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hey guys Teaira Walker here, welcome back to my channel today it’s gonna be a super easy video but I wanted a tutorial that you guys could just come to when you want to just get a flawless drugstore makeup beat but I’m not to say my makeup is looking perfect but it’s looking damn near close I feel like everything is blended out to perfection everything is just looking amazing and I shared with you guys a lot of my favorite drugstore products because I want it I just wanted people to get the same high quality makeup look for an affordable price and yeah I hope this helps you guys and I hope you guys learned a couple of tips and tricks and yeah let’s just get into the video hey guys so we’re gonna start off with the foundation my face is already hydrated it’s prepped ready to go my favorite drugstore foundation if I’m gonna go pick a foundation this is the one I’m gonna go pick up it’s the l’oreal infallible full wear no fresh wear foundation i’ve got is so light like i’m extremely light right now between this quarantine and not going on vacation, not seeing the sun, winter time i’m super light right now I am in desperate need of a tan and my shade is like 10 times lighter than what it would normally be I’m gonna take the shade 500 485 and I’m gonna mix them and I love this foundation because it’s like a super full coverage yeah that looks looks about right okay so I’ve never had like a better drugstore foundation honestly this just makes your face look flawless and you make it will last all all day all day like all day all day let me know if you like this back drop I was like let me take everything off the shelf I feel like everything looks brighter I’m kind of feeling it though honestly how are you guys surviving like to me I am a homebody so this is so normal like being a quarantine it’s just crazy that we’re like literally living in this time right now you don’t I mean you know I just wanted to do my makeup because I was tired of just sitting in the house looking like John you want to go over your eyes I have super dry skin so I want to say that this foundation is hydrating at all it’s not hydrating at all but it’s not matte at the same time I saw doing our makeup just makes you feel ten times better like this is like a second type of finish I think would be great for all skin tones skin types not skin tones all skin types okay this is a very fresh look like this foundation is fire to just wear as it is like you don’t even need anything else I just feel like this is a super fresh look right yeah see what I’m seeing I got seeing what I’m saying a lot of people don’t use Neutrogena products when it comes to makeup I really like this radiant cream concealer it’s the healthy skin concealer I like that it gives you that super natural look it doesn’t give you too much coverage I feel like if you really want that natural barely-there type of makeup look that’s this is what you should use obviously healthy skin I like to use this concealer to contour sometimes to conceal also just because it blends in like a dream and it just doesn’t give me like that harsh contour look and this is in the shade pecan too I’m gonna take the same sponge you see what I mean it’s like barely there but you see that contour it just looks super natural and fresh like I didn’t do too much just blends in so nicely I want this to be like the perfect drugstore makeup where I am shocked you know me I want to be shocked to help fly and how flawless it is so that’s what I’m going for I’m like I’m like on a search for the best drugstore products and to just put it into one face and see how it looks and I truly think the product that I’m using today is just like really great doing me so hopefully everything just comes out perfect okay so this is my favorite concealer favorite drugstore concealer I am obsessed with like the l’oreal brand in itself coming through for the drugstore okay so I’m taking two L’Oreal infallible it’s literally this like this infallible line it’s it does something to my heart hopefully this is the right shade though cuz I’m right now and I still get more and I don’t remember that that shade that I was this is kind of light hopefully it works it’s just I think she was fine when it helps to highlighting you want to highlight under your eyes obviously I like to get around my mouth because I do crease around my mouth and I put extra concealer there and extra powder there because I don’t know I feel like it helped I kind of let this make a little to be supernatural Wow more I always do that’s myself let’s go natural rise my right end I think this concealer is also set in it’s not hydrating but it’s not drawing like formulated so perfectly can I go extra drag extra products under here you want to drag the product right by my eyebrow sometimes I don’t take it all the way out and then sometimes on to take it all the way out I just literally depends on my mood for the day I feel like you do your makeup differently every day and sometimes it works I’m gonna apply a little bit more concealer under my eyes I don’t really need it it looks super flawless right now but just to have that extra coverage I like to go under just a little bit more this is my first time trying this setting powder I’m gonna mix these two shades so I’m gonna take ten and I’m gonna take 20 and I’m gonna mix them now I must get it together right now before I finish under my eye just so I can go directly and I don’t like the wait to set under my eyes I don’t want them creasing yeah I might need to mix it a lot of times I feel like in order to have that perfect makeup look you have to customize all your products customizing concealer find the right shade for you that’s where your makeup comes out this look like more flawless that blend everything just blends out I’m going to take my sponge put it in that damp sponge that I’m in blending out take put it dip it in that powder then take the back of my hand get all that excess powder off and then go under my eyes do the same thing again you don’t want to go in with the heavy layers then you get that cakey look and that’s not cute oh this powder and I want to say thank you to you guys because y’all put me on after the Maybelline power I don’t know if it was this one but this is the only one I saw at the store so it works and ahhh OOP that looks so good I’m shaking right now I’ve never had a drugstore powder to work for me and the fact that this looks so good that powder is like the perfect shade for under my eyes but I can’t use that position in my face more of the twenty into that good then I’m gonna set the rest of my face around my mouth because I do tend to creep I’m gonna set it in like under my eyes I’m gonna take that powder actually took a thick bit later though and then set it in right around my where I would crease that helps you choose just not crease so let me just take just twenty by itself you go over the rest of my face I really like I think I can use this this is a covergirl full spectrum covergirl covergirl matte all day powder I’m gonna take this to contour you want it to blend in seamlessly don’t want it to look like you just gonna mean drew a line on your cheek start off super light when it comes to contour because you can sometimes I even do my part too harsh it’s so easy to go overboard I like the setting powder this is the Loreal infallible setting powder I’m gonna take the Loreal setting spray and it just melts everything together if I like forget setting spray like if I’m traveling with my makeup and I like a setting spray I go crazy like I just can’t do my makeup without a setting spray it just doesn’t work it doesn’t work you’ll just take the butt of a blender kind of wood everything in it has no product on it so it just helps everything to be seamless again we want that flawless we want that flawless oh look honey so I’m gonna take the next ultimate eyeshadow palette and I feel like this is like the perfect eye shadow probably for a neutral eye wear than me it’s like a Mavi has a lot of mauve tones in it but it’s just like perfect I mean like the perfect flattering shades I’m gonna take just like a small brush this is from luck see it’s a mini round brush take it in this shade over here and go into my final waterline I don’t know why I feel like this part is totally central window of my makeup now I have to add eyeshadow I’m bottom waterline I don’t know why I think it helps to open up your eyes you know so I’m just gonna take this brown shade in this mom shade and start at my eyebrow just bring it down something super like light too dramatic but just to bring out that natural contour in the eye okay so I’m gonna take this um lip pencil which I love um I haven’t even used it yet honestly I’m saying like I love this product but no i swatched this product and the fact that it’s so smooth I love a good lip liner that’s smooth and it’s really hard to find a drugstore lip liner that is smooth and it works because they’re super dry and this one is my favorite liner is the k’kaw new two liner and this reminds me so much of that like I love the consistency of this and this is the shade this is the understatement lip liner in this shade 22:40 shoot sometimes you know you gonna love a product before you put it on you know I mean I know this is gonna work but it’s just it’s just gliding I mean I need that inner lip under oh yeah I’m sorry these jokes our products are like I need to go get more and anymore and oh my god okay so I am a little little lucky so glory sexy mother pucker pillow plump and you know how you get a lip plumper this thing tingles so you just it tingles like your whole lip is like becoming numb from the tingling which I don’t mind because it’s a lip plumper but it just works you know the means new in town and it’s a pumper and I mean I’ve been using this product a lot how is just the perfect nude lip okay I’m gonna get some more setting spurt and then I’m gonna take the covergirl full-spectrum this is a great line too from covergirl I’m trying not to move as much this is a great line and I want to take the sculpture expert cheap palette right here I’m gonna mix these two highlighters no one side butter like it’s literally like butter look at this pimple right here just trying to fuck out then the highlight my forehead and then okay I’m gonna take the are down double with these this get a real Corona box I hate that I hate that that’s a song I ain’t nothing made that into it song I oh my god no well I really just messed up my face oh I’m just sick right now why does nothing work nothing just goes smooth why did this have to happen now let me just ever go smooth when it comes to makeup I swear this always some type of problem that I’m running to so I’m gonna try putting some wet facility just in case it ever happened to you you know I mean you know it too and then take some powder I think I’m gonna leave it like this because we don’t need to put mascara on the bottom it’s just leave them like this and fold it as a okay so this is a finish that look you guys thank you so much for watching I hope this helped you out if it did dumps it up for me also a little it just thought about it this is super impromptu I want to do a giveaway if you are still watching – the viewers who watched the whole entire video I do want to do a little giveaway to spin a little ass and I’ve done a giveaway on YouTube and I mean oh yeah my fam yeah we like this I’m gonna do a super easy giveaway just super easy giveaway all you have to do is thumbs up this video and comment down below your favorite drugstore product and I am giving away just a mystery box full of like luxury makeup it’s gonna be a lot of makeup – so and I’ll give it away to two winners – winners – – two winners to see all of the other details if I left out any details about the good boy it will be in the description box down below so don’t forget to read that and yeah I love you guys so much stay safe and I’ll see you in my next one while you’re at it go ahead and subscribe to my channel and watch another video while you’re at it okay good bye guys


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