*Electronic Music Plays* Hi guys, it’s James Charles, welcome back to my YouTube channel Happy October everybody it is officially the best month out of the entire year I am so very excited for October and for it to be Halloween Wow! I cannot wait for all the amazing makeup looks and the amazing costumes we’re going to be seeing so in honor of this being my first Halloween on YouTube I thought I should really go all out and do the best that I possibly can so I’m going to try key word TRY.

. to do eight halloween makeup tutorials for you guys holy crap I’m already overwhelmed, but I’m going to try the hardest I possibly can to get them out because I want you guys to have the best makeup and costume on the block So to kick off this month of Halloween tutorials, I decided to start off with this half glam half burnt face makeup It’s the first time I’ve [ever] done special-effects makeup But it was honestly much easier than I was expecting And it’s all using something you can find at your local halloween stores or in your makeup drawer So I think you’ll all be able to recreate it easily, and I’m honestly really proud of how it turned out So if you want to learn how to create this super crazy halloween makeup make sure you keep on watching Hi guys, so today I figured I’d do a voiceover for today’s video in order to just get it done and make it the best it could possibly be So I could really focus on the makeup since it’s my first time like I said with special effects I’m starting off [by] priming using my benefit porefessional And then I’m just going right into the MakeUpForever Ultra HD foundation stick I’m only applying both products on the one half of my face that I’m going to be doing the full glam [on] Obviously the other half is going to be completely covered, so I’m not really worrying about it And then I’m just going to buff it out using my Morphe 439 foundation brush you guys know this is my favorite brush ever for foundation And you can use code JAMES for 10% off all Morphe brushes and products.

I would 100% definitely recommend them to you guys I’m then gonna go and you can see with my LA Girl pro concealer in the shade ‘Porcelain’ This is just the lightest shade, and I’m just highlighting the high points once again on only the one half of my face and then I’m just going to go in with my beauty blender to blend everything out and make it really nice and Seamless because we want that full glam today To set my face and going into my Morphe R3 brush and my Mac studio fix foundation powder.

This is a new step I just recently added to my routine but I’ve absolutely been loving this lately it is [the] first Mac product I’ve kind of ever tried But I really, really do like and it has completely saved the life of my under-eyes and my nose contour So I would definitely recommend to you guys I’m now bronzing my face using my Morphe M527 brush and my Kat von D shade and light palette This is the best big bronzer brush out there [wow], that’s a mouthful, but I like that one as well.

To set under my contour I’m using my Morphe R8 and some cody airspun This is just to ensure that my contour is super sharp and nice and defined. To contour my nose, I’m using my Jadey Wadey nose contouring brush Do you guys know if you follow me on Twitter that I have been dying to get this I accidentally took it from my friend at Generation beauty New York, but I’m not sorry about it To start off my brows I’m using my Benefit brow brush and just spooling the hairs out to make sure they get in the place [that] I want them to And then I’m just going to Benefit KaBrow gel in the shade number 5 to start sketching them out I’m just drawing the line on the bottom of the brow I’m going in kind of messily because we’re going to be cleaning it up In a second anyway but I’m just defining that bottom line and then starting to kind of fill in the tail and the middle of The brow making sure it is [very] very on fleek and then with whatever product is left over I’m just bringing that to it the front of the brow and drawing a little flippity doo-dah stew kind of have that Instagram ombre brow that we all know and love.

To clean up my brows I’m using my LA Girl pro concealer again and this random flat top brush I can’t find my morphe M 410 anywhere So I’m just using this one for the time being it works equally as well And then I’m using the same concealer once again to prime the eyelid and then just setting that in place with my Morphe E45 and some [cody] airspun and then to finish off the brow region I’m just going [to] my Gimme Brow gel in the shade number [5] once again to set those front hairs in place for the eyes today I’m going to use my morphe 35O palette if you haven’t heard of this get out of the rock you’ve been living under I promise the real world is a good time This is one of my all-time favorite palettes it is beautiful and warm it is perfect for fall and you can use code James for money off I would definitely recommend if you haven’t checked it out I’m just using my M433 brush and some orange shades to build up the crease in the outer corner I forgot to film a product shot of the palette so I can’t show you guys what colors I was using Sorry, I would definitely make sure to do that for the next video, but any transitional orange Shades will work And then I’m just using my M562 brush and a little bit of a Darker Brown to enhance the crease and the lower lash line to give it a little bit more or Defining darkness and depth to the Smoky eye we have going on, and then to finish off this really simple eye I’m just going to that shimmer shade from the palette and a random once again Concealer brush that I don’t know where it’s from For my wing today.

I’m using my Kat [von] D tattoo liner in trooper This is my favorite liner ever it is so good and the tip is super small [I] actually ended up messing up my eyeliner a lot of times today I don’t know really what was going on, but let’s be real.

. we all have those days. the liner kept getting thicker and longer until it was like a good wing But I do end up liking how it turned out in the end So I guess the moral of the story is don’t give up if something Isn’t going your way or it’s really just like with Lana.

It’s not that serious James [anyways] I’m just going with the sigma brow highlighting pencil to line my waterline to give it a nice pop and to open my eyes and Then to finish off the eyes. I’m curling my lashes with this random CVs lash curler It doesn’t have any specific brand and then it’s going in and lifting my lashes nice and high with my benefit Roller lash [I] love this Mascara as you guys know I never stop talking about it Which probably gets pretty annoying but it’s literally the only one [I] use so might as well Just be honest with you guys and tell you how annoying I [am] when it comes to switching products For lashes today, I decided to pop on a lena lash in the style ‘serena’ I’m only applying one lash since the other half is going to be covered once again But I’m just using some duo and some tweezers to get that on there.

To add some glow I’m using my morphe M501 brush in my Anastasia illuminator in So Hollywood this is like my favorite highlighter ever and it is coming back which I’m so excited about so if you’ve been dying to get your Hands on it your time will [be] soon so definitely keep your eyes peeled and then to finish off this glam half of this look I’m using my Ofra liquid lipstick in the shade ‘Pasadina’ You can use Code JCHARLES for 30% off and Ofra does have my favorite liquid lipstick formula So if you haven’t checked them out you definitely should and that completes the glam half of this makeup tutorial [it’s] a nice and simple look you could totally just end It here if you wanted to just be pretty for Halloween, but we’re gonna be gory and oh my God I forgot how many freaking times I messed up my stupid little spinny thing, but let’s get started now So I’m starting off this gore side by covering my entire brow using some vaseline or some petroleum jelly Liquid latex can pull at hairs and going to be using a lot of it so it’s really important that you create that barrier So you don’t rip out And give yourself a wax job [all] your little hairs on your face and especially if you’re like me and you’re a guy This is really important, so I’m just going in with some liquid latex right from the little Tube And I’m going right around my eyebrow I’m going to cover that first just to get out of the way So I’m just putting a good amount around the brow and then starting off with a ripped tissue and just slapping it on there We’re going to be using tissues, latex, and cotton balls to achieve the burnt effect today So I’m just putting on some latex Putting on the ripped tissue and then going back over the edges of the tissue with more liquid latex to kind of seal it in Place this definitely just takes a lot [of] like Practicing and just kind of getting your method going it definitely got easier as I went along But it was pretty strange just to like glue it things [onto] my face when I was starting off But it turned out pretty well, so definitely just try to figure out the best way that works for you I just kept layering latex and then tissues and then latex and then tissues, and that’s kind of what worked best One thing I figured out was make sure using a lot of latex when you go back over your layers like I am right now.

A lot of times if you Didn’t use a lot you could pull up the tissue like it is right here So you really want to make sure using a lot of latex to kind of like? Really set that in place and make sure that it is stuck.

So I also use cotton balls to add some texture It was definitely recommended on a lot of the special effects tutorials I was watching. My cotton balls were kind of Disintegrating instead of like pulling apart nicely so I only ended up using a few of them, which sucked But I just made it work with the tissue so definitely Experiment and see what works [best] for you to add some texture I know Glam&Gore Mykie said you could use some ground coffee beans, and yeah, I just read it What works best? Once you have your latex all on there in a position you like I started talking and kind of pulling at the latex with tweezer just to add some more texture.

To start off the paint job I’m using this random highlighting brush from I think it’s Jouer and MakeupForever Flash Palette in obviously the red shade And I’m just going over that entire side of the liquid latex with the red I made sure to powder the liquid latex too with my setting powder But I’m just giving a nice base coat And then I am [stippling] the edges to make sure it’s kind of blended out and it kind of evenly transitions between the two sides To add some more dimension I use that same brush and mix together the black and brown shades around the eyes, nose, and the corner of the mouth to really make it look like I am Charred and was burnt to the crisp [and] of course I had to kind of contour a little bit with some black so I’m just using the black on my jaw line as well as my Contour line just to make it look like I have some sort of defining features underneath my [third-degree] burns And I really wanted to add one final layer of dimension because I felt like the look was missing something my friend Alex faction taught Me this awesome trick if you don’t have fake blood you can totally use lip gloss That’s probably laying around your makeup drawer So I you just use a bunch of different dark [reds], but the main one I use was the Morphe gloss in ‘Villain’ And I felt like it really just pulled everything together and really does look like fake blood and really made the burn come to life Alright guys, that completes this half glam, half burnt face makeup tutorial.

I really, really hope you enjoyed this video This is my first time ever using special effects makeup with like liquid latex and the whole Shebang. I’m honestly pretty proud of myself I really love how this turned out definitely some room for improvement though But that’s what the rest of the month of October is for.

If you guys did enjoy this video Please don’t forget to give it a big Thumbs up down below and subscribe if you haven’t already I’ll be posting videos throughout the entire month of Halloween. [oh], I mean October If you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey and make sure you catch up with all these Halloween videos my Instagram and Twitter or both JCharlesBeauty and for behind the scenes and more my personal life my snapchat is James Charles with an extra s Alright guys.

Thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time. Bye


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