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halloween costume makeup tutorial harley quinn hey it’s Meghane Lex and welcome to my channel if you’re back you’re a nutmeg and if you’re new you’re just a nut if you’re back you’re a nutmeg and if you’re new you’re just a nut what’s wrong with you alright so today i am going to be turning into the one and only harley quinn and it is also a new episode of up the e girl series it’s basically a series i created to feature my styles and fashion and i just want to share that with you guys so that’s why i created the eagle 101 series and i’m super excited i have been anticipating i have been thinking about this video i have been just waiting for this video for so long if you know me then you know how much i’m obsessed with the character harley quinn literally like like she is everything this morning i watched birds of prey for the first time just to get me you know inspired for this video oh and i also just got my nails done just for this video they you used to call it gas now they call it pack [ __ ] it all sell it and i’ll make a stack before i forget don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up hands up in the air and subscribe but yeah don’t forget to leave a comment down below and let me know what you guys want to see next i’m so excited for this month and just spooktober in general i have so many vlogs coming up and just my channel in general this is only the beginning i have so many ideas for you guys and as you can see i tried to really get in character with the blue and pink and the little gems if you know me or if you’ve been following me then you know how much i love harley quinn i have so many harley quinn outfits i just love the character her altogether she’s a cancer actually i found the style watching suicide squad her birthday is july 20th so if you didn’t know that that’s a fun fact fun fact actually really really sad fact this shirt is actually from a harley quinn outfit i wore before my close friends would call me the black harley quinn and also on that note please don’t forget to vote black lives matter this election is very very very important young people especially have a voice and we are the future and i hope this year more than anything shows people how important it is to vote so please vote um happy spooktober and happy almost halloween and now i’m going to show you guys how i got this look and i’m also going to be making tick tocks throughout this video so make sure to check those out and see how they turn out but let’s get started so before we get started make sure you have a clean fresh face i use cerave soap and or moisturizer all right so first things first is the primer i use mac prep and prime please always use primer not to prime is a crime i need to put my hair back i’m going to put my hair in pigtails actually because that’s what harley quinn would do wwhd what would harley do so i have two scrunchies one blue and one pink and if you see harley’s hair it’s half pink half blue and i’m not going to dye my hair tonight because i’m dying get black tomorrow i know blondes have more fun but you know i never saw having fun oh somebody can get her but if i were to dye my hair i would definitely use l’oreal color vista and i was actually thinking of dyeing my hair baby blue for the winter i was actually going to do it for an ego episode i’m also thinking of doing a hair dye video next time i dye my hair thinking maybe baby blue but let me know if you guys would like to see that i think that would be a lot of fun for the e-girl series and if you’re thinking of being harley quinn for halloween you can get this and get the pink and blue and it’ll be really sweet and that’s not even sponsored by the way i’m just giving you guys some tips and helping you guys out and i got these scrunchies from lululemon you can also find scrunchies at your nearest pharmacy or target or amazon that’s where i usually get mine from too this actually reminds me of last year when i literally wouldn’t leave the house without pigtails it was crazy or i’ll just have my hair in clips and have it up some way so cute 12 seconds later all right now i’m going to grab my damp sponge fenty beauty color 385 the pro filter put it right here and i’m going to apply my foundation and i’m using dipbrow pomade dark brown by anastasia beverly hills and the brush as well and to get a more defined eyebrow i spray morphe setting spray on the brush all right so we got some nice dark and bold eyebrows now it’s time for concealer and i’m using fenty beauty color 380 and i actually bought this from sephora yesterday here it is freshly out the box i’m gonna put some on my face and then make sure to set underneath the eyes so that it doesn’t crease and i’m going to be using the translucent powder by kylie cosmetics because i’m trying to get more of a pale color but i’m going to show you guys a trick for that as well so i’m going to get the sponge and spray it with setting spray dip it in there now i’m going to contour using the fenty matchstick in color expresso i’m going to use the sephora blush brush in number 74.

now i’m going to take out the james charles morphe palette look at that now i’m going to take my makeup by mario and sephora eyeshadow brush set and i’m going to take the biggest brush this one and i’m going to get this blue color and you want to get it close to the eyebrow when you start so that it shows more now i’m going to get this brush and it’s called the detailed brush it’s a little pointy like that so now i’m going to get the lightest blue get right there to make it pop it looks really pretty and then make sure that you blend it a little bit with the darker blue get the darker blue and mix with the lighter blue and then you’re kind of going to draw a little triangle and bring it down and you’re gonna get this dark blue and bring it down now let’s do the other side so we’re going to start off with this pink right here at the bottom left maybe your right with the biggest brush from the sephora and makeup by mario set and then and now put it on your outer eye get more if you need to for the bottom you’re going to get this color my hand’s cramping get this darker shade of pink as well and bring it to the bottom looks pretty good so far and so for the inner eye of the pink you’re going to mix the palest pink and the hot pink and this color will help it pop more and make sure it connects and blends to the darker pink i’m going to add more of this darker shade to the bottom do some streaks very harley quinn-esque so we’re almost there guys now it’s time for the eyeliner and this i got from walgreens it’s l’oreal paris fresh for this video i’m just going to do a slight wing and for the bottom liner i’m using marc jacobs blacker which is the black eyeliner i’m going to get out my eyeliner again this is the l’oreal superstar eyeliner and i’m going to do the tattoos there’s my little heart so for the lips i’m going to be using kat von d slayer and what i’m going to do is line it i’m going to use it as a lip liner i also look how cute this comes in i love the packaging for the kat von d stuff love it i love it and kat von d actually sells this as a lip liner which is a lot easier but um i didn’t get it in time this is the plan b i like the cherry red and harley quinn kind of has like a little drip so let’s do that i feel like her already i used the christian dior rouge red lipstick and the kat von d outlaw black lip liner i kind of made my own lip liner i just used the lipstick as a plan b for lip liner but it worked just as well and i like how it came out and yeah this is the harley quinn look and if you like the way this looks then you’re all set but i like to be extra so i’m going to add some gems and i’m going to make it a little bit different so yeah now the makeup look is fully done and we’re going to set it with the morphe setting spray cover the eyelashes and thank you guys so much for watching i appreciate all of you guys don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe leave a comment down below for what you guys want to see next and my music is available to stream everywhere so make sure you check it out and all the information about all the stuff in this video will be in the bio so you won’t miss a thing so yeah that’s the look and thank you guys so much for watching have a great night day evening afternoon morning whatever it is wherever you are thank you so much pack the loudest gas everything on me it’s newest foreign is fresh it’s fast you don’t got this you wish you had you ain’t got no bag set the thrax boy i’m on this mic i’m going mad hey you rappers don’t want it pull up on me boy i got a trick up in this hat 40 on me that [ __ ] loaded leave you knick-knack leave your man shook [ __ ] call that patty white okay but i feel so empty is


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