Home Makeup Tutorials eng/jpn) 건조한 겨울, 사진 이쁘게 나오는 촉촉 홍시 메이크업💧 (ft. 포레오) Dewy...

eng/jpn) 건조한 겨울, 사진 이쁘게 나오는 촉촉 홍시 메이크업💧 (ft. 포레오) Dewy Winter Glow Makeup

eng/jpn) 건조한 겨울, 사진 이쁘게 나오는 촉촉 홍시 메이크업💧 (ft. 포레오) Dewy Winter Glow Makeup

This video is sponsored by FOREO. Any gifted or sponsored PR items will be stated clearly. Hello Koongummies! Hi, it’s ANDA. Should I do it like this? It’s ANDA~ What do you all think about my pajamas? My mom bought them for me! Aengdu~ (Cherry in Korean) Cherries~ Aengdus~ Anyway, I just wanted to show my pajamas off.

I am going to be doing a makeup I have been liking a lot lately. Since many of us are wearing masks lately, we are always using matte products on our face and lips… I am really missing glowy and dewy makeup looks lately! I miss sparkles and shines on my face! I am going to be doing a dewy and glowy makeup look today, I have been doing this makeup at home to take photos for fun lately.

Shall we start? Go go go! Also before we start, I want to mention that this video is sponsored by FOREO. I am going to be using this toner product on my face before starting. This toner product is from Medicube.

I think you all know I really like skincare products with cica in it. I actually received this product as a gift last week, and I am quite enjoying it! I have only been using it for one week so I am not 100% sure yet, but I will report on it next time after using it for longer! I am going to apply it onto this cotton sheet here and wipe my face with it.

I think my skin has cleared up a lot! As compared to my New Year makeup videos, my skin has really improved. I have been taking good care of my skin lately~ I am going to groom my eyebrows now. My eyebrows have grown quite a lot.

. I used to groom my eyebrows to a very specific shape, but lately I have just been keeping my original eyebrow shape and grooming only the baby hairs. Why? Because I am lazy. A lot of you always ask me how I groom my eyebrows, but honestly there isn’t much.

.. I only pluck my baby hairs and loose hairs. It is embarrassing to show you all my laziness… I am now done grooming my eyebrows~ I am going to do a face pack with this FOREO UFO now. This is FOREO UFO which is a smart face mask device.

I am not very comfortable with leaving the house to do my skincare treatments due to the current situation, so I have been trying to do most of my treatments at home with devices instead. I also introduced another device in my TOP7 life changing items video.

Today, I am going to be introducing another device. I have actually used the FOREO Luna before, and also now I have this UFO too. I have got the opportunity to collaborate with them, so today I am going to introduce the UFO.

There is a FOREO UFO application that you can download and connect to your device. You just need to bring the device near to your phone to connect it. There are many different modes and options for you to choose from.

I usually like to use the “Make My Day” face pack before I do my makeup in the morning, and I like “Call it a Night” for night times, before sleeping. There are many other mask packs, but these two are the most popular.

Besides the mask options, you can also customise the type of LED, the vibration, the temperature (whether you want it warm or cool). You can customise every little option. I personally like the cooling function for mornings, as it helps to reduce swelling in my face.

I will use “Make My Day” today~ This is how it looks like. Lay it flat onto the device, and then press it down a bit. “The device is now preparing red LED light and cool temperature to pamper your skin.

” “The treatment is now over. You may repeat the treatment again if needed.” So that is the end, all you need to do is just remove the face mask now. I usually flip the mask to the other side and reuse it for a second time.

This is a device that I have been using sometimes before my makeup. I am actually introducing this device specifically because I think the price is really reasonable! It is very easy to use as it gives you clear instructions on how to move the device around your face, it also tells you when the treatment is finished.

So this product is perfect for lazy people like me. This is a product that I would like to recommend to you all. I will also introduce the “Call It a Night” pack too. You can also use this device at night before sleeping, it is similar to the morning pack I showed just now.

I am going to move onto foundation now! Instead of using a cushion product, I am going to use a liquid foundation today. I prefer liquid foundation when I want to do a glowy makeup look. I am going to put some on my brush and apply it onto my face.

This is a brush from GIVERNY, I use it a lot! I am going to apply the foundation lightly, just to cover my blemishes. I think my makeup is applying on better after using the FOREO UFO device~ My skin is really really dry, so sometimes I get flakey.

But, after using the FOREO device, my makeup doesn’t apply cakey and there are less flakes. I am going to conceal my blemishes with this product now. I want to live in a world where acne doesn’t exist.

.. why do I have so much acne… I am really jealous of people who are born with very good skin with no acne. My older brother, my younger brother and I.. we all have a lot of acne… That is why I am jealous with those with good skin.

I spend a lot of time and money to take care of my skin, I also use a lot of foundation to cover my acne… But there are some people who don’t even need foundation… My skin has definitely improved compared to last time but, my skin is still not perfect.

So, that is my foundation! What do you all think? I will show you close up. What do you think? Next, I am going to draw my eyebrows. I want them to be lighter today, so I will use some leftover concealer and apply some on.

This will help to lighten them up, now I will comb them. I am going to draw my eyebrows in a straight line today. I want it to be subtle… but drawing subtle eyebrows is not easy. Do you agree? Sometimes you end up overdrawing your brows in order to get the perfect shape, then it becomes too thick! I am not pressing down the pencil hard, just softly moving it across my brows.

These are my straight line eyebrows. I am going to brighten up my brows with this browcara. This browcara’s pigmentation is not good… am I allowed to say that? I am so sorry if that came off rude…

That is all for my eyebrows. I am going to move onto eye makeup! I decided to bring a really good palette with me today, ta-da! So, this is the Nature Republic palette. What do you all think? There are a lot of different neutral and glitter shades here in the palette.

There is gold, white and pink glitters, as well as neutral colours. So today, I will be using some of these for this look. I am going to take this orange colour here in the middle and apply it on my eyelids.

The pigmentation is really good and the colours are so bright! These are also very easy to use shades. I am going to apply some on the bottom of my eyes. Next, I am going to use this colour at the bottom to blend out.

This is a really pretty yellow gold shade. If you blend this in with the orange, it looks very vivid and brings out the orange. Now with the second colour, I am going to apply some glitter all over. This is way too pretty, everyone! The glitter and colour payoff is really good.

The sparkles are quite large so you can see them very clearly. With this first colour here, I am going to apply some on the inner corners of my eye. I accidentally broke this shade here, I’m so sad about it.

.. So this is how it looks like, with the sparkles! With this 7th shade, I am going to highlight my double eyelid line. And also apply some on the bottoms of my eyes. Don’t make this double eyelid line too high, so that it looks more natural.

With the remaining, I am going to apply some on my aegyosal (eyebags). Instead of eyeliner, I am going to be using this to draw my eyeline. And also some on the bottom of my eyes… I am going to move onto mascara now.

This is ETUDE HOUSE’s Lash Perm Volume Fix Mascara, in the shade Grey. I have showed you this product in previous videos, I think it is really good for more natural looking lashes. The gray shade is also very subtle and natural looking.

This is how it looks like. Next, I am going to be using these glitters from the Pink Glitter Holiday Makeup video! The payoff and shine is really pretty, so I have been using these glitters a lot. I am going to apply a bit here and on my aegyosal.

On my aegyosal too… Do you like the sparkle? I think it’s pretty! I am going to move onto contour now. I want a very natural contour today, so I am going to start here and connect my nose contour to my eyebrows.

And contour it downwards… And also some on the tip of my nose. I will contour the bottom of my lips and also my chin! Now I am going to move onto my lips after shading! I am going to be using this product for both my lips and cheeks.

This is how you apply it. I want both my cheeks and lips to look very moist and dewy. My cheeks look like this right now, it looks really pretty when the light shines on it. I feel sparkly like a disco ball.

. I am going to apply the tint on my lips now. I have applied it all over my lips now, I am going to use another product to layer it on top. I am going to highlight my face today too. I am going to be using this product as highlighter.

This actually isn’t a highlighter, but I think it will look pretty! It is a bit much to use for daily makeup looks, but I think this will be perfect for taking photos. Let me show you! Applying this on your cheekbones is really pretty! This is the end of the makeup! I am going to do my hair, change my clothes and come back.

I did my hair and changed my clothes~ It has been a really long time since I did a dewy, glowy makeup tutorial… The moment we don’t have to wear masks anymore, I am going to be doing makeup everyday! This is the end of today’s video, thank you so much for watching! If you enjoyed this video, do leave me and like and subscribe! I hope to see you in my next videos, anyway.

.. Bye bye bye~ Bang!


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