Hi guys I’m Haley Morales and today I’m doing a full face using drugstore makeup. I’m just doing a drugstore tutorial of my favorite drugstore products or if some of these are new. The only thing I’m not using that’s drugstore is the brushes and the uhmm sponge.

This sponge though, you can get from Morphe which is at Ulta or it’s online. You can get this for $6, which is super cheap or they have sponges from the drugstore like this one. Also, you may be noticing like Haley what the heck is behind you? My mom made that for me.

I really want to get into this tutorial because I really like the items that I picked up. so OWWW (haley in pain) That’s the second cramp, I got a cramp in my hip and then I got a cramp in my wrist so first is this NYX Honey dew me up primer.

I’ve heard this is good. So I wanted to snatch it. Also, I love that. It’s a spatula like look at that, and then it’s like honey and gold flakes It’s amazing. I’m gonna go ahead and play music um cuz I got new songs, and they’re pretty good, so.

This is from like @boca.aep I think but she did an edit with me, no, with Rachel Cantu in this and I like the song so I searched it up so now. I’m gonna play it I’ll just keep it on the DL This is a lot of primer.

It’s like… ooh, I got a gold flake on my face. Um it’s like thiCC on my bangs. Okay, it’s sticking. We’re gonna live like that for a moment Okay, so next I have the NYX Tame and Frame tinted brow “Pomade” “Pomade” They said “pomade” but I don’t pronounce it like that.

It’s really like tiny… but this is “chocolate” and I have never used this before as well as I never use that let’s see I’m gonna use my Sephora angled liner brush. It reminds me of like a mixture between powder and pomade.

This is a lighter brown than I would usually use, but I’m trying to go for a lighter brows and if this is too light, I’ll just give it to my mom. Um. There’s like gold leaves on my face… which is cool I guess but if you don’t want gold leaves on your face, then don’t use that primer.

This definitely isn’t really my desired color It was like more like red. So we’re gonna have red brows today! I’m holding you guys here for a second while I do my brows because I cannot Do them at that angle.

Okay, they’re pretty good so far Hahaha (singing) I look so bad. With this I feel like it’s kind of like a gel like you can like brush dem up I don’t know if that’s just my primer or this. I actually like this, except It’s kind of patchy, but I think that’s just ’cause the way I’ve been putting it on but it’s kind of thick I guess so I’m gonna do the rest off camera.

Okay guys, so I am back and I like it. It’s really thicC and it will like tame them, I guess that’s why it’s called tame and frame. But those are them… it’s kind of bad lighting to look.. pretty bad.

Up here they look better I still have to carve them out But I like them they’re cute. I did them pretty dramatic today anyway. Now, I’m gonna try out the Wet ‘n Wild photo focus foundation in porcelain.

This is the lightest shade. All right, I’m trying out so many things but But it’s just the beginning that’s like, new. This had a paddle as well I’m super hyped about that. I’m just going to put a little.

I don’t want to put too too much on ’cause I don’t know how Like pigment to this is or whatever That should be good Um I have my wet sponge, and I emphasize wet Because some people wet their sponge or they don’t know you’re supposed to wet it You don’t have to wet your sponge, but it like it’s so much better if you do It’s crucial to me to wet your sponge Also, your sponge gets all cakey and it’ll make your makeup cakey and it like won’t blend out as well I think I like this.

Pretty white on me because they didn’t have the shade I wanted because somebody had opened it, and I was not gonna get like a foundation that was opened cuz that’s unsanitary But I heard this foundation was pretty good from like everyone So I wanted to try it Also, you could probably see my neck for like fifty percent of that.

You could still see the gold flakes which is not the best. I look white with like the darkest brows ever so I’m sorry. Now, I’m gonna carve out the brows, but I’m gonna put Some of this under each brow.

Hopefully my hair doesn’t get in there. I’m going to take a brush I just have this one from ZAFUL. That’s just a flat brush. Oh. Oh my voice is so annoying okay and I’ll just try To carve out my brow with this foundation It seems pretty thin and kinda like watery, but I like it! Okayy.

That’s like the brows and the foundation. I look bad I need to hurry up so I can start looking cute for Concealer I’m gonna use the Milani conceal and perfect as it’s a concealer and foundation, and I’m also gonna use the Neutrogena skin clearing.

.. concealer. the Milani one is super light on me too. Actually. It’s not what the heck I think that wet-and-wild concealer was just super white. I need to play music. I’m so down. The lighting is so bad.

Okay, so I blend it all that in and I look like a cake face, so… Let me use this NYX wonder stick and contour my nose This doesn’t do too much coverage, so I’m good also I think this might be my mom’s and then under the lips a little bit and obviously on the cheekbones cuz we’re trying to be thick and on my Irrelevant jawline, or the jawline I don’t have, under my chin Pretend we have good face structure Um and then on my forehead because we have the biggest forehead in the planet Basically you just contour all around your face.

I think it’s the primer that I don’t like I think it’s too thick or something. So I look pretty… bad, but everything looks so much better when you bake your face, so that’s what I’m gonna do right now I’m going to get the Airspun translucent powder This is like six dollars at Walmart, and I’m going to bake with that because your girl is over here struggling a lot I’m just gonna use a different sponge because I don’t want to get that one dirty I’m going to drag my haters Just kidding I’m gonna drag going- I’m gonna drag the powder from Here to here, I don’t know how to explain it to make like our bronzer more sharp Sharper.

I mean, I’m going to Go right above the jawline to make it look like we have a jawline even more! And then I’m gonna blend like that I always a big like right here just Pull in the contour evenly, and then I’m going to put a lot under my eyes I’m going to do it on my “T” section area.

.. I guess that’s what you call it I dunno And then on my eyelids of course And then onto my nose! Basically bake the whole face. I don’t know What I’m talking about… oh and on my nose. I like to Do a little line like that To make it look like I don’t know we have a button nose and drag it up a little bit on the nostrils even though it like fell I always Today I went into school And I had translucent powder like all my nose like this then this kid was like you have makeup on your face And it was like oh! Cuz I do my makeup in the car, and he was like What the heck is wrong with you? And said I didn’t know.

Okay, so I’m gonna move on to the Makeup section I mean not the makeups sec- The eyeshadow! It’s called NYX ultimate shadow palette. This is is USPO 3 Warm neutrals, so it’s what it looks like I’ve never tried a NYX palette So this is new for me, and I’m super super super super super excited, so I’m gonna give this big fluffy brush My voice is cracking.

I don’t like it. Okay. I’m gonna give this big fluffy brush and get this color here it’s just like a beige Put that all over the lid and just to like set it or whatever that actually gave it a little bit of color Now I’m going to go into this like dense brush.

It kind of reminds me of the Real Techniques Concealer brush, but I’m gonna go into this taupe right here And I’m gonna put that all in my crease when I was at Ulta I was checking out and the lady was like oh that palettes really good so I Have high hopes for this one.

It is pretty good so far Okay, now. I’m going to go into a different brush I’m gonna go into a morphe 518 brush and go into this Brown right here right there Go in the outer like section and drag it out with that color and then slowly blend it back into the crease and with the same brush I’m gonna go into this like copper color, kinda, right here like in the lower crease section kinda like on the lid and Then now I’m gonna kind of get like a shader brush and go into this like burgundy color right here I’m going to pack that on the outer section Or not the outer section like the outer V area.

I don’t know the lid? The bottom half? I don’t know how to explain it and I’m gonna blend that And then slowly blend it to the inner section Basically you just put it all over the lid It’s so complicated.

Then I’m just gonna get a brush like this and blend it out a little bit Okay, so there’s a lot of shimmers in here, so I’m gonna use a shimmer um I’m gonna use a brush. I guess like this and I’m gonna go into this pretty little like shade right here.

Where should I use this one? I don’t know And I’m gonna put the like on the inner of the lid That’s it um. It’s bad lighting again. I’m sorry. I really struggling for a sec But that’s that I’m gonna get a little bit of this white shimmer shade and put it in the inner corner It’s right here.

I’m gonna take that and put it in the inner corner And then I’m also gonna put it under the brow bone then I’m just gonna take I brush like this and I’m gonna go into the This copper color, I guess right here and mix it with this color And I’m gonna put that under my eyes, so yeah, that’s that I’m gonna brush on all of the powder and stuff now, okay, so Next I have this elf palette.

It’s the contour palette, and I’m going to bronze my face up with it I’m gonna take a brush and go into the colors and contour my nose And just blend it in with a clean brush Okay, so I’m gonna do some Winged liner.

This is the NYX matte liquid liner. I got this for free from like a thing But it’s still super cheap, so I can’t do liner on camera no one can Unless you’re doing a lighter tutorial. Okay, so my contact got Something in it and it’s all messed up And I know my liner is massively big like, too big.

Oh my gosh I cannot see out of this eye! Um it’s it’s much my eyeliner is much, but there’s this girl on Instagram, and she always does like huge eyeliners? So like I got like, inspo from her. Just kidding I didn’t really getting inspo from her, but I’m juicing what’s the lashes go? Where did they go are they in my hair? I’m so confused I need to take this contact out, I’ll be back Okay, so for lashes.

I use the Eyelure volume. They look like this. They have like tweezers and Lash glue, and that’s what I used and by the way they were in my hair So I just found them after like ten minutes, and I can’t see out of one eye, which really sucks I made the lashes kind of like go out so that it looks like I had the longer eyes.

Oh, I u- My voice! I used the elf eyelash curler to curl my lashes With my regular lashes and then for mascara I like my favorite drugstore is the Neutrogena healthy Volume, Mascara So I can’t see anything out of either eye But it looks super bad, and I’m gonna go okay, so I put in a new contact it’s like finally see, but this is the Lashes I guess this one is bothering me.

I’m crying a lot, and I just want to take off my makeup off And it burns really bad But it’s fine now, I’m going to do highlighter, so I’m gonna use this elf highlighter I really like the Milani ones, but I don’t have my Milani highlighters with me Because they’re in my truck Not my truck, but a truck and I’m gonna use this junoman Co brush.

It’s the es4 it’s only a dollar! this highlighter is really good, but uhm It’s hard You have to scrape off the first layer, and I honestly just like using my fingers on it So that’s that, now for lips.

I’m going to use a NYX retractable liner and the NYX soft matte lip cream in Stockholm I’m gonna use this one. It is so pigmented But the heck, but what it’s pretty dark Put the NYX soft matte lip cream on now okay, my lips look super big Lastly, I’m gonna set my face with the wet and wild photo focused natural finish setting spray And yeah, that’s the look um I was putting this on and then the camera turned off, so So this is the look it’s all drugstore and that’s cool, so if you enjoyed Please make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe down below Follow my socials they’ll be down below in the description, and I’ll see you guys next time bye Okay soo Lastly, I’m going to set my face with the wet-and-wild photo focused natural finish setting spray And yeah, that’s the look um I was putting this on and then the camera turned off, so So this is the look it’s all a drugstore and that’s cool, so if you enjoyed please make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe down below follow my socials they’ll be down below in the Description and I will see you guys next time ,bye!


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