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Easy purple eyeshadow makeup tutorial + Glitter

Easy purple eyeshadow makeup tutorial + Glitter

hello welcome back at my youtube channel today i will do a kind of cat eye look so i start with applying some sticky tape the first shader i will blend in my crease is called nude from anastasia beverly hills i’m using new sigma e30 8 brush for this normally i always use my e-40 brush but i have no idea where it is somehow I’m losing all my brushes at the moment but I would prefer the e-40 so if you’re having the be 40 bursts from Sigma you can just use that brush the next shade is from the Val makeup geek cosmetics cult wisteria is a very pretty purple shade I will apply a tiny amount on my brush and apply this in my crease the reason I’m picking up this shade is because I just don’t own a fairly light purple shade so instead of that I’m just using this one and applying a very tiny bit of it I’m using the morphe m50 tooth brush the next shade is also from makeup geek I will list the name of the product down because I cannot pronounce it and I’m applying this shade at the beginning of my eyelid choosing a 3 5 2 3 7 brush I’m going back in with him a cupcake wisteria eyeshadow and I’m applying this with amore fee and to10 brush I will just press this at the middle of my eyelid and also I’m going over the shade I used before to melty shades together now I’m just using a random fluffy brush to make sure there are no harsh lines the next shade is called masquerade from makeup II cosmetics and I will apply this shade at the end of my eyelids it’s a fairly pretty purple shade with a tiny metallic finish for this I’m using the Sui 5 – 3 7 brush the same as I also used for the beginning of my eyelids to make the outer corners more intense I’m using the feel let’s shade from anastasia beverly hills and i’m learning this in my crease using the morphe m 5:06 brush it’s a very tiny fluffy blending brush and I believe I use it in almost all my tutorials it just comes in handy for so much things when it comes to creating a I look so this is definitely a must-have and I believe it’s from their flawless eye kids again I’m going back in with in wisteria eyeshadow from makeup geek cosmetics and I’m just using a fluffy brush with that shade on it to blend everything out so there are no harsh lines at the ends because I went on with a dark shade you want to make sure that it’s full site where they lie to shade now I’m using the shade white lights from makeup geek cosmetics it’s just a very matte white eyeshadow and I will apply this right underneath my eyebrow I’m using the mac 242 brush it is the verse that I was talking about in my previous YouTube tutorial I thought I lost this brush but thankfully I found it back now we’ll apply some glitter on my eyelid I’m using these certified Lila glitter I’m using again the 242 brush from Mac with a bit of the Mac mix a medium gel on it this will make sure that the glitter will stay in place on my eyelids for my eyeliner I’m using lead the bounce wing liquid eyeliner when it comes to applying eyeliner on top of glitter I will prefer a liquid eyeliner it just applies more easily you for a my waterline and using the closer flash liner from Tartu cosmetics it’s just a random I pencil which you can use for in the waterline I believe it’s also waterproof so that comes in handy to blend out the eye pants I’m using a black eyeshadow this one is from Anastasia Beverly Hills and you shake Noir and I’m using a brush from makeup addiction cosmetics this is from dark Ultimates I get in a shaded I will use is called electro is also from anastasia beverly hills and i’m applying this with this we’ve had two three seven brush the next shade is called masquerade from mega P cosmetics I used to perform my eyelid and I’m using again the Sui 5 – 3 7 brush I’m going back in with a new eyeshadow from anastasia beverly hills and i applied this on a sigma e30 brush but i will just apply this shade at the end underneath my eye to kind of connect it with the eyeliner for my mascara i’m using the mac gigablack lash mascara this is my favorite mascara for my bottom lashes so i will apply this on my bottom lashes and a very thin layer on my upper lashes it’s not very necessary to apply a lot of mascara at the upper lashes because we’re going in with lashes you won’t see anything back from it I’m using lashes from the brand Diamond Japanese today and I’m using these style shooting daggers it’s a very pretty box it’s very unique I’ve never seen something like this before and delicious are also very pretty so I’m applying them with a tweezer you can use any tweezer you have at home it doesn’t really matter what kind of brandy will do the job and the look is done i hope you enjoyed this video I know I only did it on one eye when I do it on both of my eyes it will take me more time so when I show it on one eye I can make more YouTube tutorials in a week I hope you have learned something today from my tutorial and if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments and hopefully I will see you in my next tutorial bye bye


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