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elizabeth swann “pirates of the caribbean” 18th century hair & makeup tutorial

elizabeth swann “pirates of the caribbean” 18th century hair & makeup tutorial

hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my channel for today’s video I part two of the Elizabeth Swann looks that I’ve been doing so in my last tutorial I did these two wearable half-up half-down news and then this one is promised I did that the iconic up – that she wears at the end of the movie as well as this really simple beautiful makeup look so if you enjoyed this make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe bring the bell notification buttons so that you don’t miss an upload and I have a little mini giveaway so I have been wearing brown eye contacts for whatever characters but I’ve been doing this for a while and if you’ve watched me for a while you know I had some bad pears I accidentally got like the dolly eyed ones and I was creepy but I just committed and then I finally got a pair of very natural-looking ones from tie-dye and yeah this is it anyways they sent me an extra pair by accident I like these this was not through like PR this was just me ordering they gave me two so I have another pair of the Queen chocolate and if you have different color eyes and you wanted to try these out just comment down below your Instagram handle and I’ll be DMing one of you and then yeah sending this to you so I thought that’d be a fun little giveaway I know it’s a little random but I have an extra one and anyways that let’s get started with this makeup look I go to mini ship-in-a-bottle and I’ve already applied my favorite primer at the touch of silk canvas can’t believe I’m already halfway through this product it’s so smoothing and a nice barrier between the makeup and skin and for foundation Elizabeth Swann is fair but in the screen grabs that I’m going off of she does have a deeper beige skin tone than I do so I’m going with the shade wheat from bare minerals complexion rescue tinted gel cream I love this product especially for summer because it’s very breathable and easy to blend into the skin next I do want to enhance the high cheekbone and chin mainly with a brightening concealer I love the Tate shape taped heart shape tape but I always apply too much you really don’t need a lot of product especially if you’re using team highlight and you have it in a lighter shade like I’m doing and I love blending in with my finger helps remove some of the excess foundation concealer and the warmth of the finger melts the product together I really like using the urban decay setting spray after the steps that I’ve just done for longevity sometimes they’ll spray after powder as well but locking in the cream or liquid skin steps seems to really help with heat and humidity and then moving on to powder I seriously love the Revlon translucent finisher I’ve clearly had pin on this and it’s just great to set the products and it’s easy to Pat over the skin for natural finish another product I have hit pan on hard is the hoola light bronzer from benefit I’ve been grabbing for the hoola caramel this summer and it’s quite a bit deeper but we don’t want to go to bronze here just using the shade to add some color and dimension well keeping the skin again fairly pale and that they definitely weren’t using a ton of bronzer back in the 18th century anyway it love me some Kevin Taquan is sculpting powder for the cheekbones I’m adding a hollowed out look to the tops of my cheeks and also taper down the cheeks toward the mouth to continue that sunken-in cheek look I find this doesn’t mature my face a bit but what’s hilarious Keira was only 17 when she looked like this wild this was me at 17 just firm giggles and then for the nose contour this I found kind of hard I kept practicing the nose contour before filming this makeup look because she does have quite distinct features so her nose indents quite a bit inwards from the eye sockets but even the normal contour shades that I typically go for just look dirty because I don’t have any depth there so I needed to go a bit darker and I used more of a solid grey and then once the bridge was slightly faded in there I focused on structuring my tip of the nose in a similar way didn’t want to go too heavy and distract from this look because it is pretty natural and then for shadows I started with a muted Brown all over the lid but my footage from that one little clip got corrupted so I’ve already done that step and then next use a pink shade from this palette and fade upwards through the crease I’m using this screenshot because I felt I got the best look at the makeup here deepening up the outer corner and into the crease with a bit of bronze and under the eyes a mix of brown and gray brown shadow Elizabeth’s makeup look has quite a bit of smokiness under the lash line I’m going a little less because my eye shape is quite a bit larger and rounder so it looks more dramatic on me and some subtle eyeliner I chose to use this deep Charlotte Tilbury color chameleon in bronzed ports or is it cold quartz I have to double-check that but these are creamy and easy to blend in I love them and I can’t find the sharpener so that’s why mine looks a little dull some touch-ups and blush I use this one a lot this is the shade at natural beauty by Tarte I really like these because they last and the pigment looks natural and I’m still keeping it higher for placement for this Keira inspired look and I really like this Rimmel mascara that I tried I haven’t used Rimmel in a while and yeah this is great mascara this look again is natural so just after one coat I use my finger to get off any excess before it dries and then the lashes have a natural tinted look a bit more liner I just didn’t go deep enough and then lips I’m using two lipsticks you can use a lip liner and a lipstick but I think two lipsticks is a bit easier to make it look like a natural barely-there gradient effect so I started with a Revlon mattes everything by Super Lustrous line and this shade is Riseup rose that collection is like my favorite for lipstick from Revlon and then going with a fuller top lip and less of a prominent Cupid’s bow and then less of a full bottom lip then a peachy pink from Urban Decay called wired and I’m dabbling dabbling having this on subtly final step because I use Charlotte Tilbury beauty light wands as a finisher on most of my looks I’m using the shade peach gasm and I like to add this on the tip of my nose most of the time and then on my bottom lip and let’s move on to the epic updo got on this preset from Amazon I always have everything linked down below and I love the silhouette of these horrible contraptions but I thought it would suit the tutorial and I’m not using any extensions here just my own hair and I’ve grown out my natural color so you can see up until the lighter ends this is my hair color because that you guys do ask me that sometimes and we are teasing that front section into a pouf so divided a fairly decent section and I’ve put the other hair and a quick braid to keep out of the way and I like to tease by taking small section by small section this is what I find easiest because I can’t really see what I’m doing and then I use some hairspray and then back home mainly at the root but then also through the section tease a little bit less on the top layer so it’s easier to smooth out which I do promise that I do but before setting everything in place I’m using this tiny curler from Bed Head that I constantly used to create those accent curls and I’m curling towards the face if you watched my last hair tutorial these steps are the same as the second style so just smooth out the outer section twist and then pin to the crown of the head use a comb to lift up the top into a rounded shape and then pin in an X to keep that section in place repeat on the other side by creating that little twist and you’ve lost the hairspray to lock in the section you can leave the curls long but to make it a little more accurate just pin fro the length and wide your bobby pin into the pouf before continuing with the pinned up up to section have a strand over the shoulder and let’s curl it I separated two pieces and then spiraled them together here’s one it could have done a slightly better job but take a section from the back just after the pouf and we’re going to roll this upwards if you have shorter hair curling this and then pinning upwards in place isn’t too hard but if you have long hair keeping all that length and kind of defeating gravity is a challenge the only way I found it to be doable it was teasing quite a bit and then rolling the hair so that I didn’t slip out of the shape then pin this through the middle as you can see we get that loop but I wish I smooth it out a little bit on the layer that’s showing but once it’s in place you really don’t want to mess with it because it will become a mess and also I wish I pinned this a bit higher but I won’t be too hard to myself and we’re going to create the third pin curl that you can see in this pick for this one I curled the hair upwards and then just teased the top so that when I rolled it it wouldn’t be frizzy this time and then it’s easier with less hair in this section wasn’t too hard to pin up and keep in place now we did this little curl first because the rest of the updo kind of wraps around it and with the rest of his hair I’m creating a simplified version of this updo just twisting and pinning I did see a French roll type of deal that was going on but that’s an entire process in itself and I was not down so I did a twist and fin and with the leftover hair curl and this will be the middle kind of falling over curl that we see in between the other two loops doing lots of touch-up so the style looks nice from each angle and like I said I do wish I started it all a bit higher but each shot the styles had changed a little bit either from being born in or being shot on different days so I tried not to look at too many different shots of the hairstyle because I just kept nitpicking and like changing it a bit but I definitely think this gives a very Elizabeth’s one-five and isn’t too challenging to do other also I have a tan line on my back from wearing a bra let out on my balcony classy just wear some sunscreen because I definitely forgot but I hope you guys enjoyed this look I hope you enjoyed this Elizabeth Swann look and if you did make sure you give it a thumbs up as always and asked for tutorials coming up I am really excited I’ve been searching for this freaking dress on Marissa Cooper for so long because this summer I became obsessed with COC I’d never watched it before so it was just like great cuz everyone was like oh my god I love that show and I got to watch it for the first time ever now but I finally found the dress I was looking for or at least like a very similar one from revolve it was a little bit pricey but I could not find this like lightish blue it was always like a navy and white or black and white so I’m very happy with this purchase and that’s the video I have planned next even though I so don’t look like Mischa Barton like our face shapes are so different so I’ll try my best to kind of make it true to character but it’ll just be more of a natural sunkissed Cali look and then I have Blair Waldorf so if you’re not subscribed hit that subscribe button I have lots of fun stuff coming up for you guys and I love what when you tag me in your photos every week after a video I just love seeing your faces and seeing you guys switch up your style so here are a couple of my favorite photos thanks for sending those in and I do have a vlog channel as well if you didn’t know and I uploaded like a little behind the scenes video which is kind of funny so if you want to check that out and we’ll also have it linked below


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