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Easy makeup tutorial for men and women | Tamil | English subtitles | Not Sponsored

Easy makeup tutorial for men and women | Tamil | English subtitles | Not Sponsored

Hi everyone! In today’s video, I’ll show you a live demo of how am gonna instantly hide the dark spots on my face! This is not possible naturally… So, we have no other way than artificially hiding those dark spots.

.. that is… to get an instant result, am gonna use foundation to instantly hide the facial pores, acne scars, dark spots, and blemishes! There are many brands in foundation… The most famous brands are Maybelline and MAC foundations! MAC foundation is used by professional makeup artists! I have both these foundations.

.. and I bought these for making this video… But I have made a mistake… I bought the MAC foundation correctly that matches my exact skin shade… but, this Maybelline one is not my exact skin shade.

.. By mistake, I bought the one which is two or three shades higher than my skin shade! So, I can’t use this one! If you buy the one which is higher or lower shade than your skin tone, then, it’ll look patchy on your skin.

.. and your face will literally show up differently! You can get the Maybelline foundation for a cheaper price around 350 rupees… But, MAC foundation costs 3000 rupees… So, if you are going for MAC.

.. and if you’re a professional artist, then you’ll be already using MAC… and I don’t need to say that! If you’re a beginner, then please don’t buy MAC and waste your money! You can go for this 350 rupees foundation from the Maybelline brand.

.. but make sure to choose the correct skin shade! Before using this, let me first show you the dark spots, acne scars, and blemishes on my face… so that I can show you the before and after difference! I have a pimple here and you can clearly see its dark spot! Here I have two.

.. and a few on my forehead… and here you can notice the uneven skin tone! Now, let’s use this and see the result! And this is the first time am gonna use it… and I have referred 2 to 3 videos to know how to apply it.

.. and am gonna exactly follow those steps… Am gonna apply it for the first time and let’s see how it turns out:) Always before applying the foundation, you must apply a moisturizer… so that the foundation won’t be cakey or patchy on your skin.

.. otherwise, it will look patchy in certain areas! If you apply moisturizer, then it will spread evenly on your skin! Now, am gonna use a completely oil-free moisturizer that suits my skin! It is from the brand “Aroma Magic”.

.. First, am applying the moisturizer to my face! Now, I have applied the moisturizer… Leave it as such for 20 secs so that it will be absorbed in your skin and turns dry! Done!… and now am gonna apply this MAC foundation.

.. Initially, take a drop of it in your hand… First, take the required amount of foundation in your hand like this… Then, pat it evenly on your skin… It smells like paint… I don’t know how they’re applying it:( Next, spread it evenly on your skin in a circular motion! It spreads even only if you pat and spread it like this.

.. if you just simply drag it like this, then it won’t spread evenly! You can see a vast difference between the face at the beginning and now… Now, my face has become so bright! But, one thing is that your neck region will look different.

.. we haven’t applied foundation on the neck… and so the skin tone of face and neck varies! So, if you apply it evenly on your neck, then you’ll have the best final result! Now we shall apply it to the neck region as well.

.. before that, am applying the moisturiser… This is more than enough! We can’t use just like that as it’s 3000 rupees;) It’s looking good when I see on the camera… I don’t know if am looking like a ghost for you.

.. Am applying it for the first time, so please do adjust if it looks funny! Now, I have finished applying for my face and neck! My face looks so different for me… and it looks so bright… It creates an impression as if this is my actual skin tone by hiding my natural skin tone! At first, this dark spot was so dark and now it looks somewhat faded! And if I have given this product to a professional makeup artist, they might have done the best makeup for me:) But the output is somewhat okay as am doing it for the first time! It’s somewhat okay! But, I don’t have the confidence to go out like this! Because we have already made up our mind that.

.. girls will only put on makeup and boys won’t do… and even if they do, it may look so bright and odd! So, the final conclusion is that makeup won’t suit boys… because I itself feel so odd when I look in the mirror.

.. And this makeup is completely waterproof… Now, am spraying toner which is completely water… I’ll spray the toner and show you… You will see that the makeup won’t be removed! I have sprayed the toner in generous.

.. If you ask, “will the makeup come off if we touch it with our hand?!” No… it won’t come off! Makeup will just stay as such… and when the toner dries, it will again hold the makeup tightly as such! It will look perfect if you properly apply it! I didn’t apply it properly.

.. but still, the makeup is intact even after spraying water! Even if you rub it with a wet towel, you won’t be able to remove the makeup! I have a makeup remover… and will show you how am gonna remove the makeup using that.

.. as I don’t like this face:( And this makeup remover is from the brand Zilch! I don’t know if I should use it like this… But, I have just poured it! Wow!! It didn’t remove when I tried with water, but now it removes so well with makeup remover! And it smells so good like lemon juice! Can you see the difference in my face while removing?! You can see that these two dark spots look so prominent after wiping! And this makeup remover is from the Zilch brand and it is completely free from harsh chemicals.

.. and it is a very safe makup remover! Will leave this product’s link in the description below! Actually, I like this makeup remover’s smell… it smells so good like lemon juice! The white kerchief has turned yellow.

.. With this itself, you can know that I had this much makeup on my face! Actually, this is my wife’s kerchief! I’m done if she saw this! I should dispose of this without letting her know! So, finally, now I could see the natural manly look on my face! I don’t know how girls are putting on makeup! It took nearly half an hour for me to put on this makeup.

.. It took half an hour even without knowing how to do makeup! So, it might take up to one hour to put professionally by those who know about it! I think makeup won’t suit boys and it looks so odd on us! So, I won’t put on makeup hereafter.

.. and if required, I will put it with the help of a professional! Will leave the link of this moisturizer, MAC foundation, Maybelline foundation, and makeup remover in the description below! If you are a boy or a girl, you can buy it only if you find it useful.

.. If not, don’t buy and waste your money! But this moisturizer is so good and am currently using it! See you all in another better and useful video! Until then, it’s bye from shadhik! Stay Strong! Stay Positive! Makeup won’t suit for us:)


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