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EID Makeup Tutorial | Step by Step for Beginners in Hindi | Shruti Arjun Anand

EID Makeup Tutorial | Step by Step for Beginners in Hindi | Shruti Arjun Anand

Recently I had shared a video on Bridal Makeup Kit Also you may find so many videos on youtube related to this kit people mostly show that kit but doesn’t explain how to use that kit so from that kit I showed how to create a Bridal look So today I am using that same Bridal Kit to create a different look yeah if you would like the makeup or the concept of this video then don’t forget to give a like to this video If I would get more than 10,000 likes on this video we start doing makeup with a primer primer is most important mostly people with oily skin type complains that no foundation remains on their skin or getting creased & this happens if you are not using a good primer As you can see I’ve oily skin so much of shine on my face due to this oil but the primer gave a matte finish look to my face now we are going to apply a foundation and we are using such a foundation which is long-lasting As I have to do outdoor shoot on this much of 46 degree temperature although nothing happens to my foundation Always use a damp sponge for applying foundation as foundation blends well this way also you save from applying too much of the product now its turn to apply concealer apply this product to hide the darkness on your face if you’ve more darkness then apply a little bit of red lipstick first then apply your concealer just to hide if you’ve any hyper pigmentation issue must apply compact powder after foundation otherwise your foundation looks cakey so don’t skip compact powder and its the best if you are applying a loose powder this also protect our makeup to fade away due to sweating also not sweat a lot due to this powder most of you complains that after wearing makeup feels like their face or nose get so much filled so for that you can do contouring so as to make your face or nose slim here I am applying here a lil loose powder due to this my face look slim or thin To make your smile look good for that you need to apply blush always apply blush a little not too much there is a way to use an eyebrow pencil ie use it in a sliding motion as you can see here I’ve got the perfect shape of my eyebrow this way for eye makeup you need to have such a pallet which has matte finish, shimmery finish & all that this pallet has 24 shades of colour & also all that finsih so you can create so many different looks also you can create look that matches with your outfit must take care of one thing whenever you are carrying a dark colour outfit your eye makeup should be of light colour that means shimmery or shiny otherwise your eye makeup doesn’t suits with your outfits to clean my eye makeup i use concealer here as you can see a perfect edge on both the eyes now I make a wing liner using that edge this trick makes easy to create wing must try this trick now kajal pencil need to blend this properly otherwise excess product get deposited there or this may smudge your eye makeup also i apply a lil eyeshadow there Always apply highlighter with a fan brush as you can see what a shine it has given you can choose any lipstick I like the combination of red n green most now just apply mascara , false lashes as this completely change your look also use a makeup fixer to seal your makeup eid is just round the corner eid Mubaarak to all just try this make up with any of your ethnic wear I am sure this makeup look so good on you if you want to wear different outfit on every occasion you can take them on rent instead of buying them As I’ve taken this outfit from flyrobe.

com so simple is today’s makeup if you want me to create more different looks using this same makeup If you’ve liked me a lil then don’t forget to follow me on instagram if you want to get the notification for my upcoming videos on your mobile so do subscribe to my channel Also don’t forget to press that bell icon


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