Home Makeup Tutorials EASY Everyday Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

EASY Everyday Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

EASY Everyday Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial | ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

hey guys so today I created this a  smokier prom I makeup look with the   Anastasia modern and Renaissance palette  so if you want to see how it got this   look go ahead and keep on watching  for my brushes today I will be using   my Sigma favorites brush set a set has  my 5 a go to eye makeup brushes in it   and if you buy my set you are getting  20 percent off the retail price then   if you were going to buy all these  brushes individually I’m gonna pick   up raw Sienna on my Sigma e35 and the  shade is gonna go in my crease as my   transition shade now when to pick  up golden ochre on the same brush   and I’m nisa around the edges of the  first shade it just to soften it out now I’m gonna pick up warm taupe  on my Sigma e25 and I’m putting   the shade like directly in my eye  socket just to deepen it up and   get my eye more depth so I picked up  more warm taupe on the flatter side   of my e25 and I’m gonna lightly pack  this on the outer corner of my lid now going to take more warm taupe on the   tip of my e25 and that’s gonna  go along my lower lash line and you want to make sure to  connect your lower lash line   with the outer part of your lid  so right in this kind of area   sometimes it can be tricky to get  in this area of your eye now I’m   gonna take more of that golden  ochre shade on my e35 and I’m   gonna use that to help blend out  warm taupe on my lower lash line so you could totally make this look as  dark and as smoky as you want it to be   you could totally stop here for more of  a softer look but I’m gonna go a little   bit darker so I’m gonna take Cyprus  number on my e25 so I have that more   on the tip of my brush and I’m gonna  use that to deepen up my outer corner   even more and then you just want to  blend out that dark color with little   circular motions but you don’t want to  bring it any higher than your crease   now I’m gonna take my Cypress number  that dark brown shade on my e21 and   I’m gonna use that on the outer part  of my lower lash line and I’m using a   smaller brush because I don’t want this  part to be too smoked out under my eye my eye is watering like the slightest  bit in my outer corner so I should have   doesn’t really want to stick there right  now but I’m just gonna work with it I’m   gonna pick up Primavera on my finger and  this is gonna go on the blank part of my   lid if you need a good brush for putting  a color on your lid I would recommend   the Sigma II at 54 but sometimes you can  use your finger and it works perfectly   fine now I’m gonna take my e35 and dust  around that shimmer shade just so it   kind of blends into these other shades  that we got going on now I’m gonna use   a brown eyeliner you could totally  do black if you want to or even no   eyeliner but I’m gonna do Brown for this  look so I’m gonna take the makeup geek   retractable eyeliner in brown and I’m  just gonna go all along my top lash line and along my waterline now I’m gonna take tempera on my e30 I’m  gonna mix that shade with a little bit   of Primavera and put that in my inner  corner and also right under my brow   now I’m gonna go pop on some mascara  and lashes alright so for lashes I   use these new lashes from a violet Voss  they’re called I scream you scream how   cute and here’s the final look this  doesn’t have to be just a prom makeup   look I think anyone can wear this I  think this look is so beautiful it   has a little bit of smokiness to it but  it’s still like really easy to wear you   can wear with any color I think if  you have the right brushes and the   right tools anyone can do this look  and like I said all the brushes I use   were in my Sigma favorites brush set  so I hope you guys enjoyed this video   thank you so much for watching and  don’t forget to Like and subscribe


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