Home Makeup Tutorials EASY Lion Makeup Tutorial Transformation with Ken! | Barbie Vlogs | @Barbie

EASY Lion Makeup Tutorial Transformation with Ken! | Barbie Vlogs | @Barbie

EASY Lion Makeup Tutorial Transformation with Ken! | Barbie Vlogs | @Barbie

Ken! Ken! Everyone’s been asking me to do another vlog with you. It has been a while. It has been, but its good to be back. And I’ve really enjoyed your posts since I’ve been gone. I really loved the one about the dream gap.

It really made me think. Thanks so much. That really means a lot. Okay. So, time for my yearly make up tutorial. I love that you’ve been doing your own versions. It’s made me so happy. Today, we will be making up Ken.

Oh. We are? As what? As a mountain lion. In honor of the beautiful mountain lions in the Santa Monica mountains. Okay, you’ll need. Some foundation. White or light concealer. Bronzer. Black eyeliner And eyebrow pencil You’ll need a couple brushes of different sizes.

And a blender sponge. Start with your foundation and be sure to blend it in. Apply the bronzer around the hairline, outside the nose like this, and around the jaw. Extend bronzer underneath the cheeks and around the mouth, to make the lion’s mouth.

Extend the bronzer up from the nose to the inside of the eyes. And apply bronzer onto the lids of your eyes or Ken’s eyes, like this It feels like I have a lot of make up on. Shhhhhhhh… Apply the light conclear above your eyebrows, under the eyes, and around the mouth.

Like this. Blend in a bit, but not so much that you don’t see the contour. That kind of tickles. Good. Use your black eyeliner to give your eyes a cat shape, like this. Use the eyeliner to create your cat nose.

Outline the tip of your nose like this and fill it in. Draw a line down to the mouth. A lion’s nose. Also use the black eyeliner to outline the upper lip and fill it in. Ow! Ow! I’m kidding. I’m kidding.

Take your eyebrow pencil and fill in your eyebrows to make them thick and bushy. Here’s my favorite part. Use your eyeliner pencil to make the whiskers. Growl! Roar! Roar! Final touch! I am proud of this work.

Proud? You should be. But what good is a pride with only one. Good point. Roar! We could be a pride of lions for Halloween That’s a great idea! We could get everyone to do it. Thank you so much for coming on my vlog Ken and letting me make you up.

It’s almost like a Halloween tutorial meets boyfriend tag. Uhh…I mean like… Boy friend. Boy. Friend. Umm… Happy Halloween! P.A.C.E! You know Barbie, I have been thinking a little bit that. I don’t know maybe.



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