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DRY SHAMPOO: Cheap vs Expensive

DRY SHAMPOO: Cheap vs Expensive

– Today, I’ll be testing the most expensive dry shampoo versus one of the cheapest. This is the Miriam Quevedo. This is their Platinum and Diamonds volume scalp soothing dry shampoo for 50 us dollars, versus Not Your Mother’s Plump for Joy body building dry shampoo for $4.

79. So basically $5 versus $50 US. For the next several days, we’re gonna see how my hair is responding to the dry shampoo, if I have to keep reapplying it. And we’re gonna go to day five, hopefully. I’m already on day three, so I thought this would be a really good day to see how well both of these dry shampoos work.

See how much oils they absorb, how much they refresh my hair. Is it gonna weigh my hair down? Is it gonna leave a really kind of gritty, very sticky, almost like dry texture/hairspray in my hair, or is it gonna leave my hair weightless, refreshed and just beautiful, that it looks like I just washed my hair? Right side we’re gonna go with the expensive, left side we’re gonna go with the cheapest.

Let’s do this. Starting with the most expensive, Platinum and Diamonds. So first of all, key ingredients or active ingredients. Diamond elixir peptide, precious powders, memory hold micro polymer, thermal water and five trace elements, complex.

Supposedly it provides anti-aging benefits while soothing ingredients such as ultra gentle thermal water that refreshes and calms the scalp without buildup. And then some kind of signature scent that leaves a subtle yet addictive trail for an incredibly fresh sensation.

(laughing) I thought their description is on-point. They say the best and most effective way to use this is to spray it into your hair, onto your scalp, and wait five to 10 minutes before shaking it out, brushing it out, whatever you do after you apply a dry shampoo.

Usually people say, or brands recommend, like for example this one right here, it just says shake vigorously, hold can eight to 10 inches away, and then spray roots and massage. So let’s begin with this one first.

We’re gonna do the right side. I’m gonna focus a lot of it right here, ’cause you can see this is where I’m looking really kind of oily, like right here, right in the front, because this is where I wash my face, skincare.

I sleep on the side of my face, so I feel like that’s where I get usually the oiliest. And then obviously behind my ear. Basically the perimeter around my face, and then right here in the back. So we’re gonna do one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

Okay, I’m not really the biggest fan of this scent. It kind of smells like a bathroom spray. I don’t like that. I feel like I need one more right here That was 14, right? – [Andrey] 15 already. – 15, okay.

16, 17, 18, 19. Let’s go with 20. 20. We’re gonna let that marinate. And you can see right away in certain spots it’s leaving a cast, a white or a lighter cast on my hair. I’m going with Not Your Mother’s.

I’m gonna do the same thing. We’re gonna do 20 sprays on this side of the head. And I am going a little bit more, but I really wanna make sure that we’re getting most of the oil absorbed since we are on day three.

Ooh, this one’s not as intense. You can see a huge difference. Okay, so one, two, three, four. Is this working? Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. Okay, so I’m definitely gonna let them marinate for 10 minutes on both sides to really give them the maximum absorption possible.

So let me just time this. I really wanna see first how well it’s going to absorb any extra or excess oils on my hair. Second, how is it going to feel on my scalp? Am I gonna feel the grittiness right away, the buildup on my hair? Because this one is saying it’s not supposed to have build up because of the precious powders and their diamond elixir peptide.

And then this one doesn’t really say it’s gonna do much, it just says that it’s bodybuilding, which this one also has a little bit of that bodybuilding formula. And then it says, “No white residue.” which we can see a huge difference.

There’s a little, you can see a little bit of a white residue right there and right there, but it’s definitely not as intense as this one right here, because this spray is very intense. Look at this. Wow.

And then the next thing that I look for from dry shampoos is definitely what my hair feels like the next day, especially if I’m trying to stretch it out to four to five days, which I usually am trying to do.

And if you’re new here, I had a baby seven months ago, which is crazy to admit that, seven months ago. And I’m still on that road to retraining my hair and scalp to go washing to at least a four to five days.

Right now I can easily go to three days without dry shampoo, but you saw it gets pretty oily. So I do try to do a little bit of dry shampoo on the second day, just around my hairline, but not all around my hair.

So that’s why today I did a lot more dry shampoo to really see how well this works, and kind of put it to its limit, I guess. So I do quickly wanna talk about the active ingredients in both dry shampoos.

Besides the propellants, the main active ingredient in the most expensive is rice, no it’s tapioca starch versus aluminum starch. Aluminum starch is probably one of my least favorites for dry shampoos because even though it works pretty great, it’s one of the most toxic, and it’s one of the most irritative ingredients for me personally.

I find that my scalp starts getting very itchy, very irritated. It starts becoming very dry. It’s just, it’s not the best ingredient for dry shampoo, in my opinion. Tapioca starch, rice starch, those two are probably my favorite for a dry shampoo, even though an aerosol is not the best, especially for your health, your environment, but sometimes we just need something like this to plop in our hair and our scalp, go on with our day, and we feel better.

All right, the 10 minutes has has basically went off. What I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna take my fingers, and I’m gonna start gently massaging the dry shampoo into my scalp and into my hair. And then I’m gonna use a brush or something like this to comb out my hair and see how my hair looks.

Is it refreshed? Is it weightless? Or does my hair look weighed down? Does it look dirty? Does it still look really oily? All of those things. So let’s do this. So feeling it, right away you can feel a huge difference.

On my right side, with the most expensive, I’m gonna call it Platinum and Diamonds, you can definitely feel the grittiness. It feels a little stickier than Not Your Mother’s. But then again the spray was so much more vigorous, maybe that’s why.

And I personally like to apply dry shampoo right before bed, ’cause I feel like it just kind of does its magic. It definitely added some body. I’m gonna go quickly wash my hands, and then we’re gonna come back and brush my hair out to make sure it’s all evenly distributed.

I’m gonna use my Tangle Teaser detangler on the left side and Tangle Teaser Ultimate Finisher on the right side. Oh yeah, look at that. I see a massive difference. Definitely looks refreshed. Like wow.

This one also looks very refreshed. Okay. I do wanna say a couple of things. Like I said, both sides definitely have that grit, and they feel a little sticky, but definitely the Platinum and Diamonds, it definitely has more that texture/hairspray feeling afterwards, but I feel like it absorbed a little bit more of the oils.

I’m looking on this side right here versus on this side, and this side, the Not Your Mother’s looks a little bit still separated, which to me when my hair looks that separated it’s looking already a little bit oily.

It’s looks a little bit weighted. So if anything I would just apply a little bit more dry shampoo right here. But even the way my hair is sitting, it looks a little bit more lifted on the Platinum and Diamonds side, It still looks pretty refreshed, but to me it personally looks a little bit more weighed down and not as refreshed.

What do you guys think? Maybe it’s in my mind, but I feel like this side looks a little bit cleaner. Alright, so for today I’m gonna leave it here. We’re gonna come back tomorrow, see what the hair is looking like, the texture of the hair.

Is looking really oily? Is looking crispy? Is it looking really textured? Is it looking weighed down, or does it still look the same? I will see you guys tomorrow. – I’m back at you on day four, the next day for dry shampoo versus dry shampoo.

Not Your Mother’s definitely does not look fresh, it definitely looks a lot more oilier, versus Platinum and Diamonds, it looks a little bit more fresh. I wanna brush my hair out and then we’ll do a turn round, and then I’m gonna apply a little bit more dry shampoo to see what it looks like tomorrow, since it is the evening.

I wanna see if it’s gonna look extra dry, extra oily. ‘Cause the ends, the ends actually pretty good on both sides, but I feel like the hair is feeling a little bit dry now. It doesn’t have that bounce, it doesn’t have that shine that I want in my hair after, you know, X amount of days.

So let’s apply a little bit more dry shampoo on both sides, and hopefully, hopefully it doesn’t start looking worse, which it probably will. I’m gonna time this again for 15 minutes this time. I do quickly wanna talk about, basically how it felt, what the hair felt like, looked like, pretty much the entire day from yesterday.

The Platinum and Diamonds dry shampoo, the scent is very strong. So if you are sensitive, maybe look another way. When I first applied the dry shampoo on both sides, like I said, I felt like the Platinum and Diamonds side, it felt more stickier and a lot more gritty, but both sides felt gritty.

When putting my fingers through my hair, it definitely got stuck more on the right side, which is the Platinum and Diamonds, just because I think because there’s so much more product going onto my hair and scalp, that’s why it felt that way.

But the thing is, when I was sleeping, my left side, which is Not Your Mother’s, my head started itching like really bad. So I was trying not to itch it so hard, but then with the right side, it was smelling the entire night.

Any kind of which way I moved, I’m like, argh, there’s that dry shampoo. It’s just so intense. And to me personally, it smells like a hairspray and like a bathroom cleaner or a bathroom air freshener, all-in-one.

So it’s not the most pleasant scent to me personally, I’m not enjoying it, But I do wanna say that that kind of like thick, sticky, gritty feeling kind of went away from the right side, and now they felt very similar on both sides.

I’m actually quite impressed that the Platinum and Diamonds side looks a lot cleaner and fresher, even to today, which I’m very impressed with. And usually the aluminum starch, it dries up the oils really well.

That’s why I’m kind of surprised that this one is not doing as good, but I’m not usually a fan of Not Your Mothers. It’s not the best from the drugstore, in my opinion. If you’re wondering if my scalp felt irritated after this dry shampoo, it didn’t.

Even though with the fragrance, I was really concerned, and still am, that tomorrow or tonight my scalp Is just gonna be really irritated, very dry. I’m really kind of putting them to the limit to see if it is going to really irritate my scalp or it’s gonna keep it nice and smooth, not smooth, very soothing because of this, some kind of thermal water to help, I’m gonna wait another 10 minutes, and then come back and quickly kind of brush this into my hair, massage it in.

And then I’ll see you guys tomorrow. We’re back with the last and final update, day five, (baby gurgling) for the dry shampoo, cheap versus expensive, and Emorett is excited for this update. I’m still pretty impressed with how my hair is looking on the right side.

On the left side, it’s looking very, it’s looking very heavy, it’s looking very sleek. And on the right side, my wave is still there. It really held the wave’s form, which I’m quite impressed for the fifth day.

I haven’t touched up my waves. So I’m quite impressed that there’s still something happening, but you can see a massive difference in the wave and the texture of my hair from one side to the other. Platinum and Diamond definitely wins, in this round, versus the Not Your Mother’s.

I still don’t think this is worth $50, in my opinion, just because of the texture, it feels very, it feels kind of heavy in the hair, like I can, like, I don’t like that feeling. And then the scent, the scent is really strong and very powerful.

Like I still smell it in my hair. It definitely got very itchy on the left side, with the Not Your Mother’s. Like, I’m just, I definitely, I can just run my fingers through it and I can feel the dry shampoo on my scalp.

And it just, it doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t look good, and I’m just, I’m not impressed with the Not Your Mother’s. But like I said, they were never really my favorite from the drug store. I’m gonna brush the hair on both sides just so we can see what it looks like.

I’m just kind of surprised that the right side held its wave a lot better than the left. Like look at that difference. That’s huge. You can still see it on the roots as well. Like this hair is a lot more separated and chunky, versus this side.

It’s still pretty even. This right here, is one of my current favorite dry shampoos at the moment. This is by Together Beauty, this is their Life in the Fast Lane dry shampoo. It absorbs oil and refreshes and revives your hair.

And something cool about this, it has Green Zerosol Technology that’s non-ozone depleting. Which is really intriguing, because a lot of aerosol dry shampoos, they’re not great for the environment and for our health.

So this one has something in here that’s called Tetrafluoropropene, Their main active ingredient is rice starch, which is also one of my favorites. It’s rice starch and tapioca starch which I prefer in my dry shampoos.

I think they’re really a great active ingredients. This retails, I believe around 24, $25, which is kind of like a medium priced for a dry shampoo with the same fluid ounces. And just the way it refreshes the hair, the hair always feels very weightless.

It feels fresh, it feels revived, like it does say, It’s just a really good dry shampoo, it does everything that I would want it to. It definitely leaves a white cast, and I definitely recommend to really kind of massage it into your scalp.

And another thing, when I do spray this onto my hair and scalp, I wait at least like 20 to 30 minutes. Or just spray this at night and just leave it in your hair, and in the morning, literally wake up, massage it into your hair and just, I feel like most dry shampoos, that’s how they work the best.

If you just leave it in your hair and your scalp for at least 10 minutes, and I say at least 10 minutes. I’m gonna leave it there, you guys. Please let me know of some of your favorite dry shampoos, from different price ranges.

You definitely don’t need a $50 dry shampoo, you definitely don’t need a $25 dry shampoo. There’s a lot of dry shampoos on the market that are really great. I’ll see you guys in the next video. Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you guys soon.

Bye. (Blows kiss)


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