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EASY DATE NIGHT Makeup Tutorial | Jeffree Star

EASY DATE NIGHT Makeup Tutorial | Jeffree Star

what’s up everyone welcome back to my channel now something a little different today we’re not in the studio now me Nathan are about to go on a little movie and dinner date and I figured why not get ready before the date so i can already be in full glam and then we can go enjoy a little night on the town and always have a little couples romantic moment with four dogs and just people being around us all the time and just always doing business we never really have a lot of time for ourselves so I figured i would show you guys a little soft easy glam now when i did this look we could go on my channel for something else everyone’s like where’s that tutorial so here is that little soft extremely highlighted glam look that i did and i just want to have fun have a little flirtatious little soft beat so if you want to see how i created this soft little glam then keep on watching and by the time this video is over hopefully I’ll be pregnant all right guys it’s time to get glam now first off I have been doing so many lips watching videos on my channel and a little bit of moisture so I’m going to start off with my you a lip balm this is a lip conditioning treatment let’s go and get a little world and i like it because it gives your lips a little bit of shine now let’s get this skin snatch i’m going to start out by using my all-time favorite Bobby Brown vitamin-enriched face base now when I’m not getting glamour on camera I’ve been using this a lot as usual but there’s been so many products out lately my skin is just like quick go back to like what you know and love so I bought a fresh jar because while mine is md so I love to use a damp Beauty Blender and just go to town on my face so I put a lot on there and you just want this to soak and soap and soaked you get that fierce mannequin skin that I am all about we are going to be using two foundations today I’m going to go in with my trusty giorgio armani luminous silk foundation i have been using this now for I think about two years and I know I try a lot of foundations and I like to mix and match but i always go back to this one so we’re going to be using this one today besides that i’m going to be mixing in a little bit of my Tom Ford traceless perfecting foundation and I am shade 01 cream in this guy so I’m just going to put a little bit on a steel mixing plate down here and let’s button blend just seeing all the color matches and okay I’m down okay i’m alright so i’m going to be using a damp Beauty Blender and i’m just going to buff and blend this full coverage mask foundation is Slade now of course i’m going to have a really extreme highlighted under eye area today so how do we achieve that of course we need our heart shape concealer and we are going to start by just putting a little bit on and your skin and we’re just gonna basically like a upside down triangle and almost take it all the way that almost we’re gonna take it all the way to the hairline let’s keep a really gangster today and because i would get slapped in the face if I didn’t highlight my chin as well and just a little bit on the nose if you will and of course that forehead tho now of course with that same damp Beauty Blender we’re going to fucking bounce now I love to take the pointed end of the Beauty Blender and just kind of go in on my lids so that’s going to cancel out any redness of the foundation didn’t cancel out and its really blend the under eye so it’s really soft and magical alright concealer is done now it’s definitely time to brighten the under eyes even more so I’m going to go in with my tried-and-true trustee max shivering white is my favorite for under-eye highlighting and i’m going to take my little lexi j do 80 brush what number is this guy this is the 181 it’s yummy so we’re just going to dip into the pan and highlight under eyes are done now something I’ve been doing lately as I’ve been taking my damp Beauty Blender again and I’ve been dipping into loose powder like one of my favorite is the Chanel right under the eyes it gives you this like I don’t even know so we’ll take some on the powderpuff like that and i literally just dunk it in and this is going to set the under eyes so they really don’t crease it all but the good thing about that Tarkin sealer really doesn’t crease but just when you’re looking down a lot and you know moving your eyes should happen so let’s make sure they don’t now sometimes I do things in weird steps because we’re about to put powder foundation on the rest of my face so if you want to do that first and set your entire face go for it but i’m just weird and I don’t know why I don’t do that so I’m gonna be going in with my giorgio armani luminous silk compact and I’m gonna be taking a little artiste brush I know you guys are used to seeing everyone use these and put on foundation i like to take it hammer it in there so it is on that brush and then I like to basically punch my face with it and by patting this and really harshly last lines that work now by patting this in really nicely you are going to just have a face that is set all day and it doesn’t move alrighty so I think it’s time to contour all right now for this look it is going to be heavily gone toward a little more heavy than I normally do it so because the focus is really very minimal in the eyes we’re gonna go full coverage on the mask so I’m going to be dipping into my morphe brushes that 9c highlight and contour palette it looks a little something like this and now i’m going in with the morphe 527 brush i love this for contouring especially if you want to carve out your face and be really dramatic which that’s everyday so i usually mix two shades and i’ll start off with this guy and all dip into that one as well for a little added like uh huh huh and yeah let’s start sculpting alright so now that our cheeks are sculpted we’re gonna start going into the forehead now this is where we’re gonna get a little heavy so I know for me the other day when i did this makeup people were like oh you’re going in bitch I’m always going in so this brush is really good for the hair line because it just really makes it blend quick and easy just how i like it sometimes sometimes I like it long and 45 hours but today I like it really snatched quick all right I did the jaw the nose we are content all right now since my hair is a little more darker shade of pink for the fall a little magenta a little hot pink if you will i’m going to be using a different brown color now I’m gonna be drawing them on with the same and brow is that from honesty beverly hills and shape taupe but then i’m gonna go over in shade Auburn which is for redheads but it looks gorgeous with pink hair so let’s get these on browse are done now let’s move on to the eyes now this part is super simple there’s only gonna be a few products used so basically my lids are kind of already primed i know sometimes i put on primer I feel like look we’ve done concealer foundation powder i feel like it is good enough so what I normally do is I’m going to take a little map 252 synthetic brush and then what are we gonna do today we’re going to use a really stark white eyeshadow as a base and I’m gonna be going in with my busy our palette i love the sky so this top right 1mm one of my favorites and i’m just going to take this and pack it all over the lid we want our eyes to really stand out today and i’m going to take this and bring it all the way up to the brow bone and let’s coat our entire we’re just going to pop a little transition color right in here and that’s almost like the entire I look I kept it very simple the highlighting that we’re about to do after the eye is kind of the star of the show you will but i’m going to pull out my jeffree star cosmetics beauty killer palette and I’m going to use the top right shade which is called courtney this is a perfect transition shade for doing a crazy dark smoky eye but for today’s look it’s really just gonna be like super easy so we’re just going to dip into their and I’m just gonna blend and pop this right in the crease and i’m not going to go all the way in like a normally do i’m going to stop it right where the brows and we’re gonna just flick up and blend that into the white shadow that is already there now if you’re very OCD about blending you’re gonna go back in with that little synthetic brush and you’re just going to go right in there now there’s no product on this brush just from what we did earlier so I’m just going to go over the line and just kind of soften and merge them together and let them blend like butter there we go now with a little detail brush we’re going to be going in with shade confession now I’m just gonna add this into my crease for a little added definition so we’re just going to take this and tuck it in right there and it really gonna be like and there’s no need to be a really heavy because we want us to stay soft and pretty but I want a little bit of color in there now i’m going to go back and with that shader brush and just gently go over that line and there we have it all right we are done with eyeshadow that was really easy i know it i’m shocked myself now for the look i am recreating from last week’s video I had no liner so there was no white liner nonude no black it was kind of like that’s it and everyone was like wow you look so different like soft which is crazy so you know I know I really don’t do halloween makeup so this is my halloween makeup it’s soft and gentle which is the opposite of me alright so now for the main event we are going to highlight for the high plains of the cheeks we’re gonna be going in with my own ice cold skin frost highlighting powder and i’m gonna be using to morphe brush today i’m gonna be using the new roles gold 36 which is so good by lighting and then of course the m5 10 which is very similar but this has more of a little tip and this one is more dough me huh what’s your favorite so we’re just going to be dipping into this guy and not all the way in that’s where the other highlighter will be yes there’s two highlighters today I am just going to take this one and put it on the high plains of my cheekbones now this one is are really really white so if you are pale and you can never find the right highlighting powder for yourself try ice cold BAM alright step one done now for step 2 i’m gonna be using my sleek makeup solstice highlighting palette oh my oh if you are someone that wants to blind everybody in the motherfucking room you’re going to want to use this next now there is a lavender shade in here right there and oh my god girl when I tell you that she’s about to kill everyone hmm now i’m putting a lot on the brush so if you don’t want to use this much so we’re going to take this and we’re just going to start all the way where the contour meets oh yes time to blind and we’re gonna go all the way up the face and layer that over ice cold all right now we’re gonna go really happy with the Cupid’s bow hmm now we’re going to do the tip of the nose i’m just going to just kind of massage the powder into the tip of my nose blue right now I know I normally don’t do this but I’m gonna take a little bit on my chin just very lightly dusted so there is some extra shiny dimension and the same thing for the forehead i’m just gonna lightly kinda go in there like uh huh is this the full face using only highlighters challenge now we’re going to take a little more feet of 411 garage why is that funny 4 11 in America means like you need help on the phone like what’s up the operator is here alright so we’re gonna take a little mac fix+ and this is the coconut one and i’m going to just spray my brush we’re now going to dip into this lavender shade again and coat the brush now you’re gonna go right in here and code your fucking eyes I’m gonna bring this all the way in and if you feel like you went a little too severe you can take her beauty blender and kind of blend it out and now I’m gonna take that and start putting it right there on the lash line alright so we are blinded and high delighted now for lashes we’re just gonna do simple mascara today because everyone loves when I don’t wear lashes so thank you guys for telling me that definitely can’t do it all the time because it’s scary but i’m down to do it for you when you get that’s nicely so i’m going to be going in with my benefit roller Matt era now I have an exciting little while I’m excited and other commuters are but I’m excited benefit recently put out a brown roller lash hi thank you Jesus so if you like that intense black look of course use this but I think for the bottom that might use this and try something out so let’s of course code our top lashes with the black shade and then we’ll try to round alright now we’re going to go in with the brown mascara now I’ve actually never used this before so a little first time on camera and let’s see if it looks cool alright i am really happy with the brow mascara gonna start doing a little bit more um I love it it’s really i mean it’s not that different but I just like the kind of more softer look at gave me all right now last but not least is the lips now of course i use a very soft new to let the first time I created this look and i believe it was the Tom Ford blush nude and i think i am going to i mean that was a great one I love that one but i always keep going back to the charlotte tilbury Kim KW LIF this is just like Oh a creme brulee like scent is I’m gonna go with this guy and see what her bands alright the lips are done i am loving this little schoolteacher fantasy the last thing that this tutorial needs is of course some setting spray and i’m gonna be using the new armani prima it’s like a basically like a fixed plus but makeup setting spray in one refreshing makeup fix I’m like okay girl first of all this bottle is huge which I love so i definitely will not be needing anyone for a long time or well nevermind me what we’re talking about all right look at this base oh my god this one feels really good we also one quick thing that I love to do because I’m really twisted in the head soon as you set face i’ll take some more highlighter even with the fam brush and look like this oh I amor fucking or highlighting rehab oh oh my god okay i’m showered and I am set this makeup look is complete alright guys thank you so much for watching my little thought date night glam look I had so much fun creating it now me and they are about to go and have some dinner and maybe see what a little light movie like The Exorcist or something but I’m thanks so much for watching this and not i’ll see you on the next time


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