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Drugstore Makeup Tutorial for Beginners | Roxette Arisa Drugstore Series

Drugstore Makeup Tutorial for Beginners | Roxette Arisa Drugstore Series

hi guys today I’m going to be creating this makeup look right here it is going to be using all drugstore products and it is part of my little drugstore makeup series that I’m doing here on my channel so make sure to subscribe if you like drugstore videos and you want to see more but this particular video is actually geared towards my beginners out there the girls and boys out there that are really looking to get into makeup looking to get inspired by makeup and just learn very simple techniques that I feel are essential for beginners and on top of all that this makeup look is actually super duper easy to create you definitely do not have to be like a professional makeup artist or beauty guru to create this look I feel like anybody and everybody could create this look and I still feel like it is beautiful it’s definitely something that I would wear and then I am going to be wearing a lot so if you want to see how to create this look and learn some new techniques for beginners then just keep watching so I always recommend starting with the eyes and then moving to the face makeup afterwards just because for my beginner beginners if you don’t know it’s much easier to do your eyes first so that you don’t mess up your face mate yeah don’t mess up your face makeup whereas if you’re always starting with your face and then moving to your eyes like you’re going to be touching it you’re going to mess it up you’re going to smudge it we can respect so we are going to start by priming the eyes and this is the Maybelline master prime long-lasting eyeshadow base this is my favorite eye primer from the drugstore just because it does the job and it does it well so it’s really going to help intensify our shadows and help them last longer throughout the day and I do always recommend going back over that primer and just setting that down with a you know ivory or cream colored shadow so I’m going to be using this new palette from Catrice it’s actually a really really nice palette anise drugs are affordable okay I got you so this is the Catrice essential nude eyeshadow palette and I’m just gonna be taking this shade over here and setting down the entire lid from the brow bone to the base of the lid okay and honestly it’s so important to add on a transitional shade for any eye look you ever create just because this is what is really going to take it kind of like to the next level it makes it all come together at the end so I’m taking this shade I recommend using either a warm tone or neutral tone transition shade today I’m just going to use this because it’s right here in front of me but you could use a bronzer you could use a more peachy shade it really depends on your preference and you just want to pop that right into the crease in winter of wiper motions and you have now this video is really geared towards my babies out there my little you know girls and boys are getting into makeup so I wanted to keep the I look as simple as possible and whenever I’m thinking of like a quick and easy makeup look that doesn’t really you know take too much time or effort or even like that it’s not that difficult to do as well I will always incorporate a metallic shadow just because I feel like that makes it look like you put in a lot of effort but it’s actually super duper easy so one of my favorites is this L’Oreal shadow and this is the 24 hour and salable eye shadow in the shade a 92 amber rush and it is so beautiful okay there’s a little cap in there but and it’s so beautiful you guys it is like absolutely stunning this is actually my second little product this is my second pot ivory purchased it twice now and to get through this whole thing is like actually pretty insane because they give you a pretty generous amount product so I just take it on to a little brush it’s such an easy product to use because of the consistency it’s actually like a little bit of a cream but it has a super beautiful metallic finish so I just take that and Pat it into the base of the eyelid and I really focus this product on at the inner corner all the way out to the middle of the eye and then go back in with a fluffy blending brush that’s actually just the same brush that I use for that transition shade and blend out the edges if if you’re are to your rockstar you probably already know this but for my movies out there that are really looking to learn how to do eyeshadow well and easily this is a really really good step to incorporate into your routine really really easy way to finish off the eye look is just to pop a darker color so I’m gonna actually take this dark matte Brown I think that’s not yea dark matte Brown and just pop this right into the outer V right here I do so most of the products down towards the base of the eye and then blend upwards so that we have a nice gradient but this is just such an easy way for anybody you don’t have to be a pro makeup artist to create this eye look you’ll notice if you start watching my videos after this video but I always always always go back in with a sigma e40 or just any fluffy blood and any fluffy blending brush but this is my favorite and blend out all the edges because that is such an easy way to get the flawlessness that we looking for like a bow like a bell so okay so for liner we are not going to be doing wings because I don’t feel like that is anywhere near beginner level in my opinion is you’re a beginner and you can already do wing girl you are you are ahead of yourself or boy you know I think the boys with some fierce ass wings and I am so freakin impressed every single time because I’m like damn you do it better than me I am going to go in know what am i doing what am I even saying I’m going to go back in with a liner now so this is the Rimmel London scandaleyes waterproof eye Kajal I really do recommend getting a dark liner that is very essential and this is actually a really good one it’s very very black very pigmented very creamy so we’re going to take this and line the lash line and you don’t have to be too you know too careful with it that’s one thing that I like about this technique because we are going to be going in and blending it out with an angled brush I know that lashes may seem a little intimidating they really did for me at first when I was first getting to makeup as well but I’ll give you a few tips to kind of help your lash experience be a little bit better so the first thing that I really recommend is investing in a nicer glue I don’t use her like the glues that come in here and I feel like they really hinder the lash application process so that’s my first tip right off the bat but oh I didn’t even say what these were so these are the Vegas nay time xyler luxe collection bronze beauty lashes I wasn’t target and I was like oh my god these lashes look amazing so I thought I would try them out to this video something that my own oh but yeah I really recommend the house of lashes glue – so Dury right now but it’s a very very good glue it’s about $8 and I think you can get it at Sephora or the House of lashes website so it’s not that expensive but I’m telling you it’s going to make a world of difference in your lashes and how they apply so the next little tip that I can tell you guys is to make sure to measure out your lashes because a lot of times they come a little bit long because obviously you know they are trying to make it easiest to sit the biggest mass of eyes shapes and not everybody has the same shape eyes so you want to actually cut the lashes to fit your eyes best so I usually cut off like off the end part just because I feel like on the middle it will poke me too much if I cut off the inside so I cut a little bit off of the outside I would say on average like for most lashes I cut about that much off but it’s really depending on your eye shape and everything so just kind of measure it out see what’s going to work for you and then dude it do the damn thing then you want to apply the glue to the lash band and then actually let it sit there for a while so that the glue can get tacky that is like the number one thing that I can tell you to help with the process just because it’s going to make it a piece of cake to apply because once the glue is tacky it will literally just slide right onto his eyes slide right on I don’t know if that’s you know that’s a great way to put it but you know what I mean and I always want a lot of mascara while I’m waiting for my lash glue the dredge is because we’re kind of like getting two things done at once you know so this is the Maybelline colossal Vic show you guys know I love love love that love disappears so much and it makes a really good base for my falsies as well then you just want to place the lashes down as close to your natural lash line as possible you’ll kind of feel them connect to your lash line and that’s exactly where you want to have them I find out you easiest to do this with a mirror underneath these so that I can really see where I’m placing the lashes all right at this point we’re going to move back to the face now and I always want to start off with primer just because it is going to make our Lee it’s going to make our makeup last longer and it looks better and flawless so I have file oh my god I can literally not talk right now but I have finally found my all-time favorite primer from the drugstore okay this is the L’Oreal magic lumi light infusing primer oh my god thank you guys so much because you guys recommended this and I cannot thank you enough because it is honestly such an amazing primer if you like a luminous dewy finish to the skin which I do so I love this primer so much I’m just blending this in with my fingers all over the face so that we get a nice even layer okay for a foundation can we take a wild guess honestly comment down below pause this video right now comment down below what foundation y’all think I’m going to use if you guess the Maybelline fit me matte poreless you were right my friends so yes I am going to be using this is my all-time favorite foundation in the world so I am taking it on to a little flat top foundation brush sweeping it on to the cheekbones I like to do this just because I feel like I get a more even layer this way and then going back in with a blender or even a round top kabuki you could use either one honestly and you will still get a flawless finish highly recommend this foundation if you have not tried it I think it’s amazing for beginners because it’s just such an all around the eautiful foundation lasts all day it has great coverage it’s just it really hits all the bullet points for me I stays finally matches my body again I’m sure that was driving you as crazy as it was driving me so you know I’m having to be at this point in this makeup tutorial okay so for concealer you can see that I actually didn’t put too much foundation here it’s a really good tip is there something on my face um that’s actually a really good tip if you don’t want your concealer to lift too cakey because the concealer is going to do the job on its own you don’t really have to be layering and layering and layering products if you do have more insecurities surrounding your under-eye circles or darkness under the eyes definitely go more towards like a color corrector rather than laying on the foundation but I’m going to be using the Maybelline instant age rewind dark circle eraser concealer in the shade medium and just applying this right underneath the eyes and down the middle of the face I definitely recommend this concealer because it’s so easy to use because of the applicator I literally just swipe it on and then blend it out with my blender and it is good to go and you do want to go ahead and set that concealer down in the foundation down as soon as possible so I’m just going to be going in with the Maybelline fit me matte and poreless powder in the shade 230 natural buff I’m not going to mess with baking today just because I feel like that is something that also took one look whoa I like literally cannot speak but one it takes more time but also it does take a little bit more practice I would say so we’re just going to stick with a press powder because I think that is the easiest way to go and it will still you know set your makeup really well and I do like to use patting motions because then we’re not moving any of the product underneath we’re just literally cutting in and putting everything down and again I’m not going to mess with contouring today just because I feel like that does take a little bit more time a little bit more practice and we’re just going to keep it to the bare minimum while still getting extra glam 8s so I am going to move to bronzer now and you know you already know doe Physicians Formula butter bronzer one of my absolute favorites I’m just going to be applying this in a three shape this does give a little bit more structure of the face but we’re not going in with a heavy contouring powder whatsoever whole raw a then to finish off the eyes I’m just going to go back in with that same liner from Rimmel London and it kind of just went in the waterline you well you know how we do there’s this pretty self-explanatory honestly and I always go back and blend that out with a flat brush like this one just we get everything nice and smooth and mascara again on those bottom lashes already now time for my favorite part we’re going to do some highlighting action and this is my new favorite highlighter from the drugstore it’s not even a highlighter I know but this is the Maybelline New York Maybelline New York expert eyeshadow in the shade of the glow down and oh oh this is like I’m telling you guys this is the most amazing highlighter I’ve ever used from the drugstore honestly in contending for all times let’s literally look at that so I literally place this everywhere on the top of the cheekbone on the brow bone on the inner corner I down the middle of the nose on the Cupid’s bow like literally just bathe yourself in this and you’ll be good to go and then I do like to go back in after I’ve already highlighted the nose and contour just because I feel like it’s easier when I have like a little bit of a line line there or something you know like from the highlighter so I’m just going to use my same bronzor from Physicians Formula and go in and contour the nose and for blush I’m going to be going in with one of my all-time favorites this is a Milani baked blush in the shade Luminoso and I’m literally just going to apply this right to the apples of the cheeks and blend backwards already enough for lips I feel like you could literally do anything it’s honestly whatever you’re comfortable with you could do a lip balm and it would still look balm no pun intended you could do a lipstick this is actually a really pretty one I don’t know I literally just have this like sitting on my desk I didn’t even like wasn’t even really gonna mention it but this is a really nice one it’s Melones new cream lipstick you could do a lip gloss it’s honestly whatever you’re comfortable with because I feel like the eyes could literally go with anything and everything but for me I just discovered the most amazing drugstore liquid lipstick so I’m dying to use in a tutorial so I am going to be using a liquid lipstick today but like I said you do you boo you know go with what you’re comfortable with but the liquid lipstick that I’m going to be using is from Rimmel London and it’s the same matte liquid lip color in the shade which is B my baby and I’m first going to be going in with a lip liner so this is from Maybelline and it’s in the shade news whisper and for the liquid lipstick I’m just applying right between those lines and I love this formula because it’s so lightweight and it actually does wear really well throughout the day and last thing you always want to do is set your work down so this is the Milani make it last settings buy a great settings right from the drugstore very affordable and it honestly does make it list alright guys so this is the finished look I hope you enjoyed and I hope you learned something I hope you feel like it’s something you can achieve that was like really my main goal for this tutorial you know obviously gearing it towards my beginners out there that really want to get inspired by makeup and play around with makeup because you make it you know but yeah I hope you guys can recreate this look and find it really easy but also really beautiful I actually really loved how it turned out and I can see myself wearing this all the time not going to lie so there you go you know you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to create beautiful looks and we already know dough it’s time for my giveaway so for today’s video I really wanted to give away an urban decay and naked smoky palette I know that you know this has nothing to do with the video but I really feel like everybody needs a Naked palette in their life and this is actually my favorite one I like this one a lot and I like to make it one a lot so hopefully you guys don’t have to sorry because I know it’s not with the super new product but I really really wanted to give this away to one of you guys just because it is such an essential and I feel like everybody and anybody should own this palette so all you have to do to enter this giveaway is subscribe to my channel join the roster family and also comment your favorite character from friends because I love friends with all of my heart and that’s all you got to do so I’ll take a winner a week after this video goes live and I will just like reply to your comment and get you info so make sure to stay on top of your notifications and look out for a comment for me if you want to win and do Snicket panics and yeah I have been doing a lot of giveaways so definitely stay tuned and as that is going to be it I’m sorry I ramble on at the in the visit video but yeah hope you have enjoyed all this all the fries down below remember you are beautiful inside and out love you guys so much and I’ll see you next time


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