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Easy Drugstore Only Makeup Tutorial – Simple Makeup – GRWM | Bailey Sarian

Easy Drugstore Only Makeup Tutorial – Simple Makeup – GRWM | Bailey Sarian

hi guys how are you today my name is Bailey Sarian and I wanted to do a tutorial using only drugstore makeup and this is the look that I created it’s very easy. I feel like it’s really easy I think it’s really easy you can do it I have faith in you! I even use a little spatula thing from the eyeshadow palette like you can do it.

Don’t forget to Like and subscribe and I will shut up . why am i and let’s get into it . I’m gonna start off by priming my skin so I’m using the Pop Beauty 24k face base radiance blurring primer. Has micronized gold pearls in it which gives a luminosity.

It also supposed to blur and like soften your face so you look nice and smooth and it’s a spray . I’m just gonna kind of like Pat it into the skin. because I like both of these foundations so I don’t know which one to use I have the wet-and-wild photo folk photo focus foundation and then I have my pro glow infallible, so I think I’m gonna do this one so number 2 07 is a brush by crown brush I think it’s a contour brush but I’m gonna use a to apply my foundation a mirror would be nice so we’re in my room and I just have like a fabric behind me and it’s kind of bothering me that there’s these lines over here but I’m sure it’s not the end of the world like it’s fine Bailey it’s fine.

I’m just buffing this into the skin cuz I want to look flawless. my room is such a disaster it’s stressing me out . I cant look around. So this week will this last week I had I got food poisoning okay it was like a major setback I’m never eating el pollo loco again thank you so much.

The foundation I’m gonna be I mean, the concealer I’m going to be using right now is the infallible Pro Glo concealer and this is in the Shade Oh number two creamy natural okay but tomorrow I’m doing micro-needling I’m so nervous never done it before it’s supposed to help get rid of my hyperpigmentation and then my acne scarring.

I’ve seen pictures of what people look like afterwards and it’s so scary and I guess you look like that for like a day or so I’m gonna of course I’ll share with you guys on like snapchat and stuff I’m gonna try and film it but I don’t know so we will see but I’m terrified and I’m like I don’t know if I’ll even get to film this weekend and it’s kind of like important that I film because oh I got so much going on .

what’s going on? next week because I work with ipsy and there’s a couple of ipsy I mean there’s eight of us ipsy creators so they’re having an Ipsy creator retreat like three days I think it’s just like a bonding experience just with all the different creators together in the same house like Big Brother.

I’m just kidding so they have us like for three days next week and I think that”ll be fun. I like bonding and I would like to get to know the other creators more like when we’re passing by we see each other but we really don’t all get together that often and then after that guess what you guys I’m going to Europe I know three of us are going to Europe sorry I just keep adding more and more until I like the coverage we’re going to London and Paris with ipsy for a photo shoot I was so confused but okay oh I’ll go! I know trust me I’m so thankful never in a million years did I think broke girl me would be going to Europe dreams do come true I did cry a little bit when they told me I won’t lie because really I don’t talk about it a lot but like I just never thought I’d be here like I was living paycheck to paycheck all my life and just really struggling and I really just didn’t know what I was gonna do with myself in my life.

it’s still like hard to believe okay I’m just I’m very excited and we’ll see I’m gonna be posting a lot sure and I just pray that the airplane makes it I’m I’m terrified of flying ! I hate it as soon as you put on a foundation you get the itch like right here what the hell was on my finger was all pink so for powder Maybelline fit me loose finishing powder I have the shade 15 light just gonna use this to set and hopefully it’s not too dark so yeah I feel like I haven’t talked in a while so what’s been up okay let me think let me think I ruined Valentine’s Day I had reservations for us for some nice dinner but I fell asleep .

…but we went and we saw Aladdin I mean it was so good but if it comes to you you should go see it it was really good I’ve never seen a musical like that like I’ve never really been to a play as an adult it was a lot of fun I loved it I’m a little disappointed in myself this is the elf contour blush and bronzing powder but I thought I got the cream one and I got powder I mean it’s okay it’ll work but I just I thought I’ve got the cream one.

From what I remember a little bit of this goes a long way, takes me back. So I’m using the bronzer side first and yes do we like this wig I like it it’s pretty I feel so cute hey guys hi. not too much bronze I want to use this blush but I also have this one and I kind of want to use and it’s the Physicians Formula butter blush and it’s in natural glow it smells like hot cocoa and rice I don’t know if this is like a blush or a highlighter it’s a blushy highlight I mean I’m gonna use the same brush I’m just gonna like dust it off pick up a little bit okay so yeah I got food poisoning another day right but here’s the worst part , I felt really bad I feel really guilty for saying this but I gave Saint (my dog) a bit.

I was eating El Pollo Loco minding my own business I was on snapchat if you watched it saint was just looking at me all cute wanting some food and I was like you know what you’ve been such a good boy lately I might give you a little bit of this because I didn’t eat it all.

Im not supposed to give him human food but he just looked so cute and then next thing you know saint puked on the bed I puked Saint puked again I puked and we just kept going back and forth. Saint was holding my hair back I was holding his hair back we were taking turns .

it was a bonding experience. Sometimes I like deep dive that was me deep diving into conspiracy theories late at night because that’s just what I do on my free time. This one’s even a conspiracy theory this is a fact JPMorgan Chase Bank of America and Wells Fargo earned more than six point four billion dollars last year from ATM and overdraft fees according to CNN money that was verified by SMP global market intelligence.

If that doesn’t piss you off you livin wrong girl . Sorry this has nothing to do with this is . The Maybelline tattoo studio waterproof brow gel so this is supposed to last up to two days in your eyebrows so if you mess up you’re stuck with a bad brow for two days it comes with a spoolie so I guess you put it on you brush it through my hair.

Where are the directions because I need some directions. Comes with this little wand and then you’re supposed to brush it through with the spoolie let me see I’m just gonna apply it with the angle brush over here probably be better okay let’s do my eyes so first I’m taking the Maybelline fit me powder I’m just going to lightly dust some of this powder on my lid I don’t have an eyeshadow primer a drugstore eyeshadow primer I just put some concealer on my lid now I’m using this powder to set hopefully this works for eyeshadow.

I have this one it’s okay I hope I didn’t break this. This palette it’s the 24 karat nudes by Maybelline I wanna look pretty that’s the goal. I’m going to use this shade right here flat all over a shadow brush can’t see it there it is I’m gonna do outer V fluffier crease brush I’m just gonna come back and forth and soften that.

wiped down my brush I’m going for the gold I’m gonna do this one right here. let me do the other eye and I’ll be right back I want to add a little bit of drama like smokiness at the lash line so I’m just going in with this matte shade right here and actually I’m using the little tool that they supplied in here a lot of people just throw us away but you know sometimes these can be a little helpful just saying don’t frown at it.

This little fine tip can help me get right at this lash line like the pigments in this palette or not super pigmented but if you layer you can get a nice color like I did online so just like right off the bat it’s a light wash of color but overall you could build it to a bolder look that’s what I’m saying.

I’m going to use this little spatula again and the gold shade that I did on my lid I want this along my lower lash line right here and then flipping to the other side with the darker shade and blending that into the lash line a lot of people frown at these but like don’t let that get to you if you use these that’s okay – I’ve assisted artists who actually use these on the eye there’s nothing wrong with it.

this is like my all-time favorite mascara it’s a lash princess by essence it’s all I use every day all day I need a new tube . My lashes kind of still have eyelash glue on them my bad. I just found this palette in my drawer and it’s the Maybelline icy glow eye and face palette just looks kind of like flat here but they actually have some nice shimmer to it let me see I’m gonna add a little bit of a glow.

okay like this one right here ooh Icccccyy glowww oh that’s pretty whoa whoa we woah. For lips I’m lining them with the L’Oreal color riche matte sharpen sharpenable boy I can’t , I can’t English lip liner this is the shade 114 Matte-ing call Oh like mating call Matte-ing Call .

I have to line my lips I mean did I even do my lips if I didn’t line them? No. this is a good nude though. oh I’m not gonna put on lashes by the way kind of like it without I think it’s pretty plus its my face so .

..this is Rimmel London stay matte liquid lip color in rosette oh wait is that what’s called no called mocha what’s with all these names and I just can’t I don’t know. This is the finished look what do you guys think? do you like it you love it let me know what you think down below wow what did you hear that I said that’s so weird.

let me know what you think down below would love to hear! I love this highlight though do you see the glow? I hope you have a great day today you make great choices don’t forget to Like and subscribe and tell me what you want to see next because I’m always open to hearing what you guys want to hear and hear next , see next.

loosen up Bailey it’s been awhile since I filmed I don’t know what’s going on okay I’ll be seeing you guys very soon bye mmm this hairs got me feeling some kind of way I don’t know what that way is but it’s something


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