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Easy Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Easy Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

hey guys data here welcome back to my channel I hope you guys are all doing amazing today I’ll be doing a tutorial on this eye makeup you see here so a nice sort of brownie smokey eye now if you’re a beginner this is a really simple tutorial to follow and for those of you who are pros and want to see how I recreate this look keep watching and I’ll show you how show you how so guys before I start check this out I’ve got have this like scar that’s in a shape of a fish it’s like it’s swimming down to my mic so are you in believe where I got this from I got it from when I was doing laundry I was taking out my jacket it had it as if Iran it and so it was really hot out of the dryer so when I took it out sort of like pulled all the clothes out and that jacket had that silver zipper in it onto my skin my mom story of my life anyways let’s continue with this tutorial so first off I’m gonna start by priming my lid with Mac soft ochre and I’m just going to use my finger to apply that and blend that in this is going to help my eyeshadow last longer and help everything stay in place then I’m going to apply another Mac Paint Pot chord quite natural and I’ll be applying that all over my lid using my Mac two one seven brush so I’m just going to apply the show all over my lid and start blending it up I love using this brush to blend out my eyeshadows and cream products because it does all the work for me I just have to go back and forth back and forth and tada it’s all nicely blended oh and before I forget I’m actually going to apply a bit of tape across just so it acts like God and I can get that sort of line really nice and straight but before I put on my eyeshadows so I’m just going to apply that is it going to help with my eyeliner as well so this is a nice trick and it catches all the fallout as well so when we move okay next I’m going to apply my Mac uninterrupted and that’s going to go in the crease and act like a transition shade to apply that I’ll be using my Sigma tapered blending brush so another fluffy guy so I’m just applying uninterrupted through my crease and that’s just going to blend through and create a nice transition for the center of my lid I’ll be applying the Mac lie low and I’m just going to apply that again with the two one seven brush I’m just going to Pat that color in to the center of my lid for the outer corners I’ll be using my Anastasia Beverly Hills rich brown eyeshadow and I’ll be applying that with my Sigma shader brush II 56 so this show is going to go towards the outer corner and I’m going to create a small V and because I have the tape there I’m not scared that I’ll go too far out or anything because that acts as a guide for me so I’m just going to bring that color up and just blend it through into the center of my lid now I’m going to go back into my transition color which was uninterrupted and I’m just going to again blend that color through just to soften out all the lines so once I’m happy with my eye showed and everything is nicely blended I’m going to go in and line my eyes with Mac black track for this I’m just going to apply it with my Sigma e 11 eyeliner brush so I’m going to start off in the center and just bring that liner out and just along where my tape is so again this acts like a guide so I’m not going to be worried that my lines are not going to be straight and I’m going to line it pretty close to my natural lash line after I apply my eyeliner and I’m happy with the overall look I’m just going to peel away the tape then I’m just going to clean up underneath if you’d say how nice and sharp that line is and it’s all nice and clean water magic now I’m going to highlight my inner corners using my naked 2 palette and be using half-baked and a bit of boutique also a bit of them to mix together so I’m just going to apply that with my Sigma pencil brush my a 30 brush and I’m just tapping that color through the inner corners of my eye I’m just going to bring it in slightly to the first third then I’m going to do the same with my lower lash lines I’m just going to apply a little bit under here now I’m going to reverse what I did up here but for my lower lash line so first I’m going to go in with uninterrupted and apply that along my lower lash line and I’ll be using my Sigma f50 6 again now with this color you can bring it down low as far as you like so depending if you want your eyes to look bigger or not you can bring it a bit lower but for me I’m just going to stop up there then using the same brush I’m going to grab lie low again and then again work that through my lower lash line this time sticking a bit closer to my waterline so now I’m going to go in with rich brown and apply that closer to my waterline next I’m going to line my waterline with mac prolongwear eyeliner in black ice so I’m just going to run that all the way through to start into the outer corner of my eye oh it’s getting a little bit watery who else has this problem their eyes just start to water like crazy hey you think I’d get used to it by now but that’s not the case is it then I’m just going to apply a nice pair of lushes I’m going to apply one and a half pairs actually so this one’s the first now these pair of false lashes you can get on eBay so I’ll leave the link for you guys down below but with this pair you can see that both ends are short so it’s not like a cat eye one so what I like to do is I grab another pan I cut that one in half and with the longer end I’m going to apply that to my outer corner so that’s why I’m using one and a half pairs so I’m just going to apply it on top so and just use my fingers to press the two layers together now with lashes as they’re drying I always like to use my finger to push them up a little bit so they stay nice and upright and not dropping and making your eyes droopy okay so whilst I’m waiting for that to dry I’m going to use my Giorgio Armani eyes to kill mascara this is a little sample one that I got from David Jones and I’m I’m loving this for my lower lashes actually so just going to apply that along my lower lashes just to give it more depth and definition because I barely have any lashes actually I think I have more bottom lashes than my top lashes so I’m going to apply about two coats of this then I’m just going to brush some along my top lashes just to blend my natural lash and the two layers of lashes I have on top so now that the top has dried I’m going to go in and line over the lash band so where all that gunk igloo is I’m just going to line over that just to make the line nice and smooth so I hope you guys enjoyed watching this tutorial please let me know in the comment box below what other videos you want to see also I am making a big commitment and I’m going to focus on my youtube channel from now on so I’m going to try and get a schedule into place for not try I’m going to get a schedule into place and I’m going to upload every Tuesday so one video a week I think that’s that’s quite manageable I mean seeing other guys – I’m pretty sure I could do it anyway so Tuesdays are going to be my new days where I upload so make sure you like share and subscribe to stay up to the future videos also I’ve been meaning to do a get to know me type video for a while now and I’ve just been putting it off I don’t know why but that’s going to be something in the future that I’m going to do probably the next couple weeks so if you guys have any questions or things you want to know about me please leave it club Kosmic please leave it in the comment box below and I’ll try and answer in that video anyways I’ll speak to guys next time


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