Hi sisters, James Charles here, and welcome back to my YouTube channel. So if you guys have been following me on Snap and Twitter, or all the other social medias, You know that I am currently in Los Angeles.

I did graduate early, I am all done with high school, thank god, and I just got approved for my first ever apartment, Oh my god, I am so frickin’ excited, *me too* And I move to LA in the beginning of March.

Before I get to move into my dream house however, I do go home in a few days.. I’m actually going to South Africa with my friends for my senior trip of school. I am so frickin’ excited, and you guys know that vlog will be frickin’ amazing, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled.

After Africa, I will be heading to Boston for a few days for a press play. It is like a meet and greet show and concert, I will be performing live for the first time so I am so frickin’ nervous. If you guys want to come say hi, the link for tickets will be down below, I really want to come and meet you guys.

Because I am leaving so soon however, I’ve been having so many events and photo shoots recently, I’ve literally had makeup on almost every single day for the past two weeks, My skin needs a break. But, we’ve got to get that work done.

Last night I wore this super simple but super beautiful glowy bronzy makeup look to a Dior event And a ton of you guys were asking for it, so I decided to sit down and film a tutorial on it today. This is basically like my go-to event makeup and I decided to do this simple half cut crease, With little diamonds on the side and just a nude lip with lots of glow.

And if you guys want to see how I created this look, make sure you keep on watching. Alright, hello sisters, so to start off this video today, I have my base and eyebrows already done, Y’all have seen me do them a million times and I’ll be doing an updated brow routine soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

So I thought we’d just focus on the eyes and everything else today and make this a super quick and easy tutorial. I’m going to start off the eyes today with my Morphe 25B palette, this is one of the new mini palettes I guess it’s not actually that mini, it’s still pretty big.

But I’m going to be using this one today. Love good descriptions. So I’m first going to go in with this orange transition shade up in here with my M441 and just buff that into the crease. Next I’m going to grab my M433 and dip into this red-brown shade up in here, and just put that on the outer V.

I’m just blending this really really lightly into the outer crease. I don’t want this eye look to have too much dimension, I’m kind of keeping it really really soft and light today. You still definitely want to make sure that it’s blended though so I’m really making sure to go in with those colours and blow them out.

If you guys noticed, my hoodie does say “I’m shook” I just released my first ever clothing line called Sisters Apparel. I am so proud of it, I have been working on it for a very very long time and we just had the launch a few days ago.

You guys literally crashed the website. The entire server, it wasn’t just my store, it was the entire server, which was so frickin’ cool. I mean like, sorry it was annoying for you guys, but it was cool for me that you guys have that much power To like, crash an entire server, so it was like a bitter sweet type moment.

But it should all be working now, and a ton of you guys have been tweeting me and DMing me saying that you got your stuff So I’m so excited. For you all to get everything and look so cute. Definitely check out the website, it will be below, and I can’t wait to see all of you sisters rocking it.

Next I’m going to go back in with that M433 and I’m going to dip into this dark brown shade Right down here and just deepen out that outer corner the slightest bit. For the lid today I’m going to grab my M170-0 brush and dip into this shade right here, and sort of cut the crease.

I’m just using this brush and this shadow to to cut out the inner corner and just going about half way This is basically going to be a half cut crease and then I’m just going to blend out the outer corner with the same orange shadow from before.

For a little bit more dimension, I’m going to layer over the top of that shadow with the new Colourpop single shadow in the shade Liar Liar. I’m just going to use the same exact brush. I have not used any of these shadows yet so I’m super excited to see how it looks on the eye.

Oh wow. Oh my god (gasps), these are really really pretty. Okay, I’m actually loving how the shadow is applying, this looks so beautiful. These shadows are definitely a win. And they’ve been sitting in my drawer for the past 3 weeks now, I just opened the PR package, And now I’m really really mad that I have not played with these sooner.

I am going to go ahead and add a winged liner, and for this I’m going to use my absolute fav.. The Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in the shade Trooper. Roll up the sleeves because this is some serious action about to go down.

Wow.. The prayer worked because I think this is literally one of the best winged liners I’ve ever done.. I’m shook. Winged liner has always been something that’s really really hard for me because of my eye shape and because of my eyelids, And my eyebrows being so thick and not arched, So, I’ve always had to draw my wings really out towards my temple But recently I’ve been kind of figuring out a little bit how to draw them upwards and not have them look stupid.

. So.. This is progress.. I’m happy. For the lower lash line, I’m going to grab my M433 in that same original orange transition shade and just start to buff that in, But I’m only going to keep this colour on the outer corner.

I’m then taking the M562 and I’m going to take the dark brown shade from before and just connect the outer corner up to the wing. I just went ahead and lined my upper waterline using my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in the shade Black Bean That’s literally my least favourite step of my entire makeup routine.

It always goes wrong and I can never do it on camera, so yeah, do that with whatever pencil you want. It’s not that deep. To line my lower waterline and open up my eyes, I’m going to be using the Tarte Fake Awake eye pencil.

I’ve been loving using nude pencils in the waterline lately. Black obviously closes your eyes and makes them look really really sexy and sultry, and white can sometimes be too much and too draggy. So nude is obviously like the perfect in between, that goes without saying, just wanted to let you know.

This has been a PSA, thanks for listening. For my lower lash line, I’m going to take my tweezers and pick up one of these little crystals and a little bit of lash glue and just pop it on. Right in the centre.

This is obviously 100% unnecessary, but it’s super duper cute, And this look is very very simple so I just wanted to pull a little- (doorbell rings) A little bit more attention to the eye. For lashes today I’m going to be popping on the House Of Lashes Iconics.

Right after I pick out the crusty glue from them from wearing them last night. I know I talked about this in the last video, but guys seriously, putting on your lashes before you put on mascara is the best trick that anybody has ever taught me.

15/10 would definitely recommend. It made my life a million times easier. Alright, so I just popped on some mascara and then curled my lashes together to make sure that they’re nice and blended. And that is one eye all complete.

I’m going to go and do the other eye off camera to save some time and then we can come back and finish the rest of the face. There we go, both eyes are now complete, so now we’re going to move on and we’re going to get the glow on.

For highlighter today I’m going to be using my current fav, the OFRA Blissful highlighter and you can use code “JAMES” for 30% off. I’m going to apply this to my brow bone first. Using a pencil brush I’m going to pop the same highlighter in the inner corners.

I’m then going to use the same brush to snatch my nose. Oooh, yas, come on pinched nose! Love not being able to breathe! Then of course using my M501, I’m also going to pop this highlighter onto the cheekbones.

Okay, like, hi, are we blind? Yas. I love this highlighter so much, it’s so friggin’ bomb. I love it because it’s like almost a natural glow, and I know that sounds like complete b*s to say Cause it’s literally rubbing a shimmery glitter on your f*king face.

But So many highlighters are either too yellow-toned or too silver, where they just look strange when light isn’t hitting it, This is like the only one that I’ve been able to find that literally looks good at all times, So, definitely would recommend if you haven’t checked it out.

. All coupon codes aside, it’s really really bomb. For lips today I’m going to mix these two shades together from Morphe in the shades Virgin and Suspect. Okay, so I’ve been wearing these lipsticks for a few weeks now and a bunch of you guys have been asking for my opinion, so here it is.

. The lipsticks from Morphe are super good but they aren’t my favourites. They retail for $13 each and with a code it’s like $11.50. That price is so good, especially for all of you guys out there on a budget, I know makeup can be so crazy expensive.

. They are super long wearing and there is a ton of colour selection. The only thing that I do not like about them is that they are really really drying. I have super dry and crusty lips naturally, I have to do lip scrubs all the time and I will literally sit there with a pair of tweezers and pick off the dead skin.

I know, it’s gross, but I’m being honest with you guys. These do dry a little bit more than I would like them to and they do settle into my cracks, but that’s because I have a lot of cracks for them to settle into.

For me personally, I like more of a liquefied formula that I may have to reapply, but I know most of you guys love the drying long-wearing formula, So if you’re like me, just put a balm underneath and you’ll be A-okay.

Alright guys, and this is the completed look for today. Like I said, super easy glam that I have been wearing to a ton of parties recently. I decided to pop on these gems because they’re cute AF. Let me know what you think in the comments below, I would love to see what you guys have to say, And if you recreate this, please tag me, I want to see all of your beautiful glammed-up faces.

If you guys did enjoy this video, don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and subscribe if you have not already, I post videos every single week and I would love to have you join the sister hood.

If you would like to follow me on my crazy makeup journey, you can follow my Instagram and Twitter, they’re both just @JamesCharles And my Snapchat for more behind the scenes type stuff is @JamesCharless If you like my “I’m Shook” hoodie and you want some clothes that’ll keep everybody else shook, Don’t forget to check out Sisters Apparel as well, the link will be in the description down below.

Alright guys, thank you so much for watching, and I will see you next time. Bye!


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