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elizabeth bennet “pride & prejudice” NO FOUNDATION makeup tutorial (+ my skin care 2021!)

elizabeth bennet “pride & prejudice” NO FOUNDATION makeup tutorial (+ my skin care 2021!)

hey it’s jackie and welcome back to my channel for  an updated keira knightley as elizabeth bennett in   pride and prejudice makeup tutorial i love this  no makeup makeup look and i did the iconic updo   about two years ago and in that video one i’m  wearing awful contacts and i also did the makeup   look but not from scratch because i was really  struggling with my skin so now that i’ve cleared   up a lot of my problem area i decided to try  out this look again and i hope you guys enjoy   this updated version and i also have a sponsor for  today’s video which helped me clear up my skin and   that is dramatica dramatica is a prescription skin  care service personalized for you and i needed   this as a teen i went to so many dermatologist  appointments but my parents always took me   and since i’ve moved out and been on my  own i have slacked on like everything like   doctor’s appointments dermatologist appointments  orthodontist all of it so i’ve kind of left the   acne that comes and goes on my jawline and neck  unchecked even though it really bothers me and   i’ve been doing less makeup tutorials because  of it so i’ve used dramatica for a month now   i’m on to my second two but i’ve seen such good  results i still have some tiny bumps that i think   will come to a head and then hopefully be gone  but i’m really happy with the service so how it   works is you consult a dermatology team online for  free to analyze your skin’s exact needs you do a   questionnaire give the dermatologist all the info  you have from my experience it was more in depth   than when i just went into a dermatology office so  was that dermatologist office anyway i find that   they’re very thorough and i love that and then you  get your custom formula shipped to you made with   powerful ingredients that you can’t get over the  counter because they are a prescription for me i   don’t think i know enough about skin care to have  like a 10 step ritual i want to make sure like all   the products i use go together and at this point  like i don’t i don’t think i really understand   it all so i like to keep it simple and i just use  the dermatica cream at night on my problem areas   and then i use a simple wash for the most part  moisturizer and an spf so that has been my go-to   routine if you want to check out dermatica  they do have the first month free and i also   have a special promo code jackie 20 for 20  off the second month so i hope you guys will   check it out if you are struggling with your  skin i think you’ll really enjoy this service   and let’s get started with this makeup look so i’m  going to do my morning skincare routine and a no   foundation makeup look i typically love lineage  biotherm tatcha i love water creams those are   my favorites but i’ve been trying the fifth root  second to nature calming facial moisturizer with   cbd oil and this one was sent to me with a face  oil and i had no idea that face oils go on top of   moisturizer here’s a list from cosmo of the order  of skincare products wanted to share that info and   i also really like the tatcha the silk peony eye  cream i use the tiniest bit and this has lasted   me for so long i’m not even halfway through and  you can see close up it’s not super thick and i   don’t find this makes my makeup look more obvious  it’s a really nice base and i’m using the tiniest   amount of this emerald cbd oil i love this product  it looks very like pride and prejudice to me it’s   very earthy and i use two drops of the oil to lock  in the moisture this makes my skin feel so soft   we’ve really prepped the skin are looking glowy  and i’m going to use my favorite concealer the   too faced born this way concealer and i’m in the  shade swan and i’m adding a bit of the hangover   primer mixed in to thin it out on the back of my  hand i’m applying in areas of discoloration but   i’m using a minimal amount and i find if you just  dot on concealer and then blend into your natural   skin it can be hard in daylight for it to really  look seamless and blend in so i’m stippling around   the area and feathering out the edges i do have  some little marks around my jaw so i’m stippling   over there and then with whatever is left on my  blending brush this one is by it cosmetics and i   love it i’m applying all over the skin but there’s  really not much left so you can see all of my   natural skin peeking through of course you can  use a tinted moisturizer or a light foundation   but i find this concealer just works really well  to thin it out and then you can use that same   concealer to brighten up without having a base  i added a tiny amount over my nostrils as well   and around them to make the nose appear a little  bit less wide like kira’s and there you have it   we don’t have a full face before the concealer and  it looks really fresh and nice i think i’m going   to continue to do this method and we’re going  to go with my favorite liquid blush ever when   i watch pride and prejudice i always feel like the  makeup is very neutral and soft pink but then all   the pictures i see the makeup looks more peachy  so you can go with whatever um color palette you   like better on you thin it out and apply higher  on the cheekbones and then i’m bringing it down   and back through the jaw i noticed this is how  elizabeth bennett blushes and it’s probably just   how kyra nightly naturally gets when she’s  flushed she’s so naturally stunning but i   wanted to replicate it and then i’m also applying  under the chin and it gives a really nice glow i just bought the patrick toss sculpting  kit from sephora i was shopping the sales   and i wanted to give this a try so i’m taking the  cream contour and i took the medium shade and i’m   bringing this up the cheekbones to be a little  bit higher and then i’m adding more depth to the   apples of the cheeks to hollow them out slightly  and i definitely have much fuller cheeks than kyra   so this is more inspired here nightly inspired  nose contour which i’ve done a couple of times on   my channel so i take the bridge of the nose higher  and thinner in between the eyes and then with the   tip i define it with a v at the bottom and i find  this contour worked great for the cheeks but to   get the depth on the nose i needed more of a taupe  setting with a bit of makeup setting spray and   then i’m filling in the brows so that they are  fuller at the front and a bit more straight so   i’m bringing the hairs a bit higher and i’m using  the charlotte tilbury new brow pencil which i love and we’ve popped in some brown eye contacts  i also picked up the makeup by mario neutral   eyeshadow palette i keep grabbing for it i always  use natural love palette by too faced like for   years now but some of you guys let me know that  that isn’t widely available anymore so here’s my   updated go to neutral brown palette with a warm  medium brown and blending from the nose contour   and bringing it upwards through the crease and  into an outer v shape and really tapering that out   we’re gonna keep this really  soft and build under the eyes and then with a deeper shade i’m  adding a bit more on the outer corner defining the inner socket again  towards the center of the nose as well   as the center of the bottom  lash line with a deeper shade and then i’m blending it all together i love doing  this because we still have the depth and it really   makes the eyes pop but it appears barely there and  then we have one of my favorite skin products ever   the charlotte tilbury hollywood flawless filter  this is in the shade one and i’m applying to the   tip of the nose as well as on my chin lids i went  with the inner corner of the eye as well you could   use a light gold eyeshadow there that would be  really pretty too and my eyes are super round   and i don’t want to go with like heavy eyeliner  so to make them appear a little bit more like miss   bennett’s i’m taking a brown liner and i’m making  the inner corner appear more sharp and i’m adding   a touch to my waterline to close off my round  eyes a bit and this was experimental but i used   a brow tint on my lashes because i didn’t want to  go with full on mascara moving on to lips for the   shape i’m going to over line the top lip slightly  and bring my cupid’s bow closer together in a   rounded shape and then i’m underlining my bottom  lip of course with these i just tell you guys   exactly what i’m doing but you can always just  do your own lip shape and just go with the colors   i picked out this makeup forever lipstick that  is such a pretty spring shade i’m patting it over   the lips and blending out any excess i have on my  fingers i added to my cheeks for a bit more color   and i love this i decided to go um a bit more  corally because i was using an inspiration photo   but if you want to go true to the movie which  seems like it’s filmed and is a bit more   like desaturated i would choose this one from  revlon i think that would be a really good fit   and for this hairstyle i’m going to twist the two  front sections backwards and then do a rope braid and twist into a bun securing with bobby pins   then with a bit of texture spray i’m  going through my hair and roughing it up   there are great replicas online but all the items  that you’re seeing i did get in two day shipping   so it’s a good quick option and of course we  can’t forget the pop culture password which is   do anything rather than marry without affection  so comment down below if you’ve made it this far   and i’ll have a link to this tutorial  down below if you’re interested   and if you want to check out dramatica also head  to the description below for the first month free   and they’re offering a 20 off the second  month discount with the code jackie 20.

   my skin’s really cleared up so i definitely  recommend and if you like looks like this you   might enjoy my series of bridgeton hairstyles so  check that one out and while these bangs are not   very trendy i recently uploaded a tutorial  on how to fake curtain bangs without the   haircut so check that out if you’re  interested and i’ll see in my next video


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