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[ENG] Daily Pink Makeup | Sreynea ស្រីនា

[ENG] Daily Pink Makeup | Sreynea ស្រីនា

Hello, everyone. Welcome back. I’m Sreynea. As you guys can see, today’s makeup is pink themed, kind of the girly vibe. More importantly, for this makeup today, I’m putting it on very lightly. As you guys can see there are still some visible flaws.

And this is so that for you guys that follow this, can do this for your everyday routine. And also, there are not that many products for this makeup. And especially, it’s very easy. So let’s get started.

First I have to let my face gain some moisture so I’m using WHITE HOLIC quick whitening cream. This is- For those of you that don’t really have a lot of blemishes, you can just use this and skip the BB cream and all of those kinds of stuff.

This makes your face a little lighter, and also, when we sweat and wipe it off, it doesn’t show the yellowish product. After I’ve applied it all over my face, it’s time for BB cream. For BB cream I’m using the brand Za, Total Hydration BB Cream UV.

Because this BB cream has SPF 43, I don’t need any additional sunblock. I squeezed it onto the back of my hand then I’m taking a brush- I’m taking a brush that looks like this. Then I’m loading it on.

If you guys use it everyday, I- if you don’t want it to look like there’s a lot of makeup on, you should spend a little extra time to continuously apply thin layers and then with areas that need extra coverage, you can add ano- akjfdak another layer.

Meaning, you’re not just applying everything all at once but instead we’re gonna buid one layer first and if we aren’t satisfied, like if we need anything more, we’re gonna add it there so it doesn’t look too intense.

Yes. After using the brush, to prevent the visible harsh lines, we’re gonna take a sponge and dab it on to cover the lines. Okay guys, because there’s still some blemishes on my chin, like I just told you guys, we’d rather just apply a thin layer first and then add more where it’s needed.

Some people can choose to use concealer but I feel like concealer is too thick for me so that’s why I’m only using- whenever I’m using BB cream and stuffs I’d just add another layer so it feels a little light.

And I forgot to tell you guys, the BB cream is a little dry. So after applying it on, you have to blend it quickly otherwise it’ll be hard. Right now it’s time for contouring, in which I’m using this product from Too Cool For School, ARTCLASS By Rodin.

I’m gonna use two colors- these two colors for contouring. I’m not putting it on my lids this time because in a bit I’m gonna apply a light eyeshadow, so having a dark color might overpower that and hide the color.

For those of you that are thin with an existing V-shaped face, you don’t need more depths, you can skip contouring, but my face is as rounded as the letter O so I’m just gonna add some shadows. Right now it’s time for the brows.

For the brows I’m using the product from Nature Republic, Auto Eyebrow, #1: Almond Brown. I’m just gonna fill in my eyebrows normally like, draw it- outline it and then just draw it the same way that you guys normally do everyday.

But I’m taking a light color to prevent it from- to make it look natural. Yes, and to not have it look too intense because we’re doing a light pink makeup, Next, take a cotton bud and clean off the edge so it doesn’t look messy.

Guys, do it with light hands. I used to much strength that my BB cream came off as well. Alright, moving on to the eyeshadows. For the eyeshadows, I’m taking it from my blush palette. The brand is- I don’t know how to pronounce.

But you guys can look for yourselves. I’m taking this pink color to apply it all over my eyelid. And I’m also applying it on my bottom lash line. Then, I’m using the same contour kit for the darkest color.

This one. This color. And I’m putting it on the outer corner of my eye to make my eyes look a little bigger. Yes. I can’t skip it, the part that I put dark colors on the outer corner of my eyes. Moving on, it’s time for the eyeliner, in which I’m using the same brow pencil.

Today we’re using very few products so for those of you that are like in a hurry you can do this makeup look because it’s really easy. Guys, if your pencil- your brow pencil or eyeliner, if you want it to- if it doesn’t really work you can try drawing it on your hand or something, and keep drawing until it darkens again.

And after it has darkened you can use it on your eyes and it will work. Yes. Guys, I’m using something to add on under here and I don’t know what brand this is. It’s from Japan. I stole it from my mom because I liked the colors.

Here, I’m using this color. Next, I’m gonna curl my lashes and then apply mascara. Next, I’m using a blush from SkinFood 3 colors for the Lip&Cheek. I’m gonna use these two colors for the cheeks. We- we’re gonna use our fingers, dab it like this and then we smile! 😀 Guys, don’t rub it in but dab it on instead.

Rubbing it will make our BB cream smear as well. The reason that I’m using the cream type is because it is not a powdery substance so when we use it, it makes our skin look glowy instead of looking matte.

That way, it makes us look healthy. Next up, I’m topping it with a powdery blush. We’re just layering it on top so it doesn’t feel too sticky. Yes, and we’re done. Our final step is the lipstick. For today’s lipstick, we’re only using one color which is from Oh my tint, #7.

So okay, we’re done now, guys. This is my finishing look. I hope that you guys found something helpful here and if you guys have any questions you can ask me by leaving the comments down below and these are my social medias.

Yes, that’s it. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye-Bye! 😀


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