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ELSA MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Disney’s Frozen Elsa “In Real Life” Transformation

ELSA MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Disney’s Frozen Elsa “In Real Life” Transformation

Ready to look like Elsa from Frozen? You guys requested this tutorial more than any other video by far. Specifically how to do the Elsa makeup from my viral princess photos. I’m so excited to share this with you so you can get the step-by-step on how to transform yourself into Elsa, too.

So let’s get started. Step 1 is just to make sure that you have put on your foundation. I will link in the description below to my tutorial on putting on costume or stage makeup foundation. So… Alright here I have some Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

It’s says, “Long-lasting eyeshadow base,” and that’s the point; you want your eyeshadow to stay on a long time. Alright so start with your primer. While we’re giving it a second to dry, I’m actually gonna move on to blush.

You will need a pink blush. I’m using one that’s a Ben Nye pink blush. You can just kind of put it on where you usually put blush on; there’s nothing too out of the ordinary. Then blend it in, blend it out.

And if you get too much in here, you can kind of wipe it in. A powder will help it a bit so it looks a little bit less like it’s just sitting on top of you. There is a magical palette. When it came out I was so excited because I was like, “That’s it! That is my Elsa makeup.

” Ta-da! This is the Urban Decay Electric Palette. We’re gonna start with the pink one called “Jilted” and just put it all over your lids. I don’t have hardly any on here and it’s seriously so intense, and there’s gonna be a ton of blending happening.

Any fluffy-ish brush will do. Don’t spend too much time blending the pink part right now. Just kind of do a first pass through because we’re gonna put purple in the crease next. We’re gonna use “Urban” and put it in your crease.

Seriously, this color is so intense, so you’ve been warned. So we’re gonna do it in the crease and the outer corner. So just blend and blend and blend. Swirl it around. So what I’m doing now is going back in because I really blended out, just putting a little more purple just in that outer corner of the crease, and then I’m pulling it a little bit in just to kind of brighten it back up because I blended pretty well, which is a good thing.

And then your pink brush. Put a little bit of pink especially right on the top of the lid here just so it’s pink again. Oh very nice. Looks better already. And kinda put it… blend them together again.

Any color that you would usually use to highlight your brow bone, you can use that. In the original Naked palette, “Virgin” is nice. Use some of that. You could also use a matte up here that’s totally fine.

You’re gonna be sparkly. Don’t worry about that. I mean this is Elsa that we’re talking about. I’m not gonna leave you without some sort of some sort of magical, amazing glitter. Do not worry. I’m also gonna take a little bit in the inner corner just a little tad.

So what I’m gonna do next is false lashes. I usually use Flutter; they’re Sephora brand half lashes already cut. If you see my vlog of craziness that happened, you’ll see how I lost one of them before I ever even got the costume on.

Long story. These say Eyelure and you even though I already have some on, I’m gonna put them on anyway to show you. I like to put the lashes on before I do the eyeliner. That way you can use the eyeliner to blend it all in together.

Line it up with the outside, and press it on. And there. If you take your little lash and you bend it a little bit like this first, that helps get it on. Here I go again with my little mirror. Line it up with the outside.

You should use a liquid liner on the top. I prefer felt-tip and I always say just go as thin as you can with the line ’cause you can always go thicker, but you can’t really easily take it away once you put it on.

I like to start in the middle where I can blend in the little gap where the fake eyelash strip starts so that you can’t see that as much. So I start there and I just kinda cover it up then drag it. Woops.

That’s why you go thin. Be careful when you go into inner corner not to make it too thick. Keep it pretty thin there really, really close to your lash line ’cause you don’t want it looking all black and gunky in your inner corner.

You wanna stay pretty light. Again for the other eye. I like to start in the very center. To make sure that that doesn’t go anywhere, take a black powder. This is “Carbon” from Mac. This stuff is intense; you just put a teeny speck of this on there.

Pat this on on top of where you just put on that liner to seal it in so it’s not going anywhere. Literally any black liner pencil we have will be fine. IT shouldn’t be a hard line, just like a soft black — not dramatic.

Just kind of almost more like a shadow. This is a little bit of “High Beam,” not a ton. Lightly put a little bit because we’re gonna get several things going on here on top of the cheekbones like where you would highlight anywhere.

You can keep it pretty high. You can put a little bit on the brow bone. You can even dab a speck in the inner corners if you want. Seal it in with a little bit of this “Silver Dusk” not a lot because I’m also gonna put some glitter still on on top of it.

But just a little bit right where we put that. This is the Alchemist Holographic palette they look all white when they’re in here,but this one’s green, blue, purple, and pink. So what I want to do is take a tiny bit of that little purple and put it up here and highlight with that on the brow bone as well and then a tiny little bit here in the inner corner.

Uhh very cool. So the last highlight-y thing I’m gonna do is this is Ben Nye “Glitz It.” We’re gonna put it up here. You go a little heavier and wider with this ’cause Elsa is pretty shimmery. Get this side, too.

Just kind of go to town. Make yourself sparkly. I’m just gonna use “Salsa.” It’s Ben Nye. I use two different colors for Elsa’s lips. Lime Crime “Pink Velvet” and then “Madison Mauve.” It’s from Maybelline.

This I actually got at Fashion Week a long time ago. Take a lip brush. It’s really important to use a brush so you can be really precise, and start with the pink. And just go to town with it. So you want to put this on top of it.

In the movie, Elsa’s lips almost look like they change colors. In some scenes they look really pink, and then some scenes they look really purple I couldn’t really figure out how to get it quite right.

This actually works pretty well, and you can feel free to get a good bit of purple on top of it. Take that same “Glitz It” gel and take a little bit, and just pat it in the little middle — little middle? Right in the middle of your bottom lip right there.

If you want, you can contour your nose. Take a shade that’s a couple shades darker than your natural skin color. Draw two lines basically down the sides of your nose, and then to kind of make it look a little more button-y, we’re going to basically draw a little square.

Well not even really a square, kinda more like a circle. Like, this is like a line straight across, but then these… This is more like a circle around your nose. Highlight the places where you didn’t contour.

So it’s just kinda like the reverse. Alright, and now we’ve got to blend like crazy. I’m just gonna use my finger ’cause I don’t want to get out a brush. Oh and the colors I was using “Naked 2,” “Venus,” and I even use a little bit of “Foxy” in there from the Naked Urban Decay Basics Palette.

I’m gonna take the original Naked and get some of “Virgin” and just put it right on the tip of my nose. There we go We’re Elsa-fied. I’ll be right back. If you try this out yourself, I would love to see what it looks like, so tag me in it on Instagram.

Let me know what princess you wanna see next. Let me know what other videos you want to see next. Please subscribe. Thank you so much for watching, and remember, life is what you make it, so create your fairy tale each and every day.

And I’ll see you in the next video. Shenanigans. Shenanigans galore. It looks like a big “W” Hmmm.


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