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EID makeup tutorial/easy step by step makeup for beginners / INDIANGIRLCHANNEL TRISHA

EID makeup tutorial/easy step by step makeup for beginners / INDIANGIRLCHANNEL TRISHA

Hi friends! Welcome back to my channel. It’s IndianGirlChannel Trisha, and if you are new to my channel, I am Trisha. In today’s video i share with you this gorgeous eid makeup look, which is very simple to create.

Before starting this video, advance eid mubarak to all my viewers. Have lots of fun with family and friends. If you want you can create this makeup look very easily. So, let’s start the video. Before starting the makeup, i have already completed my Cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine.

After this i will apply makeup primer. Take the primer like this in the fingers and apply it in a dabbing motion all over, especially on the shiny and oily parts of the face. You can see that the excessive shine which was there is now completely gone.

After this i am applying Maybelline’s fit me foundation in dot shapes all over the face. It is one of my favourites. The shade i am using is warm nude. After applying it in dot shapes, i am using a damp sponge to blend it.

You can use a beauty blender or your fingers as well. I have already shown in one of my tutorials how to use the fingers to perfectly blend foundations. Check it out, if you have not seen it yet. After blending the foundation properly, i am using a concealer to hide my dark circles.

And i am using a bit of concealer to hide my dark spots. I have already applied the concealer. Now i will use MODA’s compact powder to mattify my face. I am doing this with damp sponge, same as before.

I like applying foundation, concealer and compact with damp beauty blenders only. I am using Makeup revolution’s 32 ultra professional eye shadows grey colour from the pallate, to define my eye shadows.

After that i am taking a shimmery eye shadow from the same pallate and applying it here, so that my eyebrows look more defined. After this i am taking the light brown colour from Makeup Revolutions My Sign Aries colour pallate and applying it in my crease line.

I am applying it a bit above my crease line as well and i am blending it properly. After this i am taking the dark brown shade from the same pallate and depositing it in the outter corner of the eyelid.

After this i am blending it thoroughly as well. I have blended this shade thoroughly in both the eyes. After this i am using the Pink colour highlighter from Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe And Light Palette and will use it at the center of the eyelids.

I will suggest one thing, try to use the same colour highlighter which matches your dress. It will look awesome. I am applying it with my fingers and i feel like it is easier to use fingers to put eye shadows in the center of the eye lids.

After this i will blend it slightly with a brush so that there is no hard distinguishing line. After this i am using Faces canada’s ultime pro mystic kajal’s blue colour in my lower lash line. I am applying this kajal in the outer corner of the eyes as well.

I am applying it in small quantity only. I am trying to give it a sharper look, with the help of a brush. I have given it just a small wing look. This blue colour kajal is one of my favourites. The colour is absolutely stunning and i love it very much.

After this i am using Maybelline New Yorks V face blush contour pallate to contour my jawline a little bit. I will contour the hair line a little bit as well. This is a festive look, so we will use a bit of a highlighter.

I am using this shade from Makeup Revolution’s ultra strobe and light pallate. For the application of the highlighter you can use this type of brush and hold it like this to make a fan brush, if you also dont have a fan brush like me.

I am applying a bit of the highlighter in my cupid’s bow as well. After this i am putting in the eye lashes. If you want you can use only mascarra’s. But since this is a festive look, i prefer eye lashes.

I have placed the eye lashes. Now for lip shade i will use the shade LSCL02 from NYX Professional Makeup liquid Suede cream lipstick. I have completed my makeup look but without the ornaments it looks like something is missing.

So lets try some ornaments. So this is my Eid Makeup look. So if you like it then please share and hit the like button and subscribe to my channel and once gain Eid Mubarak to everyone.


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