Hey guys, so today I created this really easy back to school everyday work I make up Look, I did you see it softly and palette for this look but I do show you other palette options in this video I know there are a lot of back to school makeup videos out there and usually people focus on the whole face But I like to just focus on the eyes.

So this is a really easy everyday eye makeup. Look that’s perfect for school This is something that I wear when I go to school and you just feel put together and pretty and ready to go So if you want to see how I got this super easy look go ahead and keep on watching I’m gonna start with doing my brows on camera I don’t always show this on camera just cuz it’s kind of boring But I figured I show you how I do my brows for school I did just upload a new a brow routine on my channel using the benefit brow products if you want to see that I’ll link That up above for you and that video I do go more in depth So if you want to learn more go ahead and watch that video I’m using new at morphe and micro a brow pencil I just got this in PR the other day So I’ve been trying it out and it just has a fine little tip like the pencil I usually use from benefit Anyways in the shade Java and it’s just like a dark brown color.

I Don’t remember the exact launch date of the brow products that I know what sometime this month so don’t worry So I always just focus on the bottom part of my brow first and then I always go back to spoolie and I blend after Like everything I do I’m gonna do a little bit on the tail I Also have this morphe highlighting 6 so I’m gonna try this It’s a really pretty color I’m gonna take a little bit of concealer too and just lightly clean up under my brow And I’m going to try this morphe brow setting gel as well All right, not too bad I do like a more bushy brow, so that’s just my personal preferences let’s move into eyeshadow I’m gonna go into the Anastasi a soft glam eyes shadow palette.

I do have a tutorial that I did last year for back-to-school Look using the Jaclyn hill palette So if you want to see that I will link that up above for you But if you don’t have this palette you could use a Jaclyn hill palette that has pretty similar shades You could also use a dominique cosmetics lotte palette This one has some nice neutrals in it as well and some pretty shimmers or also the color popping Kathleenlights dream street palette that has the nice neutrals in it as well again with some shimmers So I just wanted to show you a few different options instead of using this a $40 palette I’m gonna take orange soda on a sigma e35 and that’s gonna go in my crease And then I’m gonna go into burnt-orange and I’m gonna do the same exact thing But I’m gonna focus it a little bit more on the outer part of my eye I’m just doing a little circular motions here Just taking a little bit more burnt-orange and adding more to my outer corner Now I’m gonna take a pencil brush This is a Sigma e30 with both of the shades on it and I run that along my lower lash line You want to make sure to connect the shades from your lid and your lower lash line or right out here in the outer corner Now if you want you could totally stop here add some lashes and call it good This just kind of gives the eye some definition, but I’m gonna go a little bit darker So I’m gonna take a rustic on my pencil brush.

Okay, I’m gonna add that right in my outer corner here I’m gonna go back to my fluffy brush and just really blend out this shade Then I’m gonna take a little bit more burnt orange on the brush and just add that to the outer corner Then I’m gonna take a little bit of the rustic shade and add that to the outer part of my lower lash line and Again connecting the shade in my outer corner Now I’m gonna add a little bit of eyeliner using a dark eye shadow so I’m gonna take Cypress number on a sigma e 75 which is just an angled brush and I’m just gonna run that along my lash line You just want to keep it really nice and close to your lash line Now if you wanted you could use a black eyeshadow or a black pencil eyeliner Or I felt a planner do whatever you want to do now I’m gonna take tempera on a sigma lo4 and I’m gonna use that to highlight my inner corner in my brow bone Now I’m gonna pop on some mascara and I’m gonna show you how it looks with just mascara and then I will add some natural Looking lashes and I’ll show you that as well.

So I will be right back. So for my mascara I use the hourglass caution Mascara, I’ve really been liking this mascara. I know it’s expensive, but it’s pretty freakin Good now I’m gonna pop on some natural looking lashes and I’ll show you how that looks as well so for lashes I use House of lashes demure and light any of the light style Some House of lashes are perfect for school or just everyday wear they’re so beautiful and fluffy, but they’re not like overly powerful You know, so here’s the final look This look is so easy to do it looks good on anyone any eye shape any eye color It will totally work for you You can make this look as soft as you want or you can glam it up even more by putting maybe like a shimmery shade On the lid or even adding black in the outer corner as well.

It’s totally up to you and what you’re comfortable with So I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to Like and subscribe


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