeup now, which I’m not judging; all power to you I love makeup probably if I was going to school now in 2019 I would do my makeup a little differently and I feel like this is the route I would go this would be my look well One of my looks I’m not gonna lie.

I would most likely skip eyeshadow every single time I don’t know who has time to do an eyeshadow look in the morning. I know it wasn’t me I used to do my makeup in the car like on the way to school because there was no way in hell I was losing On sleep just to do my makeup like no way I barely even did my hair like I’ll just throw it up in a but I didn’t even try I didn’t try in high school at all But for today’s video I am gonna do a little something on the eyes just in case you want to take your back-to-school look one step further So I’m gonna be sharing with you some of my favorite products things I recommend Yeah, and this just jump in sweet probably like my earrings Nicely would calm.

Okay. So for primer, I would highly recommend going in with an SPF I personally don’t have an SPF from the drugstore if you know a really really amazing one leave it in the comments below So I could check it out honestly recommend an SPF because I remember being out in the Sun a lot in high school obviously not When you’re in the classroom, but I eat lunch outside, you know, there’s like PE and stuff I just recommend you always wearing an SPF But since I didn’t have one, I’m gonna go in with a foundation that does have SPF I’m just gonna use the essence fresh and fit awake primer It just gives you a nice little healthy glow and it leaves like a smooth Canvas on your skin like a nice moisturizing layer.

That’s perfect for underneath your makeup The only thing is that I’m not crazy about the scent on this product But I really really like how it makes my skin look so for foundation I’m going in with the Maybelline Dream urban cover full coverage protective makeup sunscreen This is pretty much just like a full coverage SPF.

It has SPF 50, which is a lot and that’s amazing So I really love that about this product. The only thing is it doesn’t last a crazy amount of time I think it’ll definitely take you throughout your school day Well, it depends on what you’re doing, but it’s definitely not the most long-running drugstore foundation I have I just love that it has SPF 50 and it’s so easy to blend and it’s the perfect like day to day Foundation especially for high school or anything like that But if you are worried about longevity if you’re like, no girl know I have oily skin.

I’m in school all day I cannot do that. I cannot look I would highly recommend the L’Oreal infallible 24-hour Fresh wear foundation. This is such a long wearing foundation and it’s absolutely beautiful I think this is like my favorite drugstore foundation it is Amazing and it has SPF 25 which is not enough in my opinion, but it’s something so that’s good So if I had to just recommend one product I would recommend this one just apply some SPF underneath and you’d be good to go But for today, we’re gonna go in with the dream urban cover.

This is the elf ultimate blending brush this foundation is a little deep for me, but We’ll make it work, especially since it’s not super super pigmented and it’s not full full coverage for a tinted moisturizer I would say the coverage is full but for a Foundation it’s not so I feel like that’s why I’m able to get away with this color Because it does shear out really nicely and I’m able to really blend it into the skin But I definitely need to get a color that’s a little lighter than this My favorite thing about this though is the way it smells it smells So good like so good like cake I swear like a scrumptious buttery cake Oh, I forgot to mention I did do my brows before I got on camera number one because I forgot I was gonna do them on camera with my NYX brow pencil and I didn’t notice and then I went in with my Anastacio like usual and I did my brows.

So I’m so sorry about that But my favorite drugstore brow is or brow pencil is the NYX one L’Oreal has a really nice one, too but I like the Knicks one the most I feel like it’s the closest to the Anastacio one in terms of formula longevity and all that stuff So that would be the brow pencil I would recommend but I actually didn’t set my brows yet Just because I noticed what was happening like right after I used the brow is so really quickly I am gonna set my brows with the elf wild brow.

I actually haven’t used this before I’m just gonna test it out because I think it’s their take on the glossy a boy brow a while, bro You know, it has a little fibers in it. Just like the boy brow so I am going to just sit my brows make them nice and feathery the formula on this does seem a little bit softer like not as strong as the glossier I Have to cut my brow hairs already they’re getting crazy Anyway, now I’m gonna go in with a concealer and since you’re gonna be in school all day, of course you’re gonna want a concealer that really does last I’m gonna go in with the J cap station surance water sealed zero smudged concealer you Can get this at Ulta I know Ulta is not a drugstore But they do have a giant drugstore section and they sell Jake at Ulta The only thing is the color selection on this is garbage So if you’re looking for more options, I would also recommend the Milani conceal imperfect longwear concealer.

This one’s really good as well But I’m just going to put this on my under eyes of course and then on my t-zone as well Just so that my under eyes don’t look too bright compared to my foundation. I really love this concealer because it just lasts all Freaking day, so it’s awesome for those of you who are in school for a long time And I don’t find that it sinks into the lines that badly I really enjoy it and I’m just using that concealer on my lids as well to act as a primer for what I’m about to Do on the ice for powder.

I’m gonna use my favorite powder from the drugstore. It’s the Maybelline fit me I feel like it’s perfect No matter what skin type you have it just looks so natural and pretty but if you’re someone like me Who did their makeup in the car or likes to touch up throughout the day a loose powder? It’s not gonna work It’s just too messy.

It’s too bulky. So that’s when I would recommend one of these guys Let’s say you set your face with something like this at home I would recommend throwing something like this in your book bag or your purse and you can touch up throughout the day with this guy This is the Catrice Prime and fine mattifying powder it’s transparent and waterproof and it’s really good for blotting and Mattifying and just adding a little bit more coverage throughout the day just take a little brush and touch up in the bathroom Stop, you know how we used to do It’s got a mirror and everything or if not, I would recommend going in with blotting papers You can buy blotting papers at the drugstore and that’s something that you could like easily do in class, you know But if you’ve tried this before and it’s too matte on you, let’s say you have dry skin oily I would go in with the wedding wild pressed powder It’s got the same idea but it’s a lot more natural-looking and it’s better for dry skin, but for today, like I said I’m going in with the Maybelline fit me powder and my ELF tapered brush that doesn’t have any I’m just setting all the areas I apply it at the concealer Okay, so I’m gonna go ahead and do the eyes before I finish up the face It’s not gonna be anything too crazy But I did want to give like a glam Option for school just because all of my other back to school videos have been so so so minimal so I’m gonna take the NYX ultimate multi finish shadow palette this one is in sugar high and I’m going to be using some of the mattes in this palette and Maybe some shimmer.

We’ll see Okay, so I’m going to take a fluffy crease brush and I’m gonna go into this shape Which is like a rosy type of matte brown and I’m just gonna start blending this color into the crease Really quickly, I’m gonna take a flat shader brush This one is from a LeMat and I’m gonna take my concealer and I’m gonna do like a very subtle Baby version of a cup crease pretty much the same thing We did in my last video in my Jackie video, but I want to be even more precise I Know I know it seems like a lot for school especially coming from me But feel free to skip the ISTEP cuz I would I just want to do a little something extra You know, I’m always so basic, okay So now I’m gonna take my colour-pop be one brush and I’m gonna dip it into this shade right here it’s like a shimmery mauve Brown beige and This is the color.

I’m gonna use to connect the creamy color with the outer corners But I’m not bringing it all the way in I’m just focusing it like in the middle of my pupil and out honestly back in my day This look would be like for prom nobody really wore makeup when I was in high school like thinking back There were a few girls who were ahead of their time Let me tell you and they would do like the winged liner and the full-on Lipstick and all of that but it was very very very rare at my high school We were all like chapstick bitches, you know fun fact I think I’ve told you guys that story before but I went to a completely different high school than I was supposed to go to I really wanted to go to high school with my cousin Jeanine so they switched me so that I can go to her high school But I didn’t know Anyone in that school because all my friends from middle school were going to a different high school and I remember telling myself all summer Before high school started like I am going to wear red lips on the first day of school and then I’m gonna wear a red lipstick for the rest of my high school career because I always Wanted to be the girl that was known for red lipstick like kat dennings kind of thing.

That was my vision in high school I wanted to wear red lips every single day and I thought oh, it’s Perfect because nobody really knows who I am in this high school. So it wouldn’t be weird people wouldn’t be like cathing What are you doing? Because they don’t know who caffeine is so they would be like, oh, that’s the girl that wears red lipstick, you know but then the first day of school came and I didn’t put on red lipstick I Got too scared I got nervous.

I thought people were gonna judge me and be like girl where you going you’re in school. So I Didn’t do it. So I was never known as the girl with the red lipstick It’s fine. I’m gonna take this shimmery color right here.

I wasn’t going to but why not? We have a crush I was gonna say we have a crush on a boy at school, but we should not be doing our makeup for our crushes Should be doing her makeup for sale. Anyway, I’m gonna take a little bit of that and I’m gonna put it right Where the cream and the shimmery bronze color meet I’m not gonna add you or anything because I don’t want it to come off too strong I just want like a subtle sparkling that look at that Wow If you’re worried that this isn’t gonna last all day though, like while you’re at school I would suggest putting on the NYX glitter primer underneath because this stuff is a real deal makes your eyeshadow last all freakin day But we just want a little sparkle right here.

So that’s perfect. Oh love it It might be too much for high school, but I love it I’m gonna take the first shade we use and I’m gonna smudge that on my lower lash line I’m gonna go into that matte Cream color that we used all over the lid and I’m just gonna apply this to my inner corners just to brighten up the inner Corners and make myself look more awake and I’m gonna take this matte Purpley color and I’m gonna smudge this really close to my lashes on the top I’m gonna curl my lashes using my shoe amaura eyelash curler But Revlon has a really amazing one at the drugstore and then I’m gonna go in with my L’Oreal voluminous lash arid ice.

Mascara Okay guys so that completes the eyes obviously for me personally This is way too glamorous for school for a back-to-school makeup look, but hey Just in case you want to get a little glam on the first day of school I feel like this is a good option because it’s a lot but not too much either, you know personally for me I think it would be easier just to like throw on some wing liner and call it a day, but it’s up to you Okay.

So now let’s finish up with the face. Shall we for bronzer? I’m gonna take the Maybelline City bronzer I like this one because I feel like it combines all things contour bronzer and Glow cuz it has a bit of a sheen to it So it’s perfect if you’re in a rush and you just want to bronze the skin and I’m gonna use the elf flawless face brush I’m gonna take the colour-pop f-14 brush and I’m gonna dip it into the essence sat in touch blush in the shade Satin, love this is the perfect everyday blush if you’re doing more rosy tones Because it isn’t nude but it has a bit of a pinky undertone and I love that This blush has a little bit of a glow to it.

There’s no shimmer. There’s no sparkle It just has a very natural Sheen but it gives the skin so because it’s a back-to-school Look, I wouldn’t recommend a crazy metallic highlight I mean you do what you want, but I think a more minimal glow would be perfect for it back to school So I’m gonna take my favorite.

This is like my favorite natural highlight in the world It’s the essence pure nude highlighter in the shade be my highlight. It gives you the most natural Sheen to the skin It’s amazing. There’s no glitter no sparkle either.

It’s just Perfection if you have a deeper skin tone I would recommend the pure nude highlighter in the shade be my sunlight as you can see It’s just a bit warmer and a bit deeper So it’s better if you have a deeper skin tone But I’m gonna go in with B my highlight and I’m gonna use my eco tools Controlled setting brush and pop this on my cheekbones on my nose, you know Okay, and now before I go in with my lip color I’m gonna set my face in my opinion This step is super super important Not only is it gonna melt everything into the skin? But it’s gonna make your makeup last a lot longer and since you’re in school for about eight hours you need it These are my two favorite setting sprays from the drugstore.

My number one is the Milani make it last setting spray I’ve gone through so many bottles with this already. It truly makes your makeup last all day But if you’re not into this type of setting spray, you want something a little bit glowy or more illuminates? I would highly suggest the dewy glow fixing spray from Catrice.

It also extends your makeup Not as much as this one but it does and it leaves you a really beautiful glow and today I’m gonna use the Milani make it last setting spray since you Know we’re gonna be on school for a long time Just let that sink in try not to blink too much so that your mascara doesn’t smudge on your lower lash line cuz we’re about to leave to school we Don’t have time to fix that.

You already got your mama yelling at you to hurry up So we don’t have time to fix things. I love this frickin setting spray every time I use it. I’m like Perfection, okay. So to finish off this look I’m going in with a very simple lip combo when I was in high school I would just apply my Mac pretty please lipstick which thinking about that now that is such a white based pink Oh my gosh, but for today, I am gonna apply a lip liner and a lip gloss if you’re in a pinch I would skip the lip liner just throw on the lip gloss and then throw it in your book bag, but you know I’m gonna line my lips just so they could look a little bit nicer This is the Catrice lip foundation pencil and I’m not sure what the name of this one is But I really really like their lip Foundations any color you get I think you would really like they’re very very creamy They glide on the lips and I think they last a decent amount of time and then I’m gonna go in with the NYX butter Gloss, I really really love these lip glosses.

They’re very old, but I feel like they’re a staple especially in the drugstore You cannot go wrong with these lip glosses. Not only do they smell amazing, but they’re so comfortable on the lips. They’re non sticky I think they’re perfect for school And one of my favorite colors is Madeline this like your lips but better at least my tips This is like my lips but better it’s the perfect everyday gloss Okay guys, so that’s it that completes this back to school makeup tutorial.

I hope you guys enjoyed this really pretty. Rosy monochromatic look I think it’s perfect for David day where it’s like a subtle Glam and I really love how it turned out and it’s amazing that all of these products are found at the drugstore I feel like I have a high-end look right now Like if somebody saw me on the street, they would never know that everything on my face is drugstore.

Am I right? But anyway guys that completes this look if you want something that’s even more natural than this if you’re like, whoa, girl I’m not going to school with all that I will link my most recent back to school They go to toriel down below.

I think it’s like five years old. It’s so awkward It’s bad But I will link that down below in case you want some pants a little bit more minimal something different than this Something that I would personally do in high school, but that completes this for you guys.

Thank you so much for watching I love you guys so much Please subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you in my next video. Bye Let me tell you this dream let me tell you this let me tell you this let me tell you oh So short thanks Porter look and there’s a little boy.

Oh my god precious Okay


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